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Plan for the liberation of Syria takes giant step forward

Plan for the liberation of Syria takes giant step forward

A siege is an “investment,” the military process of surrounding of a position. Bashar al-Assad’s forces and the Russians imposed a siege on the city of Aleppo during an offensive code-named Castello Operation, which cut off the city by July 7, 2016. On August 31, “rebels” launched a counteroffensive that broke the siege in less than five days. It’s not possible that the fractured, incompetent rebels hatched such an effective plan.

The “analysis” below is not true.

No. Wrong. Arab League and allied strategic special forces broke the siege of Aleppo. It wasn’t the rebels. Highly mobile troops with massive firepower smashed through multiple layers of defenses. The Russians left them completely alone.

Therefore professional warriors must have created and executed the plan for liberating Aleppo. Their governments warned the Russians to not interfere.

Plan required patience

In order for the plan to work, men had to infiltrate Aleppo over a period of months. They had to smuggle in weapons and other equipment. The most important job was to identify targets. I’m sure that the Arab League and allied commandos created a digital map of Aleppo. They assigned each enemy position a coordinate. When the offensive began on July 31, 2016, the attackers simultaneously reduced dozens of strong points with new weapons.

That was not two suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs). It was two high velocity penetrating weapons (HVPWs).


You can see that nearly all of the force of the explosions went underground, leaving only two holes on the surface.

The troops who liberated Aleppo used main battle tanks, jets, helicopters, piston-engine transports, and huge numbers of light armored vehicles. However, these assets never appear on camera. It’s an incredible skill.

Special forces win by creating total confusion. Somebody is putting out videos that show wit and subtlety. My favorite are those of the Levant Conquest Front, the artists who formerly called themselves the al-Nusra Front.

Plan to bedazzle

This is supposed to be the armored SVBIED exploding at the Syrian Arab Air Force Academy.

Well, as you can see, in the new video, the wind blows the smoke tower to the right. However, in the original video, the smoke tower is perfectly vertical.

The new video shows a black puff that’s absent in the original.

Also, the heads of the mushroom clouds are totally different. We’re looking at two separate examples computer-generated imagery (CGI).

So, can you figure out what’s wrong with the segment below?

No people. There are no people in the entire video.

And now for the best part.

Fifty enormous explosions in ten seconds. Only a strategic bomber dropping aerial munitions could do that.

The rebels don’t have strategic bombers. Because the plan to liberate Aleppo didn’t require strategic bombers, nobody used them. The video above is 100 percent fake.

Follow the plan or die

Al-Qaeda’s franchise the al-Nusra Front was famous for showing no mercy. Yet below is what the newly named Levant Conquest Front announced after the liberation of Aleppo.

The use of the word “church” is very important. Jihadists don’t respect the sanctity of churches. What’s happening is that the most lethal armed forces on the face of the earth are now protecting minorities in the Middle East. Everyone has seen the power of the new weapons and the capabilities of the new soldiers. Furthermore, everyone has seen that there are fearless leaders who have the will to bring about dramatic improvement. As a result, people are changing their behavior.

Emerging Middle Eastern superpowers are cultures that have experienced brutal oppression. Therefore these cultures have no qualms about exterminating oppressors. The goal is not to dominate; it’s to stop the suffering. Those who inflict suffering will be eliminated. No jihadist is as ruthless as an Arab League or allied strategic special operator.

People still don’t believe it. Consequently, they’re escorted out of this realm of existence.

Part of the plan

Israel is not doing this.

That’s the sixteenth tunnel to “collapse” this year.

Don’t kid yourselves: This is commando action, and it isn’t the Israelis. Although I support Israel, the nation’s armed forces have rules of engagement that serve no purpose except to assuage Jewish guilt.

Somebody is destroying these concrete-reinforced tunnels, killing the Hamas Nokhba or “elite” fighters. Khaled al-Hoor was not 22 years old.

He was in his thirties, a commander of the Nokhba.

His right eye is closed, and his left is open. Also, he has no visible traumatic injuries. Therefore a shock wave killed him.

Hamas and Fatah are Palestinian mafias that murder and steal from their own people. I have nothing against Palestinians themselves. Two years ago, I would’ve said that there will never be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Now, I’m positive that there will be.

Before there can be peace, those who thrive on suffering must accept that their glory days are over. The ones who reject the new Middle East will be swiftly killed. Everyone needs to understand that the old labels no longer mean anything. All that matters is that groups not prolong others’ agony for their own personal benefit.

This is reality. I didn’t make it up. There are now soldiers who can easily defeat any enemy. In addition, their leaders are not subject to artificial constructs such as political correctness. Most noteworthy is the fact that the soldiers and their leaders have the will to undertake tasks that seem impossible. Their courage and fortitude is unprecedented. Nothing scares them. And they don’t play favorites.

Another plan

The Iraqis below came under heavy and accurate Islamic State sniper fire.

The sniper was very good.

Did you see what saved the Iraqis?

That’s not a bird.

It’s a tiny delta-winged aircraft.

They may be ancient Inca or Aztec weapons.

There are multiple technologies for locating the exact position of a sniper. The delta-winged device flew behind the telephone pole over to where the sniper was…and then it stopped dead in midair and hovered motionless for 0.20 seconds. Finally it flew on.

My guess is that either the delta-winged aircraft dove into the sniper’s mouth and exploded, or another boom-thing invited itself to the party.

The point is that the people who built this apparently endless series of new weapons don’t care about your religion, sect, ethnicity, or race. Every Middle Easterner who isn’t destructive now gets a better life, no strings attached.

And Middle Easterners will have earned it all themselves, without the rest of the world imposing anything on them.


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