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Hidebound is another word that everyone should know

Hidebound is another word that everyone should know

The reason that I’m a hermit is that most people are far too repulsive and belligerent for me to allow in my life. This is especially true in my main field of interest. Military buffs tend to be aggressively ignorant and hidebound. Because I don’t think like them, they’ve begun the fifth large-scale round of assaulting me on social media.

The eerily generic quality of these people chills me. It’s another reason why I admire the Arab League. They threw away all the rule books and created their own way of doing things.

“Hidebound” means “not willing to accept new or different ideas.” The term first appeared in the 1550s. Originally it referred to emaciated cattle whose hide stuck closely—was bound—to their backbones and ribs. By 1600 it was a metaphoric term: restricted by narrow attitudes, obstinately set in opinion.

Above is the perfect rendering of the average “military expert.”

The hidebound always ostracize

When I went to Twitter today and saw that people who I follow were twisting my words in order to mock me, that was the last straw. Their brainless conformity makes them entirely predictable. What they do is overlook a mountain of evidence and seize on a small debatable point.

“See? You’re completely wrong! I’m laughing so hard at you!”

Have they done patent searches?



Can they explain why faces like this appear in the middle of the Third Battle of Fallujah?


But they’re not interested. They just want to be as toxic as plutonium.

As a result, I’ve made a decision.

When the Islamic State loses in Syria and Iraq, I’m going to stop blogging. I’ll leave the Website up, but I’m going to remove the “Contact” page and close down my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. The Website will become the Museum of Folly, a monument to my many attempts to overcome my disastrous limitations.

I can’t tell you how relieved I feel. My own freedom is right around the corner. No more assaults. No more rude demands to justify my theories. No more insults.

No more contact with the sickest people on earth.

The hidebound hate improvement

I should’ve learned my lesson in 2007, when I published my first book about flamethrowers.

The book disproved many inaccurate views that “reputable historians” repeat over and over. I thought that military buffs would greet my ideas with interest, but instead they ridiculed me.

This has happened too many times for me to count. Today it hit me that the costs of doing what I do far outweigh the benefits. Here’s the level of research I undertake for each of my posts.

My approach isn’t suited for the present day. We live in an era of pose-striking and sloganeering. I’m wasting the limited time that I have left.

But the information I uncovered will remain posted for non-blockheads to read.

The hidebound have no explanations

Today I realized that the hidebound are utterly mentally ill. They personalize everything. All these ridiculous social-media “military experts” are leaders of cults, so a heterodox thinker like me threatens them. But when I ask questions, they’re unable to answer.

What kind of missile was used to kill this Iranian commander?

The launcher would lead us to think that this is a BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile (ATGM). However, the shape is unlike any known TOW ATGM.

Below are all the variants of the BGM-71 TOW.

Do you see any with an angled nose or tail? This is the configuration of the missile in the video.

My brother tells me that it’s the most aerodynamic form possible, with control surfaces in the lower leading edge. Do hidebound “military experts” know that? Today they began calling me a Nazi. Why? Because I think that the Arab League is helping the locals in Syria and Iraq defeat terrorism.

If you lived to be 10,000 years old, would you ever figure out the logic in that? But as I said, this is the fifth time that it’s happened. That’s enough. Israel and the Arab League can defeat Iran without me commenting on it. I’ll see the Syrian and Iraq wars through, and then I’ll stop subjecting myself to the most insane, repellent people on earth: “military experts” and tribalists.

The hidebound are blind

People with no knowledge of munitions still understand what happens in the video above: The missile strikes a handful of men. Before the missile hits, it does something that no BGM-71 TOW can do.

The BGM-71 uses semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) to guide the missile. A sight on the launcher tracks a Xenon beacon in the tail of the missile. After firing the TOW, the operator keeps a cross hair inside the sight lined up on the target. If the cross hair remains fixed on the target, the missile will hit it. Two wires are spooled out behind the missile, connecting it to the sight.

Below is the Xenon beacon on the TOW.

Then the missile does something never filmed before: It turns sideways in the air.

Why would it do that?

Because it’s swerving around this soldier.

He’s not the target. The men who fired the missile wanted to take out a specific individual. “Military experts” laugh at me, yet they’re totally unaware of how skilled and MORAL Arab League strategic special operators are. You can see for yourself: The missile swerved to avoid that soldier.

And he survived the explosion.

Arab strategic special operators use missiles that do not produce lethal steel fragments. Every known BGM-71 TOW missile has a high-explosive antitank (HEAT) warhead. A person that close to the explosion of a BGM-71 should’ve been shredded into tiny pieces of meat.

Thus I conclude that this is a new fuel-air explosive (FAE) warhead. No other answer fits. Also, the missile must be wireless and fully automated. A missile trailing two wires could not swerve around a man.

Hidebound stupidity

There’s no crater in the road. Since men are standing on it, the dark spot must be a tent.

All the BGM-71 TOW missiles in the hands of Syrian rebels have tandem HEAT warheads. Since they’re designed to destroy armored vehicles and fortified positions, they make big holes in roads.

It’s as clear as day to anyone with a functioning brain that unidentified fighters are using secret weapons in Syria and Iraq. The Iraqi security forces collapsed twice while under command of Iran. Now Iraq is fighting extremely well. What changed? Not the US. Our training program in Iraq is a total failure.

“CJFLCC – I” is Combined Joint Force Land Component Command – Iraq, a subordinate of the 60-nation Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve.

“BPC” is Building Partner Capacity, or training the Iraqi security forces.

“A&A” is Advise and Assist, or attaching American Special Forces to Iraqi units in combat.

The paragraph above says that President Obama is micromanaging the training and each individual mission that the Iraqis undertake. Everything has to be approved by a man with no military experience whatsoever.

Hidebound denial

In late 2015, the Syrian Democratic Forces emerged out of nowhere and began demolishing the Islamic State. Their best unit is Jaysh al-Thuwar, which has never lost a battle. Jaysh al-Thuwar has no outside support, yet it possesses unidentified automatic cannons.


At exactly the same time, a member of the Judicial Council of Iraq’s southwestern Anbar Governate said this.

[Ibrahim al-Jinabi] not only confirmed the possibility of Saudi troops joining the conflict, but suggested that this might happen in the very near future.

“The military component of the Islamo-Arabic coalition recently formed by Saudi Arabia intends to take part in the operation to clear Anbar province,” the lawmaker unambiguously noted.

Asked whether the Riyadh’s possible move has Washington’s approval, al-Jinabi said that “this action by Saudi authorities will be carried out in accordance with a new US policy in Iraq, and is definitely coordinated with US leaders.”

Today a “military expert” on Twitter called me a Nazi because I tried to explain why the Islamic State is suddenly experiencing massive defeats.

I don’t permit that kind of derangement in my life. Social media attracts lunatics; if I continue blogging, the madmen and women will continue harassing me. Therefore when the Islamic State is defeated, I’ll stop blogging.

Hidebound and mediocre

When it comes to future wars in the Middle East, you’ll find nothing of value on social media. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

In reality, that’s footage of Iraqi Army Aviation and Iraqi Air Force strikes. The video Russia Today used is titled “Total annihilation of an ISIS convoy in the desert west of Fallujah (Iraqi Army Aviation).”

Morons. Cretins. Imbeciles. They make me sick. I can’t bear to hear from idiots anymore.

Just remember: Hezbollah and the Iranian mullahs are doomed. My posts contain all the information on how the Arab League and its allies will prevail.

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year:
“Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.”
And he replied:
“Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the Hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”
So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night.
And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East.

—Minnie Louise Haskins

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