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Advanced military technology as never seen before

Advanced military technology as never seen before

I’ve found two videos that show incomprehensibly advanced Arab League weaponry. My guess is that the Israel Defense Forces used the same missiles in 2014, but there’s no footage. Syrian rebels take credit for the current attacks. The reason is that the Arab League prefers to fight secretly. Clandestine warfare has multiple advantages over public conflict.

Since the world press is so dishonest, there’s no upside to waging war in the open. Journalists are now stenographers for terrorists. While the Arab League makes no comment on its war effort in Syria, videos tell us the real story.

Munitions never lie.

Advanced and deadly

Before discussing the Arab League videos, I’d like to show you what Saudi Arabia and its allies can do whenever they want.

Below, you can see that something long and thin dropped from the sky and then stopped dead in midair.

That was not the first munition that hit the building. I think it’s a targeting device. It appears that the new targeting systems include robotic craft. Some land on the target and send out homing signals, while others aim some sort of beam that the munition rides.

The bomb had a delay fuse so that it could go deep underground before exploding.

This had to be a high-velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW). It traveled too quickly to register on video.

After the HVPW broke open the underground network, a very large fuel-air explosive (FAE) finished off the occupants.

Somebody wanted those men dead.

What about the men in the next videos?

Advanced, not barbaric

Stupid people opine on warfare and weapons while having no factual knowledge of the topics.

That’s not true at all. Noah Schactman is an idiot. The most horrific weapon in any army’s collection is the perfectly legal artillery piece. Below is a German soldier of World War I who survived an artillery fragment removing most of his face.

Artillery causes massive “insults” to the human body. There’s no way to modulate the effects of artillery. Either the target dies, is hideously mutilated, is moderately wounded, is slightly injured, or is unscathed. It depends entirely on luck.

Israel and the Arab League created thermobaric or fuel-air explosives that destroy military objects while leaving people alive and intact. If Noah Schactman had his way, these miracle-weapons would not exist. More mothers’ sons would end up like the man above.

Where’s the morality in that?

Advanced killers of armored vehicles

The Free Syrian Army rebel group Fastaqim Kama Umirt (Be Upright as Ordered) takes credit for the video below. However, the reality is that Arab League strategic special operators actually fired the missile.

The munition shown is the Russian 9K111 Fagot antitank guided missile (ATGM). This ATGM has only high-explosive antitank (HEAT) warheads that would’ve caused the BVP-1 AMB-S field ambulance to explode. All the men around it would’ve died. Therefore someone fired a new missile, not a 9K111 Fagot.

Even though these Hezbollah fighters or Iranians used a field ambulance as an armored personnel carrier—contrary to international laws of warfare—the Arab League chose to not kill.

The missile approaches its target.

When the ATGM explodes, most of the shock wave is directed to the right, away from the men.

One fighter’s cap is blown off.

But every single man survives.

So why spare them?

Because they may give up fighting and become productive citizens of the New Middle East. The Arab League wants to give as many people as possible a chance to change their ways. Killing average foot soldiers is a last resort.

Advanced dissuasion

The next video is astonishing.

Again, Fastaqim Kama Umirt pretends to fire 9K111 Fagot ATGMs, but the warheads are actually new fuel-air explosives (FAE).

These men should all be dead.

They’re alive because the Arab League isn’t ready to kill them. As the late Syrian Democratic Forces commander Faisal Abu Layla said when they captured Islamic State members who hadn’t committed any crimes, “Let’s send these boys home to their families.”

The “bloodthirsty Bedouins” kill almost nobody in the wars they fight. Those who claim otherwise are liars or ignoramuses.

Most advanced warning yet

This is nearly beyond comprehension. A group of men suffers a direct hit from an ATGM.

This is a very low-yield munition. The fireball lasts only 0.04 seconds. There’s no fragmentation, and the men to the right are completely uninjured.

As the fighters retreat, we see that there are no bodies on the ground.

Everyone lived. Incredible.

“I’ll GET YOU!” the commander shouts.

No he won’t. He’ll go back to Lebanon or Iran. That is, he will if he’s smart.

Advanced cultures

The Israelis and the Arab League co-developed the weapons that destroy military objects without killing people. What happened was that Arab political and military leaders turned to Israel for help in inventing a new kind of warfare. I believe that Arabs conceived the idea of no-kill munitions. This wasn’t a case of Israel building something and handing it to the Arabs, who sullenly accepted it.

How do I know that? Because although the Arab League and its allies are indeed humane, they’ve also created the most lethal special-operations forces in human history. No-kill missiles are one set of tools; strategic special operators are another. The enemy determines which tool is used.

It’s obvious from its statements that the Arab League wants a comprehensive and diverse tool box. Tools for all occasions means you’re never caught up short.

Advanced shock troops

The Islamic State had over two months to prepare defenses against the coming assault on Tishreen Dam.

There was no cover for Arab League strategic special operators.


Despite heavily armed terrorists, booby traps, and no element of surprise, the operators took the dam in less than an hour on December 26, 2015. It was a ferocious battle that involved helicopter gunships, fixed-wing aircraft, and unidentified armored all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

The Arab League ATV above is fitted with a heavy tarp that covers the windshield, yet the driver can somehow see the road. It’s a new form of camouflage technology that hides the thermal signature of the ATV.

Inside the dam powerhouse, there was close-quarters combat with rifles, machine guns, hand grenades, and rockets. The terrorists were eating when the attack began. Note that every door is blown in. This assault involved multiple fire teams of five or six men attacking all over the powerhouse simultaneously.

How did the Arab League strategic special operators capture the dam so quickly, prevent sabotage, and avoid being filmed?

We’ll probably never learn the answers. But it’s clear that when necessary, the no-kill missiles are put aside. What I admire the most is the unpredictability. The enemy never knows what’s next—a warning or a storm of blindingly fast, unimaginable violence.

Absolutely brilliant. Always keep everybody guessing. It guarantees victory.

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