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Best video of Arab League special forces in Syria

Best video of Arab League special forces in Syria

I’ve found the best video of Arab League strategic special forces in Syria. It explains in four minutes and forty-five seconds why the new type of soldier continues to win every battle.

Begin by watching it.

There is SO much in this video. We’ll take each point one at a time.

Best soldiers

The Arab League and multiple African, Asian, and Central Asian nations have created strategic special forces. As far as I know, most of the troops are Muslim. However, my guess is that men of other religions are included. The goal is to make the Middle East self-reliant in terms of defense. What I mean is that the Arab League and its allies are perfecting the ability to do the actual fighting themselves.

Some units of strategic special forces engage in combat alone, while others join local fighters. The video above shows professional strategic special operators aiding the Syrian Arab Coalition of the Syrian Democratic Forces, as well as the armed wing of the Manbij Military Council.

Below is a great screen grab.

The two men marked with red arrows are Syrian, and every other man is a foreign professional strategic special operator. Most are almost certainly soldiers of the Eritrean 525th Commando Division.

This man has appeared in several videos of the Manbij offensive.

He’s obviously not Syrian Arab or Kurdish.

Previously, he’s always been the only professional in the group.

Now an entire squad of professionals is with him.

They carry their rifles slung in the Saudi fashion, which allows for instant use. One man has a Kevlar helmet clipped to his equipment in front. Classic special forces.

Yes, I’m sure that they’re Eritrean. They look totally African.

But this is what’s so important.

Best approach

The Syrians are in charge.

Eritrean commandos are among the best in the world. Their level of training is spectacular. The Saudis made them even more outstandingly proficient. Yet they have no problem being subordinate to Syrian militia.

Below is what Iranians think of Syrians. Quds Force commander Ismail Ali Heydari was killed in Syria during the filming of an Iranian propaganda video.

Since he was among Iranians, Heydari let his real feelings be known.

In every video I’ve seen of Arab League and allied strategic special forces in Syria and Iraq, the locals are in command. It’s not playacting. When a soldier becomes nearly superhuman in his skills, his empathy automatically increases.

Iranian Quds Force fighters are arrogant because they’re insecure. They know that they have no real capabilities.

Eritrean commandos have nothing to prove. They’re at the pinnacle of excellence. Such men don’t look with contempt at those who can’t match them. Instead, these soldiers try to teach others how to be better.

I learned something from the Eritreans.

He carries two hand grenades clipped to the small of his back. I’ve never seen that. It’s brilliant. There’s no way for the grenades to be accidentally set off, and the soldier can throw himself onto his stomach when under fire. Genius.

Best surveillance

Watch this section of the video. Keep your eye on the bottom of the screen, to the left of the machine-gun belt.

Did you see it?

It looks like a cicada.

However, a cicada’s wings register on video at thirty frames per second.

The “insect” in the room in Syria was a nanodrone, conducting surveillance to make sure that the right people were firing the weapon. I’m sure that the video is automatically slowed down on the monitor so that humans can tell what’s happening.

Outside, we see another Flying Black Box of Death. Watch the upper left corner of the screen.

Again, the wings are moving too fast to register on video.

When it passes in front of the dark window of the building, it causes a visual distortion. This is a stroboscopic effect: The video speed of thirty frames per second can’t capture the device’s wings. Therefore the confused camera creates the illusion of a sand-colored brick appearing at the top of the window.

You can see a similar anomaly below. The cannons fire so many rounds per second that the tracers seem to be moving backward into the gun barrels.

I’ve lost track of how many videos show the Flying Black Boxes of Death.

Best blast effect

The battle damage below is a first for me. I’ve never seen anything even remotely like it.

On the bottom floor, the vertical structures are load-bearing beams. They keep the building from collapsing. All the cinder blocks between the load-bearing beams have been blown out. From the inside.

Someone designed a fuel-air explosive (FAE) that can bring down walls without destroying the building. The wide-open spaces are called “breaches.” After the cinder blocks were blown out, strategic special forces could storm the building through the breaches without losing a single man.

We’re now beyond the wildest dreams of science-fiction writers. Even conceiving these new weapons would require a level of imagination that’s…almost inconceivable.

But these aren’t ordinary minds. They’re serious about solving problems.

Did you see the guardians? They saw you.

He’s armed.

His partner wears body armor.

They hate cameras.

Saudi Special Forces. The man in white uses a technique that I’ve seen only in photos of King Salman’s bodyguards.

Thus the Saudis hold Syrians in the same regard as they hold their king.

I’m not surprised. The Saudis are a great people. They’ve taken on possibly the most difficult task in human history. But they’re going to be successful.

I predict regional peace in less than five years. Guaranteed.

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