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Aleppo becomes second showcase for new Arab League weapons

Aleppo becomes second showcase for new Arab League weapons

The Arab League is probably in the process of liberating Aleppo. I can think of no other reason why we would see another dramatic demonstration such as the one below.

A high velocity penetrating weapon (HVPW) caused the explosion in Faj Attan, Yemen, on April 20, 2015.


It’s a hypersonic missile that uses both kinetic energy and massively powerful explosives to destroy underground facilities.

Israel admitted to having the HVPW.

A senior official in the technical division of the IAF explained that the force’s abilities have grown to the point that it currently is able to rapidly unleash 3,000 missiles weighing one ton each - “very smart missiles” according to his definition.

He explained that within four days of fighting, a barrage of that sort would be enough to topple a state.

No air force can topple a nation with any known one-ton (946-kilo) missile. In Desert Storm (January 17 to February 28, 2024), the US alone dropped 12,000 one-ton MK-84 high-explosive bombs on Iraqi targets. The only way that 3000 one-ton missiles could destroy a state would be if they were new weapons.

Aleppo is a stage

We have no idea what’s happening in Aleppo. Every single person or group reporting on the city has an agenda. However, I now believe that I know the Arab League strategy to free Aleppo. I won’t describe it, but it’s obvious that the Arab League wants people to see the video that I’ll show you.

The Israeli Arab League HVPW destroys targets by using both shock waves and nonnuclear electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). I call the new weapons EMPFAE, for “electromagnetic pulse fuel-air explosive.” Israel developed explosive gases to use as propellants for sending payloads into space. The Israelis also created stable projectiles that can travel as fast as Mach 35 (26,844 miles per hour; 43,201 kilometers per hour).

Israeli Arab League HVPWs would have to be shaped something like this.

Shock waves demolish everything, and EMPs render all electronic equipment useless. Therefore a barrage of 3000 Israeli Arab League HVPWs could indeed topple a nation.

However, there are clearly several models of HVPWs. In the video that I’ll show you, two Arab League HVPWs destroyed an extensive Islamic State underground facility. The HVPWs penetrated the earth and released explosive vapor. This is how the Arab League will destroy the underground structures in Lebanon and Iran, if necessary.

My guess? It will not become necessary.

Aleppo has friends

Much of the reporting from Aleppo is not true. Although the city is indeed suffering, the world has not turned its back. Arab League and allied strategic special operators infiltrated Aleppo long ago to prepare for its liberation. Bashar al-Assad and the Islamic State want a bloodbath. The Arab League and its allies will not allow that to happen. Despite having to face booby traps, car bombs, human shields, and every possible war crime, the Arab League and its allies are retaking cities in Iraq and Syria without killing large numbers of people.

So don’t lose heart. We’re watching the best soldiers in human history earn their pay.

Not car bombs in Aleppo

These are not suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs). They are Arab League hypervelocity missiles, weapons from fifty years into the future.

It doesn’t matter why this video has the logo of the newly named Levant Conquest Front (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham). Don’t let it bother you. There’s a brilliant plan in place. My job tonight is to prove that these are not SVBIEDs.

If they’re not SVBIEDs and are instead hypervelocity missiles, it means that the Arab League is in total control, and all will be well.

Below is the initial explosion. A smoke tower (red arrow) races into the sky at incredible speed.

Earth begins to rise (red arrow) due to the kinetic energy of the impact.

Look carefully at the screen grab above. There’s no horizontal shock wave. The narrow smoke tower is rising so quickly because the missile punched a deep hole in the ground. Basically the missile made an instant chimney for smoke and debris to travel upward.

Below we have the Aleppo explosion compared to an SVBIED.

An SVBIED releases energy in all directions equally. The Aleppo munition first released energy vertically. Therefore a hypervelocity missile caused the Aleppo explosion. It penetrated the ground and ejected explosive gases.

Aleppo shock wave

After the missile detonates beneath the earth, only then do we see a horizontal shock wave begin.

However, the majority of the energy went underground. A person standing on the roof of that building would’ve survived.

Smoke begins to rise from the earth far from the explosion.

This proves that the target was an underground facility. Explosive vapor permeated the entire structure and then detonated. The smoke is rising from a collapsed roof. In today’s warfare, going underground offers no protection. The Islamic State dug its own mass grave and climbed into it; the Arab League performed a funeral service.

Aleppo double tap

A second HVPW hit the same target.

As in the case of the first strike, the energy went into the earth. There’s no horizontal shock wave.

The first HVPW broke open the concrete shell protecting the underground facility. Then the second HVPW turned the occupants into jelly. An enormous splash of dirt and debris flies into the air.

In conclusion, those were definitely not SVBIEDs. They were new weapons designed to eradicate underground facilities.

It’s irrelevant that the Levant Conquest Front is taking credit for this operation. As the group surely knows, it continues to exist only because the people who fired the HVPWs try other options before resorting to a level of violence that no other armed force can match.

Aleppo is evidence

Evidence that the world is changing at warp speed.

In a gesture of solidarity following the gruesome killing of a French priest, Muslims on Sunday attended Catholic Mass in churches and cathedrals across France and Italy.

In Italy, the secretary general of the country’s Islamic Confederation, Abdullah Cozzolino, spoke from the altar in the Treasure of St. Gennaro chapel next to Naples’ Duomo cathedral. Three imams also attended Mass at the St. Maria Church in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, donning their traditional dress as they entered the sanctuary and sat down in the front row.

Ahmed El Balzai, the imam of the Vobarno mosque in the Lombard province of Brescia, said he did not fear repercussions for speaking out.

“I am not afraid. … These people are tainting our religion and it is terrible to know that many people consider all Muslim terrorists.”

That’s true, but the people actually defeating jihadist terrorism are Muslim. The people firing HVPWs are Muslim. As you would expect, they share many core values with non-Muslims.

—Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

There is a time for HVPWs, and there is a time for mercy.

The right people will win. Guaranteed.


A second video confirms that these were in fact Arab League HVPWs.

This is supposed to be the SVBIED.

But the first explosion takes place nowhere near the alleged SVBIED.

Smoke comes out of the earth and nearby buildings, indicating that the explosion went underground into a large tunnel network.

The second HVPW hits.

A tidal wave of dirt and debris is the result.

All of that came projectile-vomiting out of the earth, along with more smoke from collapsed roofs. A subterranean explosion clearly took place.

The rising column of super-heated air violently sucked up all the smoke and dust from every direction.

Those two explosions became their own weather systems. They created a momentary sandstorm. Ever seen car bombs do that?

Incredible destruction had to be the result, right? Well…

Aleppo is being liberated

The building has no damage whatsoever—except for two holes in the ground.

Just as I said, you could’ve stood on the roof and watched it all happen right next to you.

Absolutely impossible if those were SVBIEDs. The buildings would be nothing but rubble. Since all the energy went into the earth, they were HVPWs. There’s no doubt.

This is a propaganda video, all right. But terrorists didn’t make it.

Hello, fellows!

They’re letting everybody in Syria know that someone is able to drop the equivalent of tactical nuclear weapons on cities without causing damage to civilian objects.

Only Israel and the Arab League have this capability. Nobody else in the world can do this.

These men are highly trained. When they advance in their armored personnel carriers, they stay far apart to keep from being easy targets.

Watch terrorist videos. They bunch up. It makes them feel safe.

Excellent job, Middle Easterners. I’m very proud of you. After your victory, please teach the rest of us how to fight.

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