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People who win, despite incalculable odds

People who win, despite incalculable odds

If it weren’t for the Middle East, I think I’d go out of my mind with rage. It may not be possible for Americans to save themselves. Our swinish ruling class seems determined to sabotage any effort we make to improve. Therefore when I see the people of the Middle East succeeding in their plan to stop the madness that has plagued them for so long, it makes me very happy.

Good for you, Middle Easterners.

People who help on the sly

Yesterday this was revealed.

To the east, a Kurdish-Arab alliance backed by the United States pressed an offensive against fighters north of the IS stronghold city Raqqa. Turkish media reported U.S. airstrikes and Turkish artillery fire destroyed several buildings used as an IS headquarters in the city.

The Turks are firing 155mm artillery rounds a distance of over 50 miles (80 kilometers).

That’s astonishing. It means that Turkey has just about the most skilled and accurate artillerymen on the face of the earth. They’re using the T-155 Fırtına with new ammunition.


These are GPS-guided, rocket-powered rounds. Although the Turks direct their fire with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), someone almost certainly went into Raqqa and geolocated the buildings by hand. Doing so would prevent accidents.

So: Turkey is supporting the Kurds, and Turkish artillerymen are performing miracles.

People who are needed

Many rebel groups in Syria have Arab League and allied strategic special operators attached to them. The two men marked with red arrows below are North Africans, almost certainly Eritreans.

The Saudis have been training Eritrean special forces for years.

Other men are stand-ins. They fire guns, mortars, and rockets for the camera. Below, there’s no enemy in sight; these are actors who have almost no training.

However, they offer cover for men who do have training but who don’t want to fight publicly. Therefore the stand-ins serve a vital function. They’re camouflage, plausible denial, and the face of postwar Syria.

Much of what you read is without value. For example, this.

Ryan Brown of CNN: A couple of questions. First is some of the reporting accompanying the photos of the [American Special Forces in Syria] talked about them having TOW missiles and firing them at VBIEDs. Would that kind of action be within the advise and assist description? Or would that—is this reporting inaccurate?

COL. STEVE WARREN: The reporting is completely inaccurate.

The people firing antitank guided missiles (ATGMs) in Syria are Arab League and allied strategic special operators. Arabs, Africans, Asians, and Central Asians. Rebel stand-ins fire ATGMs at trees and empty buildings, but the men using the weapons against the enemy are professionals. They’re the most highly trained soldiers who ever lived.

People who made peace

I’ve gotten to understand the Saudi approach. I knew that if Saudi Arabia and Iraq were able to form a partnership, it would be equal. The Iraqis would be given access to the Israeli-Arab EMPFAE ordnance that has revolutionized warfare. Saudis would consider it disrespectful to withhold these weapons. The Iraqi Army Aviation and Air Force video below proves that I was correct.

This is a fuel-air explosive (FAE).

The fireball is very hot, as indicated by the bright-yellow color. There’s no evidence of fragmentation; an explosive vapor was the agent of destruction.

Another FAE.

The shock wave is very evident.

Another FAE.

These munitions reduce collateral damage to almost zero. Also, many of them fly at such high speeds that they don’t register on video.

A classic Flying Black Box of Death, which is an FAE.

It’s great news that the Saudis and Shia Arab Iraqis are allies.

But the news gets even better.

People who made it all possible

This is the most important video clip of your life.

That, my friends, is a secret variant of the Israeli Rotem L loitering munition. There’s no doubt whatsoever.

I think it’s safe to say that Iraq has removed herself from the Iranian sphere of influence. It may be a while before the Arab world is ready to formally recognize Israel, but things are happening so rapidly now that it may occur in the near future.

The west is pathetically unable to solve problems in the Middle East. We need to choose allies and help them. That’s all. The west should never make demands.

Not people: Boxes

We finally have a video of Flying Black Boxes of Death in action. I have no idea what’s happening here.

First, two Flying Black Boxes of Death strike the building—or maybe one Box guides the other.

They often fly in pairs.


In Ar Rutbah, Iraq, the Flying Black Boxes of Death created a fuel-air explosion at the rear of the house.

The terrorists ran to the front of the house, where they were killed by two larger munitions.

There’s no indication that these new weapons are being utilized by Americans. As far as I can tell, only Arabs and their allies have deployed them in combat.

People who rewrote the rules

If you’re an Arab, you need to understand the tectonic shift that your people have authored.

Entirely new weapon systems were developed, tested, and put into production without anyone having a clue that this was occurring. The Arab League created entirely new units called strategic special forces. These men trained with the new weapons and invented new, BETTER war-fighting—entirely in secret.

My first hint that the Arab League had surpassed the west was when I learned that about fifteen (15) United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard landed in Aden, Yemen, and from May 4, 2015, fought tens of thousands of enemy for two months, without suffering a single casualty. I realize now that these men had many new weapons.

Early in the summer of 2015, I saw an Air France Airbus A380 fly over my house toward Edwards Air Force Base.


My brother Tim took a photo. We saw at least five more such airliners. Four independent eyewitnesses—three are active-duty US military—told me that there were massive nocturnal exercises in at least four places in the American Southwest. These were not American troops; a US Marine was told that they were “Israeli and someone else.” They practiced aerial assaults: infiltrating large numbers of troops by helicopter.

I thought that the Arab League and Israel were rehearsing an attack on Iran, but I realize now that the exercises were simply the Beta test of the new strategic special forces. The four places that the troops used as training grounds all have one thing in common.


Hundreds of abandoned hard-rock mines.

Therefore Arab League and allied strategic special operators are now fully capable of defeating enemies in underground warfare. I’m sure that the Arab League used this as the rationale for the exercises. After all, President Obama had to give permission for thousands of foreign troops to clandestinely train in the US.

I expected a violent attack on Iran to overthrow the mullahs. Well, I was thinking like a westerner.

The Arab League and Israel will accomplish regime change without a major war. Guaranteed.

Arabs should be very proud. After a long period of turmoil and missteps, Arabs are reclaiming their rightful place in history.

And now they’re changing history for the better.

Thank you, Arabs.

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