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Liberation of Fallujah: a step by step analysis

Liberation of Fallujah: a step by step analysis

You should be very angry. Evil people are doing everything in their power to mislead you so that they they can continue their enslavement of others. Iran, “human rights” groups, the press, and religious leaders are all lying to you. Let me explain the Third Battle of Fallujah, which will be the final liberation of the city. Don’t feel bad if this is all new information to you. I’ve studied military issues for over forty years. A normal human isn’t expected to know these things. However, it’s criminal that so many people and groups are trying to fool you.

Liberation began long ago

In a moment, I’ll explain precisely how the Iraqis and the Arab League will free Fallujah. However, I want to show you an image first.

One of those soldiers is a member of the Saudi Special Forces. There’s absolutely no doubt. The Saudi Special Forces have been training in tunnel warfare since at least 2009. One of those soldiers is equipped for tunnel warfare. In the many years that the Iraqis have been fighting, I haven’t seen a single soldier equipped for tunnel warfare.

Look at the date: November 18, 2014. There were many setbacks for the Iraqis in 2014 and 2015; at that time, the Iraqis didn’t trust the Saudis to send large numbers of troops. It’s clear to me that the Saudis and their allies never force their help on anyone. It’s the only way to do things. A person must ask for assistance. In the field of recovery from substance abuse, it’s called “hitting bottom.”

I’m NOT equating any group with substance abusers; I’m saying that a person or group in extremis must be the one who asks for help.

The Iraqis have accepted help from the Arab League. It was a very brave decision. I applaud them.

Liberation of Fallujah

There are between 800 and 2000 Islamic State terrorists in Fallujah. Their numbers don’t matter. What’s important is the way they’re defending the city.

First of all, they have between 50,000 and 90,000 Iraqi civilians as human shields. The terrorists have also dug an enormous tunnel system underground. Finally, they’ve booby trapped everything with explosives.

We need to debunk two lies about the liberation of Fallujah.

1) The Shia militia are ethnically cleansing and committing mass atrocities.

There’s no evidence of this. The most dishonest “human rights” group on earth is Human Rights Watch (HRW). Below is an HRW statement about the liberation of Fallujah.

Credible allegations of summary executions and mutilation of corpses by government forces outside Fallujah, Iraq.

See? Allegations. They NEVER provide concrete evidence. Virtually all of their accusations are based on hearsay. Sunnis in Iraq are terrified of Shia oppression. It’s understandable that people repeat rumors or even say things that aren’t true. The entire Middle East is full of groups making unfounded accusations against each other. But I deal in EVIDENCE. There’s no irrefutable proof that wide-scale atrocities are being committed against civilians in Fallujah.

People send me links to videos that have no provenance. We don’t know who committed the crimes or when. What we’re seeing is a campaign to inflame Sunni Arab Muslims. Another Iraqi civil war means opportunities for both for the Iranian mullahs and Sunni terrorist groups. And it allows HRW to stay in business. They profit from murder.

Now the second lie we must debunk.

2) Iranian Quds Force Major General Qassem Suleimani has taken the lead in the operation to liberate Fallujah.

Here’s what we’re told.

The Shi’ite militias are financed and led by the Iranian terrorist Qods Force, whose senior commander Gen. Qasem Soleimani is on the EU and U.S. terrorist lists. Soleimani is spearheading the attack on Fallujah. His presence was confirmed in an astonishing statement by Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jafari on Tuesday, when he said: “Qasem Soleimani provides military advice on Iraqi soil and this is with the complete awareness of our government.”

Ibrahim al-Jaafari is a Shia who is simply repeating what Iran told him. In reality, Qassem Suleimani is dead. Arab League commandos killed him in Syria in November of 2015. The last known photo of Suleimani was taken in Syria on October 18, 2015. It appears on the left below.


The photo on the right was released in December of 2015. Two months of combat left Suleimani looking younger and healthier? All the “recent” images of Suleimani are years old. He hasn’t appeared in public since October of 2015. The reason for his reticence is that he’s dead, as is every single major Iranian, Russian, and Hezbollah commander.

Iran wants Sunni Arabs to think that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is leading the operation to liberate Fallujah. This is a lie. The Iraqi government is in charge of the liberation of Fallujah, and Arab League commandos are helping.

Liberation of those who suffer

The actual assault troops who enter Fallujah and kill the enemy in his tunnels are Arab League strategic special operators. They’re the only people who can infiltrate into the city, go underground, and exterminate terrorists without causing massive collateral damage. This video below shows the aftermath of a raid on an Islamic State tunnel complex.

The lock on the door to the tunnel room was simply shot, and then the door was kicked open.

You can see that the slide bolt of the lock on the door is still in the “closed” position. Instead of risking a booby trap or alerting someone behind the door, the commando fired about ten rounds and then executed a “dynamic entry” into the room.

Look at this smudge on the wall.

Can you guess the best weapon for tunnel warfare?

Not only is a flamethrower a terrifying psychological weapon, it burns up all the oxygen in the tunnel.

I’ve had my suspicions that Arab League commandos are using flamethrowers. This was confirmed by a very horrific video that shows the aftermath of a battle between strategic special operators and thirty Islamic State terrorists in Iraq. The terrorist below was killed with a flamethrower. I’ve censored the image.

His clothing was burned off, and his flesh was either charred or yellow, as though it had been painted with iodine. That’s the signature of a flamethrower. The terrorist’s copse is still burning, indicating the use of napalm. I see no reason why Arab League commandos would reject flamethrowers. These weapons are great for persuading people to surrender.

So, below is how the liberation of Fallujah is being is being accomplished.

Careful liberation

Arab League strategic special operators infiltrated the city from all directions. Alone or in pairs, they collected intelligence.

To identify the locations of all tunnels and bunkers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) measured gravity, while special operators used miniaturized ground-penetrating radar transmitter-receivers, magnometers, and acoustic sensors.

Surveillance nanodrones filmed every single structure.

Then a three-dimensional digital map of Fallujah was built. Every building—inside, outside, and beneath—was included. The Israelis did the same thing for Gaza.

In February of 2016, Iraqi forces completely surrounded Fallujah. Air strikes and assassinations of Islamic State commanders were carried out, and then Operation Breaking Terrorism formally began on May 22, 2016.

Arab League commandos are in the city, finding terrorists by using microphones, miniature drones, tiny robots, and thermal imagery. Tunnels and bunkers are deathtraps; the commandos have multiple ways of killing without having to go underground. Right behind the commandos are the Iraqi Army, Federal Police, and Counter Terrorism Service, engaging the terrorists who try to flee. Finally, the Iraqi Sunni and Shia militias form the outer rings that isolate Fallujah.

If I were going to lie, who would be the beneficiary? I defend Israel, Sunni Arabs, and Shia Arabs. The Iranian mullahs lie because they want the Iraqis to invite them back in. Sunni terrorists lie in order to raise funds and recruit.

Personal liberation

In 1984, I saw something in a Japanese movie theater that I was never able to forget. The Japanese love to watch suffering; this was an advertisement for a documentary called The Great Hunt 1984. It showed a soldier sitting in the desert, each of his arms tied by ropes to the backs of two jeeps facing in opposite directions. The drivers of the jeeps stepped on the accelerators, the jeeps roared forward, and the soldier’s arms were torn off. He was allowed to live for a few moments, screaming, and then he was shot to death.

In researching this post, I discovered that the soldier was Iraqi. He was one of 800 prisoners of war murdered by Iranians during Operation Tari al-Quds, November 29 to December 7, 1981. The Iraqis were taken prisoner in the Iranian town of Bostan. Leading the twelve-man death squad was current Member of Parliament Nader Qazipour.

His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin

—Wilfred Owen

Qazipour belonged to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps at the time. He says he feels no remorse, because “Probably there’s nobody among you who hasn’t slaughtered a chicken or lamb, and besides, Imam Khomeini forced us to do it for the revolution.”

Tell that to God, Nader. And explain why you pulled off a man’s arms and filmed it so lovingly.

Identifying the nationality of the soldier and his murderers has allowed me to slightly distance myself from this nightmare. You must never watch the video. It’s eaten at me for thirty-two years.

Nader Qazipour is by all accounts a monstrosity. An unrepentant mass murderer, he’s also a racist, a woman hater, and a fanatical hardliner.

This vicious bastard does everything he can to distract himself from his crimes, but just look at him. He got away with nothing; he’s already in hell. His eyes tell the real story.

He’s only three years older than me.

Middle Easterners are currently taking enormously courageous steps forward. I want this to pay off for all of you.

Don’t follow the example of Nader Qazipour. Renounce destruction. Adopt the ethos of improvement. In the name of that Iraqi soldier who has haunted me for over half my life, refrain.

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