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Unskilled mass murderers versus professional warriors

Unskilled mass murderers versus professional warriors

Recently many thousands of Muslims began reading my posts. They should know that I don’t choose sides between different sects of Islam. All that matters to me is morality, honor, courage, and intent. My personal opinion—based on evidence—is that the various sects of Islam are now cooperating to defeat terrorism. The future of the Middle East is very bright, in part because the finest soldiers who ever lived are defeating the unskilled murderers who want to profit from destruction.

Unskilled propaganda

I’ve seen no evidence that Shia militias in Iraq are committing wide-scale war crimes or atrocities. It’s clear that Iraq has allowed hundreds if not thousands of Sunni Arab commandos into the country to help in the fight. I’ll show you in a moment why it would be impossible for Shia to commit atrocities even if they wanted to.

The Iranian mullahs and Sunni terrorists found common cause in Iraq, as they did from 2003 to 2011. Their shared goal is to cause another Iraqi civil war, which will allow both the mullahs and the terrorists to recruit and spread their ideology. These identical tweets below appeared on Twitter for three days.














It’s an organized propaganda campaign, but a very bad one. The very fact that multiple accounts tweeted the identical message proves that it’s a lie. In addition, Iranian Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Suleimani is dead. Arab League strategic special operators killed him in Syria, October of 2015. The last images of him alive were taken on October 18, 2015.



Thin and frail, he already looked like a corpse. Every photo of him published since October 18, 2015, actually dates from earlier. Suleimani has not appeared on video for eight months. He’s dead, like dozens of other Iranian generals.

Somebody ambushed them. Below I dissect one such operation.

Unskilled in survival

The Triple Frontier region of South America is a lawless tri-border intersection between Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.


Since all of these countries have permanently corrupt governments, the Triple Frontier is where jihadist terrorist groups make a lot of their money. Hezbollah is very active here.

The “King of the Frontiers” was a man named Jorge Rafaat Toumani, a Brazilian citizen born of a Syrian father.


Nicknamed “Saddam,” Rafaat trafficked in drugs and weapons. Although authorities knew that he was connected to Hezbollah, Rafaat bought protection from the governments of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. He and his partner Jamil Fahd were repeatedly acquitted of all charges filed against them, and they repeatedly escaped from jail. Rafaat operated in the open, with total impunity.

The entire Brazilian government protected Rafaat. Even the Direction of Civilian Aeronautics made sure that his flights of drugs and arms left the country unimpeded. He had the Federal Police on his side, as well as the army. South Americans admire flamboyant arch criminals. Rafaat allowed governments to “seize” his assets as bribes. His network gave up tens of millions of dollars, hectares of ranchland, 30 houses, 50 apartments, 560 vehicles, and 18 airplanes. Everyone was happy.

And then on June 16, 2016, someone killed Rafaat. Easily.

Unskilled protection

Rafaat habitually traveled in an armored Humvee, with three truckloads of armed bodyguards. On the night of June 16, 2016, in the Paraguayan town of Pedro Juan Caballero, unknown attackers sprang an ambush on Rafaat. There’s no gore in the video below.

The official story is that a competing drug cartel killed him. Here is Rafaat’s Humvee, which he was driving.



We’re told that this 2014 Toyota Fortuner had a surprise in the back.


After Rafaat stopped beside the Toyota, the white vehicle pulled ahead of the Humvee.


Then someone in the back of the Toyota opened fire with an American Browning M2 .50-caliber machine gun.


In reality, that’s not what happened at all. Rafaat’s killers were special operators who had the highest level of training on the planet.

Unskilled reporting

Let’s start with the machine gun in the Toyota. THERE’S NO ROOM TO USE IT.


Whether the gunner aimed out the back of the Toyota or the side window, there’s not enough space for him to fit between the front seats or door and the spade grip of the gun.



The gun is on the M63 Antiaircraft Mount, but the tray for the ammunition box (red arrow below) is missing.


The belt of ammunition had to be fed from the box on the floor, a guarantee of instant jamming.



To prevent jamming, you’d need another man to manually guide the belt into the gun. That’s two unskilled idiots in that cramped space. If you’re going to go to the trouble of using a .50-caliber machine gun, why not just get a tray for the ammunition box?

Also, the first shots came from behind. Here’s the rear window of the Toyota breaking.


The special operators who killed Rafaat hired some local narco-terrorist patsies to ride in the Toyota, and then those men were killed too. That machine gun was not fired. Never once do you see a muzzle blast from the Toyota.

But you see this.



Those are two high-explosive armor-piercing (HEAP) rounds hitting the rear window of Rafaat’s Humvee.


Remember, the Toyota was in front the whole time. The holes above are entrances, not exits. I saw extremely gruesome photos of Rafaat’s body. He was shot in the back of the head as well as the front. There was a huge exit wound on his chest.

But there’s also this. Note the white pillar before the shots are fired.


And afterward.


Therefore the ambush began from behind. Once Rafaat was dead, the killers fired on the bodyguards from all directions.






Finally, a projectile made a gigantic flame.


I can’t tell you what that is. Something new.

But looks are deceiving.

Opposite of unskilled

This news broadcast from a Paraguayan station proves that professionals killed Jorge Rafaat.

The reporter points out that nearly every bullet struck only the windshields or windows of the four cars in Rafaat’s convoy. The shots were carefully aimed.





About fifteen rounds hit Rafaat’s windshield—but only on the driver’s side.


A Browning M2 .50-caliber machine gun didn’t make a single hole in the photos above. The Paraguayans are reporting that fifty men in four vehicles ambushed Rafaat and his thirty bodyhguards. A twenty-minute gun battle ensured.

There’s no evidence for any of those claims.

Professional special operators ambushed the convoy. They infiltrated into Paraguay and killed one of Hezbollah’s main arms suppliers and financiers. Not only do we have the visual evidence of these operators’ incredible marksmanship, we can hear them firing too.

Shooting two rounds at a time is called a “double tap.” It’s the hallmark of special operators. I’ve never heard anyone fire 28 rounds that quickly.

Do you know how long the entire ambush lasted? Twenty-six seconds. Such ambushes take place all over Syria and Iraq.

Jorge Rafaat Toumani was accustomed to governments that can be bought. He thought that everyone has a price.

We must all accept that the best soldiers in the world are incorruptible. Their sense of morality is absolute. If you threaten the people who these soldiers protect, you’ll die, no matter where you are, and no matter how many inferior gunslingers are guarding you.

And that’s one reason why nobody is committing wide-scale atrocities in Iraq. The same men who flew all the way to Paraguay are protecting everyone in the Middle East.

It’s their job.

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