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Technology and unbelievable courage will defeat all enemies

Technology and unbelievable courage will defeat all enemies

I’ve found a video that perfectly showcases the skill and courage that Arab League strategic special operators display when using their new technology. It’s not surprising that western military “experts” are unaware of the massive leap forward that Israel, the Arab League, and their allies have made in war-fighting. There was always an element of condescension in the western approach to training and working with Middle Easterners. That’s why we’re not good at it.

Technology in Iraq

Saudi commandos are in Iraq, fighting on the side of the government. There’s no question. I can identify Saudis in multiple ways. Their job is to support Iraqi operations. When Iraq is finally at peace, the Iraqis will rightly claim victory. They will have won by putting aside ancient animosities.

The video below is quite interesting. I think it proves one purpose of a new piece of technology. In a moment I’ll show you the video that captured an astonishing act of bravery.

First, a video from Fallujah.

As the two aerial munitions fly overhead, soldiers react.

Look what we see hovering near the target area.

Then it flies past the camera in 0.03 seconds.

Therefore these nanodrones are also targeting devices.



They guide munitions right onto the target, eliminating collateral damage.

Unknown technology

This is a Saudi commando in Fallujah.

Every Saudi commando has a certain piece of equipment. He uses it in tunnel warfare. Don’t ask me to tell you what it is, because I won’t.

That commando also has a rocket launcher in a cloth bag. It’s new technology that the Saudis don’t want the world to see. This commando carries a pistol in an ankle holster.

The holster is built into the trousers, indicating that the man is a rocket specialist. All he does is fire rockets, day and night.

I’m not Muslim, but it makes me very happy to see Shia and Sunni cooperating so flawlessly. It’s taken the Iraqis and their allies only 19 days to almost fully liberate Fallujah, despite the thousands of booby traps, land mines, and car bombs.

Iraqis should be proud.

Shared technology

A Shi’ite who hates Saudis posted the video below.

The video uploader wrote, “Iraqi soldiers found this video in Saudi pig mobile [phone].”

Well, there’s absolutely no doubt that the munition used is a fuel-air explosive (FAE), one of the new weapons that Israel and the Saudis jointly developed.

The explosive cloud is the signature of an FAE.

The new FAE munitions don’t produce lethal steel fragments. Instead, they use directed shock waves to…implode the enemy. Again, collateral damage is virtually eliminated.

It’s almost certain that a Saudi commando squad and a Saudi pilot killed those terrorists.

American technology

I’m about to show you a video of the bravest soldiers on earth.

First, a word about the Republic Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog.”

It’s the best close-air support (CAS) aircraft ever built. The weapon is the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger cannon.

It’s not clear if the A-10 will be retired or not. What is clear is that Arab League pilots are using the A-10 in Syria. For one thing, the aircraft are a dark color.


American A-10s are light gray.

Also, the pilots in Syria fly the A-10 with absolute fearlessness. The US Air Force was reluctant to use the A-10 in Syria because of the threats of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and antiaircraft artillery (AAA or Triple-A). But in Syria, someone flies the A-10 at rooftop level, disregarding all dangers.

At 0:16, the A-10 is flying so low that you can hear the mechanical whir of the electric-powered rotary cannon. It’s the first time that a camera captured the sound during combat.

I think pilots from the United Arab Emirates are flying the A-10 in Syria. They’re famous for their skill in CAS. My guess is that the US leased some A-10s to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The American military places enormous restrictions on how and when weapons can be used. This is to protect commanders. Regardless of the circumstances, both political parties in the US use any death of a service member to make political hay. As the US military becomes more politically correct, it loses its effectiveness.

There’s no such thing as political correctness in Arab countries. War is viewed pragmatically. Therefore we get to see soldiers performing phenomenal acts of courage.

Technology of utter destruction

This is what an A-10 “gun run” looks like.

The high-explosive incendiary (HEI) rounds are murderous.

Here’s an A-10 gun run from up close.

This is called “friendly fire” or “fratricide.” The American pilot mistook the British soldiers for the enemy and almost killed them.

Now it’s time to show you the bravest soldiers who ever lived.

Trusting the users of technology

Arab League strategic special operators are so highly trained that they can do things that no other armed force would dare try. The operators trust each other. They understand the capabilities of the men using the the technology. What seems risky to us is mundane to them.

Did you see it?

This is the smoke from an A-10 gun run.

And this is an Arab League strategic special operator firing a rocket at the same target that the A-10 just hit.

He called in the air strike almost on top of himself, because he trusted the pilot to not miss.

Nobody would expect soldiers to be so close to an A-10 gun run.

That’s exactly why the Arab League commandos placed themselves there.

Now do you see why I call them the best and bravest warriors in human history?

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