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Hiding everyone and everything in plain sight

Hiding everyone and everything in plain sight

Yesterday I had a typical conversation with someone who refuses to believe that the Arab League has created the best soldiers who ever lived. The man has no knowledge of munitions, weapons, training, tactics, or strategies, but he told me that I’m wrong. While I admit that I’m a very impatient person, I’m beginning to find this pigheadedness extremely funny. Arab League strategic special operators are right in front of your face, hiding by not hiding.

Hiding protectors

I’ve studied the Saudi Special Forces daily for eighteen months. I can now recognize them by how they carry out close-protection duties, meaning the way they serve as bodyguards.



He also has a piece of equipment that Iraqis never carry. Notice how he stands in the background, not intruding. Lieutenant General Abdelwahaab al-Saadi is surrounded by Iraqis; the Saudi is there only to help, not take over.

Another Saudi bodyguard.


He’s black, he has the piece of equipment that all Saudi commandos carry in Iraq, and his rifle is a wildly customized Israeli Galil with a grenade launcher. The arrangement of his rifle straps allows him to fire in about one-quarter of a second. Like the other Saudi bodyguard, he stands out of the way, ready to protect the general but not interfering with Iraqi operations.

Hiding cannons

This video taken at Manbij, Syria, shows two new weapons.

Beginning at 0:27, you can hear a powerful cannon firing. This is it.



This is a much larger gun than the ubiquitous 23mm ZU-23-2 seen all over the Middle East.


The deep, concussive report (sound) of the unidentified cannon indicates that’s it’s almost certainly a 40mm gun. At 0:32 in the video above, the cannon fires eight rounds in 0.24 seconds, which works out to 32 rounds per second or a cyclic rate of 1920 rounds per minute. No such 40mm single-barreled cannon is known to exist. I’ve seen this weapon before.


Photographed in Kobane in January of this year, on its way to Manbij. Jaysh al-Thuwar is armed with these cannons.

Oh, and a Mauritanian special operator was there—alone, as always.


And a Saudi.


Hiding…whatever it is

Arab League strategic special operators use many kinds of nanodrones. These machines must be autonomous because they fly too quickly and make too many abrupt changes in direction for a human to be controlling them.


I was certain that like bats and pterodactyls, they have wings that make tail surfaces unnecessary.

And I was correct. Watch the space over the man’s head as the box flies from left to right.

There’s no such thing as brick-shaped bird with bat wings.


While some are surveillance-reconnaissance devices, some are weaponized suicide drones that dive onto the target and explode, killing the terrorist without harming anyone nearby. The new Israel-Arab EMPFAE ordnance directs the force of the explosive vapor downward or inward. The target is flattened or imploded.

I didn’t make up any of this. Instead, I watch videos and then look for patents. If I find a patent that explains what I’m seeing in the video, then it’s obvious that I’m correct, and the new weapons exist.

Yesterday somebody told someone else to look at my posts. The second person contacted me. Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Yes, it’s true that the Arab League has created the most skilled special-operations forces in human history.

Him: Forgive me for being blunt, but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Me: Okay. Thanks.

Him: Explain to me why you make this claim.

Me: No. I don’t respond well to unwarranted belligerence, so you missed your chance to learn something new. Sorry.

Him: Cite credible and authoritative sources for your claims.

Me: No thank you.

Him: I can’t believe that people take you seriously.

Me: Identify the badges worn by this soldier of the United Arab Emirates.


Him: What do those badges have to do with anything?

Me: You’re telling me I’m wrong, but you have absolutely no factual knowledge about the topic.

Him: I looked at your Web site. By your own admission you suffer from mental illness, and you look like a crazy old man. Again, forgive me for being blunt.

I’ve had this exchange at least a hundred times now. They always say exactly the same thing.

a) You’re wrong.
b) You’re stupid.
c) You’re insane.
d) You’re old and ugly.

The idea of Arab military excellence is so threatening that it makes people lose their minds.

What an amazing power Arabs have over the rest of the world.

Hiding assaults

These photos were taken at Manbij, Syria, yesterday.

An MH-47G Chinook Heavy Assault Helicopter.


An MH-60L DAP (Direct Action Penetrator).


The “experts” say they’re American, but they’re not. They’re from Arab League army aviation units. How do I know?

Because they’re combat photos. The MH-47G gunner is firing his M134 Minigun.

Boeing MH-47C Heavy Assault Helicopter


And the MH-60L DAP is firing rockets.

MH-60L DAP.2


Both the MH-47G Chinook Heavy Assault Helicopter and the MH-60L DAP are purpose-built weapons of special-operations units. American Special Forces are not fighting in Syria and Iraq. President Obama is watching the clock, waiting for his ridiculous term in office to end. All he wants to do is golf and makes speeches. The Arab League and its allies are the people risking their lives in the Middle East.

Also, the American MH-47G Chinook Heavy Assault Helicopter has a black underbelly.


The helicopter at Manbij has a sand-colored underbelly.


The US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) operates the two helicopters above. This unit is called the Night Stalkers because like most special-operations forces, they attack in the dark. Arab League strategic special operators carry out their missions in the daytime, once again breaking all the rules. Recently the Boeing Company sold an unknown number of MH-47G Chinook Heavy Assault Helicopters to foreign buyers.


Therefore I’m not worried about the Middle East anymore. It turns out that the greatest obstacle to peace was the United States. I know that Muslims don’t look forward to the prospect of President Donald Trump, but I recommend that you think about it this way.

You can have a respectful incompetent who gets you killed by interfering, or you can have a non-politically correct businessman who turns his attention to our country and lets the Middle East determine its own destiny.

Middle Easterners are well on their way to resolving their issues. May you all have long, happy, safe, and prosperous lives.

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