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Revolution in warfare and geopolitics began one year ago

Revolution in warfare and geopolitics began one year ago

April 20, 2015, signaled a revolution in warfare and geopolitics. It was a warning that nobody could ignore.

It took me a while to figure out that this explosion was caused by a new munition, the high velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW).


Hitler’s birthday was chosen as the day to demonstrate Jewish power. The HVPW uses both kinetic energy and new explosives, probably unstable chemicals that are mixed on impact. There’s also a warhead for producing nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). Therefore an underground target would be obliterated by three different kinds of destructive force.

Revolution requires money

The only thing holding back Israeli arms manufacturers was funding. I believe that the Gulf Cooperation Council provided the money needed to turn ideas into actual weapons. Videos coming out of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq show that entirely new munitions are being used. In Iraq, a missile that travels 13,979 miles per hour (22,497 kilometers per hour) or Mach 18 destroyed an Islamic State truck bomb.


The speed, shock, and heat are able to eradicate explosives before they can release their own energy.

Behold another new weapon, the Flying Black box of Death, which somehow eliminates a truck full of rockets without causing collateral damage.


That’s the slowest munition I’ve ever seen. It’s also very small.

The Israelis have covered all bases. They’ve created weapons for every possible scenario. There are other things that I’ve seen, but I won’t discuss them. And there are also things that I’ve figured out, which I won’t discuss.

Revolution of another type

Israel built new weapons, and the Arab League trained how to use them. However, another revolution in warfare is how the Arab League has been able to rapidly transform conventional warriors into special forces. Below is the only known footage of United Arab Emirates Leclerc main battle tanks (MBTs) in combat.

Every man you see is a Yemeni. The Emiratis are inside four MBTs; the mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) armored vehicles are crewed by Yemenis, and the assault troops are Yemenis.

First a tank fired at the Houthi stronghold.


My guess is that the Emiratis use the Israeli APAM-MP-T-M329 Kalanit, a tank round designed for urban combat.


After the Houthi stronghold had been bombarded, the Yemeni assault troops advanced while MRAPs and the other Emirati tanks turned to prevent a flanking maneuver by the enemy.


These are exceptionally skilled fighters. Arab League and Yemeni casualties have been very light, and very few civilians have been killed. The Saudi-led Coalition is not only not committing war crimes, they’re hardly killing anybody.

That’s another revolution in warfare. The Israelis invented the most destructive weapons ever seen, yet these devices can be adjusted. We’ve literally arrived at the future predicted by Star Trek: “Set your phasers to stun.”

One of the ways you avoid endless war in the Middle East is to not kill massive numbers of people. The Israelis and the Arab League have figured out how to utterly defeat the enemy without slaughtering him wholesale.

Some enemies must be killed, because they’re irredeemable. The revolution in warfare has made it possible to target individuals while not laying waste to entire cities.

These Islamic State terrorists were the only ones killed.

First the digital camera goes haywire from the EMPs.


Then the fuel-air explosive (FAE) does its work.



The men who filmed it were the ones who called in the strike. War is rapidly becoming impossible.

The men behind the revolution

This photo hit social media like a hurricane today.


Everybody thinks he’s either a jihadist Syrian rebel, a member of al-Qaeda, or an Islamic State terrorist.

He’s none of the above. I’ll tell you who he is in a minute.

His weapon is a Chinese FN-6 man portable air defense system (MANPADS). For some reason everyone thinks the “rebels” have acquired a new capability. It’s not true. Here’s a story from 2014.

Syrian rebel fighters have been pictured eagerly unpacking Chinese-made surface-to-air missile launchers understood to have been smuggled into the country by African arms dealers.

Taken in a remote area north of the city of Aleppo, the photographs show fighters from the Free Syrian Army assembling FN-6 anti-aircraft missile launchers for use against soldiers loyal to the Assad regime.


The Chinese-made weapons are thought to have been provided to the Free Syrian Army by sympathisers in Qatar, who are likely to have purchased them from dealers with links to corrupt officials in the Sudanese government, before having them smuggled into Syria through Turkey.

Take a wild guess: Are Chinese MANPADS any good?

As the missiles were put to wider use, rebels began to complain, saying that more often than not they failed to fire or to lock on targets. One rebel commander, Abu Bashar, who coordinates fighting in Aleppo and Idlib Provinces, called the missiles, which he said had gone to Turkey from Sudan and had been provided to rebels by a Qatari intelligence officer, a disappointment.

“Most of the FN-6s that we got didn’t work,” he said. He said two of them had exploded as they were fired, killing two rebels and wounding four others.

They’re garbage. The Chinese cut corners on everything. At this point in their history, they’re culturally incapable of producing high-quality technology.

So why are “rebels” still using these crappy MANPADS?

Well, the missile is only one part of a MANPADS. The launcher is called the “gripstock.” Guess what’s great about MANPADS gripstocks?


So you can use the gripstock to disguise other missiles. A Chinese FN-6 is a perfect way to bring new missiles into Syria and fire them without calling attention to yourself. In World War II, the Soviets disguised flamethrowers as rifles and backpacks.


That was to hide a flamethrower engineer in the midst of infantrymen. The Israelis disguised their “Wild” tank destroyer as a tank.


I figured that the Arab League was using the FN-6 to launch guided EMPFAE surface-to-surface missiles, since Jaysh al-Thuwar carries the gripstocks in battles with jihadists.


Jihadists don’t have aircraft.

And this isn’t a rebel or a terrorist. He’s an Arab League professional strategic special operator.


There’s no doubt whatsoever. For the first time, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is an Arab League commando. I spent all day looking at photos from Syria, and I didn’t find what’s in the image above. However, I saw it in photos of Arab League commandos in Yemen.

Soldiers trained in unconventional warfare will know what I’m talking about.

Look at the shadow: The man has no head, and the gripstock and the nose of the missile are completely different from what are on his shoulder. VERY devious psychological warfare that edges into Dadaism. I approve.

Long live the revolution!

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