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Collateral damage is rapidly becoming extinct

Collateral damage is rapidly becoming extinct

In military terminology, collateral damage is the deaths of civilians and the destruction of non-military objects. Customary International Humanitarian Law (IHL) allows for the killing of civilians.

Rule 14. Proportionality in Attack

Launching an attack which may be expected to cause incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians, damage to civilian objects, or a combination thereof, which would be excessive in relation to the concrete and direct military advantage anticipated, is prohibited.

You can therefore see that killing civilians is not a war crime. Nobody has ever defined “excessive.” Rule 14, the Rome Statute, and the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Conventions are essentially meaningless.

There’s more.

The relevant provision in the Statute of the International Criminal Court refers to the civilian injuries, loss of life or damage being excessive “in relation to the concrete and direct overall military advantage anticipated.”

The International Criminal Court states that the entire military campaign—not the individual attack—must be taken into account.

Despite basically having free rein to kill civilians, the Israelis and the Arab League developed weapons that would virtually eliminate collateral damage. They did this out of a sense of morality and also because it’s pragmatic.

Collateral propaganda

Social media is used to spread lies. In contrast, munitions don’t lie. Battle-damage assessment (BDA) will always tell you the real story. The Israelis were accused of bombing a crowded marketplace in Shijaiya, Gaza, on July 30, 2014. However, the BDA tells us what actually happened.

The Israelis bombed a nearby warehouse. That warehouse was full of Hamas liquid-fuel rocket engines. The fire caused the engines to explode. One of them flew out and hit the crowd in the marketplace, killing photographer Rami Rayan.

There were fourteen secondary explosions. At 2:03, one is caught on video.




We see no physical evidence that an aerial munition hit the marketplace, which was closed, not crowded.


No crater and no sign of fragmentation. The glass windows of the ambulances are intact. All we see is a smoke stain on the wall (red arrow above).

A rocket fuel tank is not aerodynamic. In flight, it would be so out of control that it could change direction in midair.

At Shijaiyah, the fuel tank flew out of the warehouse and made a sharp turn into the marketplace, mowing down people and then exploding in the corner.


The videos show that virtually every person was injured from the knee down. There’s no aerial munition in existence that can cause such a wound pattern. We also see that the shock wave traveled along the ground, knocking people off their feet.


After the first explosion, the empty lot was littered with shoes. Munitions don’t lie. This was not an air strike. No aerial munition can create a shock wave that travels along the ground.

Collateral lies

“Human rights” organizations have lied extensively about the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Again, BDA allows us to see the reality, which is that there’s no evidence whatsoever of war crimes being committed. The Saudis use the smallest munitions on earth. In the video below, an al-Qaeda terrorist is killed in the middle of a crowd, yet nobody else is harmed.

The miniature missile hit his upper back, right behind his head.


There’s absolutely no collateral damage. The terrorist was killed with a shock wave, not an explosive that produces steel fragments.

These new Israeli-Arab weapons can direct the shock wave. Multiple patents show that the force of a fuel-air explosive can be aimed.

The terrorist above was killed by a “Flying Black Box of Death.” They travel so quickly that they must be autonomous.


This is entirely new technology that has no known antecedent. My guess is that the Flying Black Boxes of Death are programmed to seek out and kill. They hover until the right moment, and then they dive and explode, sending a shock wave downward onto the target.

Arab soldiers tell me that I’m the only person on earth defending them with irrefutable physical evidence. The reason I do so is that these soldiers are trying to bring about peace in the Middle East. Most westerners would reject that idea because of propaganda. Westerners also find it impossible to believe that Arab armed forces have surpassed our own in terms of technology and skills.

The videos prove that this is true. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s simple reality.

Now, for the first and only time, I’ll ask my Arab readers to reject the propaganda about Israel. The Israelis worked with the Arab League to create new weapons that nearly eliminate collateral damage. Do you honestly believe that these same people would commit wholesale war crimes against the Palestinians?

It’s a lie.

Israel and the Arab League are now at least fifty years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of weapons and war-fighting skills. Put the past to rest. Concentrate on the present and the future.

Collateral survival

We have a video of yet another new weapon used by Arab League professional strategic special operators in Syria. It’s a fuel-air explosive (FAE) missile that was designed to target one person at a time.

Here’s the video. The first part is fake, as I’ll show you.

The missile allegedly used is the Russian 9M133 Kornet. You can see that it had an FAE warhead.


That bright, uniformly colored flash is the signature of an FAE.

However, the explosion is much too small to have come from a Russian 9M133F-1 Kornet, the FAE version of the missile. Below is a 9M133F-1 Kornet used in Iraq.

The explosion is the size of a building.


In Syria, one man was hit with the FAE missile, and the other man staggered away, alive.




The building appears to be unscathed.


I was mystified by the near-total lack of fragmentation damage in Gaza.

A typical battle-scarred scene from Syria.


Compare that to the urban battlefield of Gaza.


No sign of bullets, high-explosive artillery rounds, tank rounds, mortar rounds, hand grenades, or rocket-propelled grenades. All you see is blast damage. Guess who caused that?


Hamas set off thousands of gigantic explosives. Palestinians are responsible for almost all of the death and destruction in Gaza. The Israelis were using the new weapons that the Arab League has deployed to Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. These weapons don’t create the damage you see in Gaza.

I have no trouble believing that Arab soldiers fight humanely and with great honor.

You should have no trouble believing the same thing about Israeli soldiers.