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Distraction is the Arab League’s most effective weapon

Distraction is the Arab League’s most effective weapon

This is a very exciting time to be alive. We’re all witnessing great change for the better, as well as the most astonishingly clever war-fighting in world history. Almost daily, I’m stunned all over again at the distraction that the Arab League uses to carry out incredibly daring operations. My posts won’t change the outcome; I’m not revealing state secrets. Besides, the people who are having their heads handed to them by the Arab League already know what’s really happening.

Distraction for the masses

Today, photos of American special-operations forces wearing Kurdish insignia in Syria were published. This is not what you think it is. The Pentagon is unequivocal about what those men are doing.

They are on an advise-and-assist mission with forces that are carrying out the fight against [Islamic State militants]; trying to lend their support to them; use their skill set and their capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of those forces. They are not at the front line.

US troops are not fighting in Syria. Regardless of what you’re reading, Americans are not being put into harm’s way. The photos that were released today prove it.

American special forces in Syria are there to garner attention. That’s why they wore what they wore.

In a moment, I’ll show you who was in command of this detachment.

First, another new weapon.

Not distraction

The people of Fallujah, Iraq, will be liberated. The deadliest soldiers on earth—Arab League strategic special operators—are doing the job.

I support my country and its armed forces. However, we fight differently than the new Arab units. We did a tremendous amount of physical damage to the city of Fallujah in 2004. This gave anti-Americans and terrorists a propaganda victory that they still use today. To avoid providing the enemy with photos and video that can be manipulated, the Arab League is fighting clandestinely, employing secret weapons that have never been described.

This munition is a mystery.

I see no projectile falling, dropping, or being fired at the tactical unit (group of terrorists).

Suddenly there’s a release of vapor.

The chemicals that comprise this fuel-air explosive (FAE) react to the infrared camera, creating the white horizontal lines. Therefore we’re seeing metal powder used as an oxidizer.

Although the explosion seems gigantic, that’s just the flash of heat that was released. It’s not the shock wave. Also, it’s almost certainly very low-intensity heat.

By the time most of the gases have cooled to the atmospheric temperature, we can see that only three or four pieces of debris were thrown from the target (red arrows).

This was not an American munition, and it was delivered by an Arab air force. No civilians were killed. No city blocks were leveled.

We in the west are simply unable to fight wars effectively in the Middle East. Although our intentions are honorable, we lack the cultural finesse to win the peace.

It takes ancient cultures to understand how to win both the wars and the peace in the Middle East.

Israel and the Arab League together are a winning combination. Each side brings different strengths to the partnership. It’s an ideal arrangement.

Brilliant distraction

Now on to the American special forces photographed in a village 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of Raqqa, the Islamic State capital.

It appears that these are US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and men of the CIA Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SOG).

First, the CIA operators.

I read somewhere that this is the look favored by the SOG. They could be anybody, though.

Now some images of the Green Berets.

They’re obviously not expecting to engage in combat, because some have their rifles slung, and others carry their gear and helmets by the straps.

This was a photo-op. It’s part of a plan.

Badge distraction

Here’s what everyone’s so excited about. One American soldier wears the patch of the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG).

And another wears the patch of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ).

Even in the middle of the Syrian civil war, we can’t escape the transgender issue…

The wearing of the patches is deliberate. Now, it is perfectly true that US special forces wear the badges of the nations with whom they work. It’s considered a courtesy.

In the photo above, the men on the right are US Army Special Forces attached to the Afghan Commandos. The soldiers wear Afghan uniforms and both Afghan national and unit insignia.

But the Green Berets in Syria wore Kurdish YPG and YPJ insignia so that everyone would jabber hysterically about it. It was a distraction. You can bet that something else was taking place far away.

The Turks were obviously informed that this would happen. Since the US began helping Syrians, the Pentagon has made it clear that our allies are the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) and the Syrian Arab Coalition. We wouldn’t suddenly wear YPG and YPJ badges for no reason.

Guess who crafted this piece of theater that generated the correct Pavlovian reaction of fear and outrage across the whole world?

The commander of the distraction

Arab League strategic special operators are attached to many Syrian militias; I’m now convinced that some rebel groups don’t even exist, except for a few men who perform for the cameras.

And now, the commander of Operation Kurdish Badge Distraction.

He’s a Saudi. Do you know how I can tell?

Because Saudi special operators never roll up their sleeve cuffs. Look at all the Americans. Every man has rolled sleeve cuffs.

Syria is an Arab League operation. The US is there to help, but the Saudis are in charge.

Make sure that you understand what I mean: The Saudis are in charge only after the locals approve of each step. No Arab League unit went to Syria and began dictating to the Syrians. That would ensure that the Arab League would lose the peace, the way the US did in Iraq. There are operations rooms in Syria in which Arab League commanders make suggestions, but the locals have the final say.

As the truck drives away, the Saudi commander adopts a low profile.

I’ll bet that the Saudi speaks perfect, unaccented American English. He led the Americans, and there were others making sure that all went smoothly.

Who are those masked men? It wouldn’t surprise me if one was a Kurd and one was a Turk.

There’s no need for all this social-media angst. Everything’s under control.

All will be well. I promise.

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