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Beware those with an agenda to demoralize and anger you

Beware those with an agenda to demoralize and anger you

It’s not my place to tell Muslims how to think or feel. All I do is provide information that people can use to help make a better world. I support everyone who strives to improve. Therefore I need to say that you must beware of those with an agenda to destroy. They play on your pain and fears so that they can garner power. These liars want to enslave you. I want you to be free and to have long, happy, and safe lives.

Beware of sectarian hate

By observing weapons and tactics, I determined that Arab League commandos are in Iraq, fighting the Islamic State. The Iraqis admitted this.

Ever since Saudi Arabia announced that it had formed a new 34-nation ‘Islamic coalition against terrorism’, experts have been debating whether the new alliance will entangle itself in a military operation in Iraq and Syria. Recently, analytical website Iranian Diplomacy posed that very question to regional Iraqi official Ibrahim al-Jinabi.

Speaking to the resource, al-Jinabi, a member of the Judicial Council of Iraq’s southwestern Anbar Governate (much of which is presently occupied by Daesh/ISIL terrorists) not only confirmed the possibility of Saudi troops joining the conflict, but suggested that this might happen in the very near future.

“The military component of the Islamo-Arabic coalition recently formed by Saudi Arabia intends to take part in the operation to clear Anbar province,” the lawmaker unambiguously noted.

Asked whether the Riyadh’s possible move has Washington’s approval, al-Jinabi said that “this action by Saudi authorities will be carried out in accordance with a new US policy in Iraq, and is definitely coordinated with US leaders.”

I have irrefutable physical evidence that Saudi strategic special operators are carrying out combat operations in Iraq. I’ll show you that evidence in a moment.

First, an accusation that Shia militia have tortured civilians in Fallujah.

Remember, I’m neither pro-Shia nor pro-Sunni.

I want you to think about this accusation for a moment. Over 600 men were detained and questioned. The claim is that four were killed. We see two deceased middle-aged men and an old man with a bandaged head. Almost all of the other men are young and fit.

Is it likely that the Shia would beat and kill older civilians while leaving the military aged men alone? In the video, we see militia caring for the men of Fallujah.


Even if these isolated incidents happened, there haven’t been reports of widespread murder, rape, looting, and ethnic cleansing.

I believe that Fallujah is under the protection of Sunni Arab commandos.

Beware of the old ways

The man below is a Saudi commando, photographed in an Islamic State tunnel under the town of Kharbardan, Nineveh Province, April 12, 2016.


He has a rifle with a noise suppressor or silencer, and he has a piece of equipment that identifies him as Saudi. I won’t reveal what that is.

Below is another Islamic State tunnel.

I don’t mean this as a criticism, so please don’t take it that way. But the men inspecting the tunnel are not professional soldiers. You can see that many are overweight.

Iraq has had many problems for many, many years. The government of Iraq has let down the people, and so did the United States. Our program to train Iraqis is a total failure.


“CJFLCC - I” is Combined Joint Force Land Component Command - Iraq, a subordinate of the 60-nation Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve.

“BPC” is Building Partner Capacity, or training the Iraqi security forces.

“A&A” is Advise and Assist, or attaching American Special Forces to Iraqi units in combat.

The paragraph above says that President Obama is micromanaging the training and each individual mission that the Iraqis undertake. Everything has to be approved by a man with no military experience whatsoever.

It gets worse.

Beware of grandiose promises

This is not surprising to me.

Q: Peter, it has been a couple of months since the secretary announced an expanded advise and assist mission in Iraq, and the authorization of attack helicopters for certain missions. And to my understanding that those have not been begun, have not been—those authorities have not been exercised.

Is that a concern about the pace development, and can you offer any reason why, two months later after this big announcement, none of this seems to have happened?

PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY PETER COOK: Well, with regard to the use of the helicopters, we’ve always said, Andrew, that this is going to be something that’s carefully coordinated with the Iraqi government, and would be a capability that would be ready to be used, particularly in the push towards Mosul, that when the need and the circumstances arrived.

And you will—you will know when that happens. And at this point, this is a decision being made by commanders on the ground, the Iraqi commanders, and of course, General MacFarland and his team, as to when the most appropriate use of those capabilities presents itself.

Q: How about the advise and assist? That doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Is that a—secretary concerned at all that the Iraqis don’t seem to be placing these advisers in their battalion and brigade level?

MR. COOK: I think the secretary is satisfied with the coordination.

The US isn’t providing attack helicopters or advisors in Iraq. Someone else is doing that.

Beware of preconceptions

These members of the Shia Peace Brigades were without question trained and equipped in Saudi Arabia.


Below are Yemenis trained and equipped by the Saudis. They’re virtually identical to the Shia Iraqis.


More importantly, the Saudis have given the Iraqis the new Israeli-Arab EMPFAE weapons. We have indisputable proof.

The signature of a fuel-air explosive (FAE) is a bright dome of flame.


Below is an attempted Islamic State suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) attack in Hit, Iraq.

First, an Iraqi Counter Terrorism Services officer fires a Russian 9M133 Kornet antitank guided missile (ATGM).


It’s very difficult to hit a moving target with a Kornet, so the missile strikes the earth.


Then an Iraqi fires an EMPFAE munition. The dome of flame is unmistakable.


Like the Kurds, the Iraqis haven’t had the luxury of training for years with the new weapons. This munition also misses.

Then the SVBIED is destroyed with a hypersonic missile, another Israeli-Arab weapon.



This munition was not fired by the tank. You can see that the trajectory does not match up to the tank barrel.


By using the known speed of the Kornet, I was able to calculate that the hypersonic missile flew at 13,979 miles per hour (22,497 kilometers per hour) or Mach 18. This is another completely futuristic weapon now in the hands of the Arab League. Sunni strategic special operators were attached to the Iraqi unit.

No need to beware

As I said, I’m not telling people how to think. However, my own personal opinion is that the Saudis and their allies are entirely trustworthy. The video below proves what they can do.

This wasn’t an air strike. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that filmed the attack wasn’t involved, there’s no sign of a munition, and the building was filled with explosive vapor that came out the doors and windows.




When the smoke clears, we see that there’s literally nothing left of the building, while surrounding structures have survived.


Aerial munitions don’t cause buildings to evaporate. I’m positive that this was a commando raid. Men armed with cylinders of compressed fuel-air explosive infiltrated Fallujah and blew up the building.

They’re doing this in Gaza too. You just saw how the Hamas attack tunnels are destroyed. Nobody can stop these soldiers.

Beware of propaganda

We’re told that Iranian Quds Force leader Major General Qassem Suleimani is in Fallujah.


Suleimani might be buried in Fallujah, but he isn’t directing any operations. He’s dead. Arab League strategic special operators killed him last year. The photo above was taken in the fall of 2015. Below is Suleimani with two members of Saraya al-Khorasani.


They were photographed at Tuz Khormato, Iraq, in October of 2015, right before Suleimani was killed. As you can see, he’s wearing the same shirt as in the Fallujah photo.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Land Forces Commander Brigadier General Mohammed Pakpour (red arrow below) stands next to Suleimani.


The photo on the above right was taken April 10, 2016. Pakpour is much thinner, and the hair above his forehead has gone gray. The picture of Pakpour with Suleimani was taken in October of 2015.

Until you have definitive proof, beware of all news coming out of Iraq. Arab League strategic special operators use deception as one of their main weapons. They fight in secret, and they allow the enemy to think that they’re in disarray. Then they defeat the enemy—again and again and again.

The Saudis don’t consider the Shia their enemies. However, the Saudis and their allies are determined to bring peace to the Middle East.

Cooperation is in the best interests of everybody.

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