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Words mean nothing to me. Only actions count

Words mean nothing to me. Only actions count

At some point in my lifetime, words became the only thing that people care about. What he or she does is not relevant. Words are now more evil than murder.

She’s talking about the Brussels suicide bombings of March 22, 2016. Of course this is utterly moronic. Would a Muslim rather read “#StopIslam” or die in a suicide bombing?

On the other hand, people send me article after article with offensive words that Muslims speak.

So what? It’s blather. I’ve been hearing it for decades now.

What I do care about is the fact that Israel and the Arab League made peace and then teamed up to defeat all violent groups and regimes in the region.

Words from Turkey

We’re all familiar with what Turkish leaders say about Syrian and Turkish Kurds. What about Turkish actions? Below you see the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) engaging in the Manbij Offensive.

Several Islamic State suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs) were destroyed before they could kill QSD fighters.

I hope the driver had his seat belt fastened!

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) located targets for strikes.

Guess what it is? Not an American General Atomics MQ-1 Predator.

The nose and tail surfaces are wrong, and the wingspan is too short. It’s also not a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper.

Again, the nose is wrong, and the Reaper has a vertical rudder (red arrow) beneath the two elevators.

This, my friends, is a Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Anka.

Only the Turks fly them. Despite what Turkish leaders say for public consumption, the Turkish military is helping the Kurd-dominated QSD in the Manbij Offensive. A Turkish UAV would be carrying out targeting for Turkish artillery. Like this round.

The Turks hit an SVBIED with artillery from 20 miles (32 kilometers) away. That’s spectacular shooting.

Stop worrying about what Turkish leaders say, and look at what they do.

Kurdish words

I support the creation of an independent Kurdistan, but the Kurds are simply not ready. Social media has made Kurdish militia into international superstars. Westerners are completely uninformed about the reality of the situation in Syria.

This was how I guessed that the Arab League had sent a large number of professional strategic special operators to Syria. Beginning in November of 2015, the Kurds began mopping the earth with the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and the other jihadist rebels who want to impose their view of Islam on the world. But the video above shows what I already knew: The Kurds lack volunteers. Thousands of young men have fled to Turkey rather than fight, and most of the others try to get out of serving.

I’m not criticizing Kurds; however, it does nobody any good to romanticize the Kurdish YPG and YPJ. They belong to a political movement with an agenda of domination. Western wish-casting and fantasizing is getting people killed. Westerners choose sides without knowing the facts. This is making victory harder to achieve.

No words. Actions

I told you that the Arab League had sent commandos to Iraq to aid in the fight for Fallujah. These commandos are in the middle of the battle, defeating the Islamic State but also making sure that the Sunni citizens of Fallujah are not abused.

Now we have absolute, incontrovertible proof that I was right.


Did you see the Arab League commandos? Here they are.

They have to be Eritrean, from the fabled 525th Commando Division. See how they don’t like to be filmed? They advise, and they stay close to the commanders of the operation, coordinating Iraqi and Arab League activities. These are non-Iraqi professional soldiers, not bystanders.

But they’re unarmed and unobtrusive. I read years ago that American forces intimidated Iraqis.

The dark glasses, the heavy weaponry, the body armor, and the robotic speech patterns made it impossible for the average Iraqi to relate to our troops.

This is how Eritrean commandos—among the best soldiers on earth—perform the role of military adviser.

Absolutely brilliant. The Iraqis have every symbol of authority: weapons, bodyguards, uniforms, and rank insignia. The Eritrean commandos present themselves as young men who pose no threat—socially, politically, or physically. That’s why they’re unarmed. The Shia Iraqis need to concentrate on winning, so the Sunni Eritreans carry out their duties virtually naked. It’s the sort of approach that no westerner would ever even consider.

Words when needed

In the video above, the Iraqi commanders consult with the Eritreans several times. One of the Eritreans has a radio on his back.

I’m positive that he’s a joint terminal attack controller (JTAC), an airman whose job is to call in air strikes.

This helicopter is not what it appears to be.

Superficially it resembles an Iraqi Air Force Mi-35M Hind E helicopter gunship. However, it has swept wings.

The Mi-35M Hind E has straight wings.

Also, the mystery helicopter has a shorter fuselage and no gun turret on the chin. Most importantly, it’s firing guided rockets. Immediately after leaving the pods, the rockets converge in order to hit the target together.

First salvo.

Second salvo.

Third salvo.

Fourth salvo.

The US is still working on the Direct Attack Guided Rocket (DAGR). We’ve performed thirty successful test flights.

As you can see above, the Arab League is already using guided rockets in combat, firing them from a mock Mi-35 Hind E. That helicopter is a mimic, another new weapon that’s hiding in plain sight.

Eritrean commandos are cross-trained in every branch of service. Three advisers borrowed a tank to carry out a mission with the Iraqi commander’s approval.

Finally, here’s an Arab League strategic special operator combatant.

He has no national or unit insignia, and his gray-green uniform is unlike anything the Iraqi security forces wear.

United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard naval commandos are issued a uniform like that.


At any rate, Fallujah is full of special operators who are guarding the civilians. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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