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Putin was utterly destroyed by the Arab League

Putin was utterly destroyed by the Arab League

Last year US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that Russia poses an existential threat to our country. What did we do about it? Nothing. What did the Arab League do about it? They handed Vladimir Putin such a thorough military defeat in Syria that the Russians have been reduced to performance art.

Putin gets a first warning

I knew instantly that this was Arab League strategic special operators.

Dozens of Russian generals at a military base near the eastern Syrian city of Latakia were killed Sunday afternoon in a deadly car bomb attack committed by two opposition factions, Ahrar al-Sham and Bayan movement, Syrian opposition groups reported on Wednesday.

According to the media office of Ahrar al-Sham, the two factions, in coordination with local jihadists who were located at the Russian military base, decided to bomb the car after they observed a gathering of senior Russian generals at the military base.

Ahrar al-Sham claims that dozens of Russian generals were killed and injured in the explosion. According to the movement, the announcement of the terror attack was delayed until Wednesday to ensure that the jihadists who committed the attack returned safely to opposition territories.

The military base that was hit by the car bomb is considered one of the most important military centers of the Russian forces on the Syrian coast, located some 15 kilometers from Latakia.

There’s absolutely no chance that the incompetent, hysterical Syrian rebels got a car bomb onto Khmeimim Air Base.

The Russian section is closed to Syrians. This was Putin’s Syrian command staff, so the generals would’ve been in an underground bunker. A video of the attack was released, but it’s fake.

It’s simply two pieces of video edited together.

The scenes before and after the “explosion” don’t even match.

People call me a “conspiracy theorist.” That’s because they have no factual knowledge. Absolutely everything I write is based on days of research. I don’t simply say something because I want it to be true. What I do is look at the evidence.

The attack on Khmeimim Air Base had to be a commando assault. Arab League strategic special operators landed on the runway and attacked the bunker, killing the entire Russian command staff in Syria. I say this because I’ve been studying Arab League commandos since March of 2015. They’re the most skilled and audacious soldiers in human history. A total of fifteen (15) United Arab Emirates Presidential Guardsmen fought tens of thousands of Houthis in Aden for over two months. The Emiratis didn’t suffer a single casualty.

I study World War I; the bravest, most effective assault troops of that conflict were Arabs. What’s happening now is that Arab soldiers are simply returning to their roots.

Putin doesn’t learn

A dictator like Vladimir Putin hates to be told what to do. He has an estimated net worth of $70 billion, which he acquired through theft. Most Russians are bigots who think that Arabs are inferior. Therefore it’s been necessary to give Putin multiple warnings. Behold another brilliant surprise attack that the world refuses to accept.

Arab League commandos destroyed an entire logistics depot and a squadron of Russian attack helicopters at T4 or Tiyas Air Base near Homs.

“Experts” say that the Islamic State used artillery to wipe out the Russian unit, but there are no craters in the ground or on the runways.

It’s clear as day that a C-130 Hercules landed at the end of the runway.

The commandos then attacked the missile-carrying trucks, the warehouse, and the helicopter gunships with thermite grenades and shoulder-fired rockets.

My brother is a car expert. He tells me that the new rocket launcher above has a very long barrel so that the firing can be virtually silent. Modern car mufflers are very long, which makes the car much quieter.

Vladimir Putin is used to dealing with weak westerners. He forgot that Arabs are a warrior culture. The attack on T4 was an exact duplicate of the Entebbe Raid.

Putin is now pretending

I’m not afraid to make what sound like insane pronouncements. Though I can’t tell you if the Russians are bombing Aleppo or not, I’m positive that the Russian-Syrian “advance” on Raqqa is fake. The Russians and Syrians were said to have taken Palmyra, but the footage shows Arab League troops.

Those are exceptionally well-trained, well-equipped soldiers using new weapons. One of the tanks fired a round.

It exploded in midair, in a bright flash that’s the signature of a fuel-air explosive (FAE).

The force of the explosion was directed downward into a bunker or trench, which then exploded.

That was an Israeli-Arab EMPFAE munition. Therefore, the soldiers were not Syrian Arab Army (SAA). It explains why there was a Mauritanian adviser at Palmyra.


Mauritania is part of the anti-Assad Coalition. The SAA no longer exists as an actual fighting force. It’s doing nothing but playacting.

So are the Russians.

Putin is seething with impotent rage

In this embarrassing video, the Russians claim that the SAA is advancing on Raqqa.

It’s a small detachment of five multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS), one heavy artillery field gun, three self-propelled howitzers, two “technical” gun trucks, and three main battle tanks.

The tents are from the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR).

Most of the men are in late middle age, and they have no personal equipment.

They’re out in the middle of nowhere, firing weapons for the camera.

They have no air support because this isn’t a real military operation. And the Russians are also putting out fake videos of super-weapons that don’t exist.

These Great Balls of Fire all fall at exactly the same rate, relative to each other. None of them deviate even slightly from their positions and trajectories.

And they produce square explosions.

Again, an unchanging swarm of robot-comets.

This time, they create pre-explosions before they hit the ground.

It’s computer-generated imagery (CGI). Flaming cluster munitions that fly in formation and make square pre-explosions? Please.

I could find no footage of Russian aircraft flying sorties at Palmyra. My guess is that the Russians aren’t bombing Aleppo either. It’s almost certainly Assad and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, who will have to be killed in order to stop them. The SAA has given up; Syrian and Iranian pilots are guilty of mass war crimes, so they won’t surrender.

Whatever is happening, it’s clear that Arabs dealt Vladimir Putin a defeat that westerners couldn’t, due to our lack of courage and fortitude.

All Arabs should be very proud. In five years, the Middle East will be free from the evil that has taken so many lives.

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