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Bravest soldiers you’ll ever see are Arab special operators

Bravest soldiers you’ll ever see are Arab special operators

I’ve found two videos that are beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. There’s now no doubt that the bravest soldiers in the world are Arab League strategic special operators. The videos also show that one man alone can defeat almost any number of enemies if he has the right weapons.

Bravest sentries

It’s relatively easy to fight in a group. Being surrounded by many heavily armed comrades gives you confidence. It takes a special person to be a sentry who volunteers to stay outside the camp, unprotected except by his own wits and equipment.

The Islamic State has created the most destructive suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIED) in history. These armored vehicles are capable of killing hundreds of people at a time.

In the video below, an Arab League aircraft destroys an armored SVBIED in Syria.

“Experts” claim that the SVBIED was engaged by an American Republic Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog.”


This is incorrect. The projectiles are much smaller than the 30mm rounds used by the GAU-8 Avenger cannon in the A-10.


Above on the left, the red arrows show the impacts of the projectiles fired at the SVBIED. On the right is a main battle tank being strafed by an A-10 Warthog. The GAU-8 Avenger cannon fires 30mm armor-piercing incendiary (API) and high-explosive incendiary (HEI) rounds that make gigantic impacts.

The cannon that destroyed the Islamic State SVBIED was 20mm or 25mm, and it used kinetic energy—not explosives—to detonate the vehicle. The new Israeli-Arab weapons have harnessed the power of shock waves and/or hypersonic speed. Soon the SVBIED will be obsolete.

Watch this video of a failed Islamic State SVBIED attack in Iraq.

Did you see how it was destroyed? A sentry armed with Israeli-Arab EMPFAE ordnance waited until exactly the right moment.

Bravest because he’s the best

The SVBIED was massive, yet the Iraqi troops didn’t panic. They knew that someone was watching over them. Their guardian was a sentry outside the camp. He and maybe another man were out on the plain, far from the encampment.


Before the SVBIED could turn to drive toward the Iraqis, the Arab League strategic special operator launched an EMPFAE rocket.

The machine gunner in the Humvee fired a Russian DShK 1938, a heavy weapon with a caliber of 12.7 mm. A tracer round from the DShK headed toward the SVBIED.




Although the DShK round struck the SVBIED, it didn’t penetrate. That’s how heavily armored the terrorist vehicles are. At the same time, we see the rocket fired by the Arab League strategic special operator, the sentry who stayed out on the road to protect the Iraqis.




As the heavy machine-gun round tumbled end over end, having been deflected by the armor plate, the rocket zeroed in.


Russia claims that its 9M123 Khrizanthema (AT-15 Springer) is the fasted antitank guided missile (ATGM) in the world. It flies at 400 meters per second. The length of the SVBIED and the video speed of 25 frames per second allow us to calculate that the unidentified rocket above flew at least 587 meters per second, which is 1313 miles per hour (2112 kilometers per hour).

Once again Russia has been thoroughly bested by the Arab League.

Bravest and most deadly

The explosion tells us that the rocket is a fuel-air munition. That bright, uniform flash is the signature.




New Israeli-Arab weapons neutralize SVBIEDs in two ways.

1) The vaporized fuel surrounds the vehicle in a cloud and explodes. This causes the SVBIED to explode, but the force is contained because it hits a more powerful shock wave that is traveling inward.

2) The heat of the fuel-air munition causes much of the explosives to deflagrate or burn instead of detonate. This reduces the amount of energy released.

There was no blast wave or large flying debris from the SVBIED.



The Iraqi soldiers were completely unharmed. My brother was correct when he said that the new rocket launchers have long barrels in order to silence the weapons.


I’ve seen several videos that show the new rockets. They never make a sound. To defend that Iraqi unit, all it took was two men with a shoulder-fired rocket launcher.

The bravest soldier in the world

This video stunned me: An Islamic State position in Manbij, Syria, is destroyed by air strikes.

The first aerial munition.




That looks like a fuel-air explosive. The flame is bright yellow, while high explosives produce orange blooms.

A second aerial munition is dropped.



I’ve never seen that happen before. All known imaging devices can’t see through smoke. After you drop an aerial munition, you have to wait for the smoke to clear before you do bomb-damage assessment (BDA).

Then a third aerial munition is dropped.



In order to get the best results from air strikes, you need a joint direct attack controller (JTAC) on the ground, in contact with the pilots of the aircraft. The US has decided to keep its JTACs far from the front lines in Syria and Iraq. American JTACs are in joint operations centers (JOCs). They look at video feed from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and tell the pilots where to drop the bombs.

The Arab League does things differently.

Here’s the Arab League JTAC who made sure that the aerial munitions hit their targets.



He was on a motorcycle, by himself, far from his home in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, risking his life for Kurds, Syriac Christians, Alawites, Shia, and Turkmens.

I’ve studied warfare for over forty years. Until I saw this video, I thought that men like that existed only in fiction.

“Bravest” doesn’t even come close to describing this Arab League strategic special operator. In order to do as much damage to the enemy as possible, he got as close to the building as he could, completely disregarding his own safety. He saw a need to call in two more strikes before the smoke had cleared, and then he calmly drove away.

Can you finally see why I’m so optimistic about the future of the Middle East? Do you agree that I’m not wish-casting, hallucinating, or lying?

Peace in less than five years. That’s my prediction.

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