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Defeat the enemy without giving him a reason to rise again

Defeat the enemy without giving him a reason to rise again

Although I’ve studied warfare for over forty years, I was wrong about how to defeat the enemy. This is what I used to believe.

This is actually not true. Killing large numbers of combatants causes trauma that will never heal. Death is the main reason that the western powers can’t create peace in any region of the world. There are too many corpses in our history.

Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t blame our military thinkers. I too agreed with the sentiment below.

This is true for only the conflict at hand. Fighting as cruelly as you can will indeed end a war sooner, but it will also guarantee future wars.

Israel and the Arab League found another way. I believe that the new model of war-fighting will end major conflicts.

Defeat without killing

It’s clear that Israel and the Arab League have cooperated in the development of new weapons that are decades ahead of what the rest of the world has. These weapons destroy the enemy’s offensive capabilities. However, crippling the enemy no longer entails killing large numbers of combatants.

Sparing lives is both moral and pragmatic. If you don’t create martyrs or publicly humiliate the enemy, what does he get from waging war? The Battle of Kosovo (June 15, 2023) is probably the most significant aspect of Serbian culture, tradition, and national identity. The Serbs lost an entire army to the Turks; Serbs celebrate this bloodbath as a testimony to their bravery and victimization. Over six centuries later, the Serbs still use the battle as a rationale for their actions.

Israel and the Arab League wanted no more Battles of Kosovo.

Defeat them the old-fashioned way

Some enemies will always require killing. However, their numbers are small. The Manbij Military Council and Syrian Arab Coalition of the Syrian Democratic Forces are moving into the city of Manbij.

Their equipment shows how they’ll fight. It’s a very smart approach. You can hear units communicating by whistling in code.

Watch as a man backs out of a doorway, carrying a light machine gun. He then simultaneously unslings a carbine from his left shoulder and slings the machine gun over his right shoulder.

The smoothness of that action indicates years of training. He exchanged weapons in about one second. When he advances toward the camera, he’s armed with his carbine.

Some of the men assaulting Manbij are professionals, and some are Syrian militia. Each combatant contributes to the best of his ability. Nobody is made to feel inferior.

Defeat without humiliation

The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) captured Islamic State terrorists trying to flee Manbij dressed as women. Do you know why this video is extremely important?

Article 13 of the Third Geneva Convention prohibits displaying prisoners of war on television in such a way that their identities are known. Although neither the Islamic State nor the QSD are signatories to the Geneva Conventions, it’s an encouraging sign that even terrorists are not humiliated.

Social media is full of lies. Here’s the latest Turkish propaganda.

There’s no evidence to back up those figures. Yesterday I wrote about the Islamic State lie that a Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTFOIR) air strike had killed up to 212 Syrian civilians in the the village of al-Tokhar.

The global press quotes the absolutely worthless Web site Airwars, which lists its sources for this claim.

I checked every link. Not one provides photos of the bombing site.

Therefore the “massacre” never happened. It’s a fabrication. Propaganda.

This accusation says everything about the accusers and nothing about CJTFOIR and the QSD. The QSD is not interested in creating more enemies through indiscriminate killing or humiliation.

Defeat by advanced weapons

The video below is fake in the sense that the antitank guided missile (ATGM) shown is not the one that hit the target.

That’s a Russian 9M133 Kornet ATGM. Faylaq al-Sham says that it fired the Kornet at Russian officers installing electronic jamming devices in Aleppo.

I count eight men on the roof. At least seven survived. They not only survived, they were able to run down the stairs or climb down the ladder. Fast.

Faylaq al-Sham is an Islamist rebel group. How would they recognize jamming equipment? But the new Israeli Arab League EMPFAE munitions are perfect for destroying jamming equipment.


The bright flash is consistent with a fuel-air explosive (FAE).

Also, the camera was absolutely motionless during the strike.

That means it was a stationary camera, the type that movie studios use. I’ve never seen that in a rebel video.

Arab League professional strategic special operators fired a new missile. Faylaq al-Sham are just the stand-ins. A 9M133 Kornet would’ve killed every man on that roof. But as you saw, at least seven of the eight survived. The new warriors don’t want to kill.

Defeat them with intelligence

There’s a lesson in this scene from The Godfather. Virgil “the Turk” Sollozzo has tried to murder Godfather Vito Corleone.

“I don’t like violence, Tom,” says Sollozzo. “I’m a businessman. Blood is a big expense.”

Well, Sollozzo failed to kill Corleone. Blood turned out to be an expense that bankrupted Sollozzo, in the only way that matters.

It’s not hard for me to admit that like Sollozzo, I fooled myself for most of my life. Blood is not a big expense; it’s the greatest expense of all. Israel and the Arab League opened my eyes to a far superior method of doing things.

The answer is to build up your armed armed forces until they’re invincible—and then defeat the enemy by destroying his offensive capabilities. Only that. Don’t destroy his men, his cities, his industries, or his wives and children. The old way of fighting wars didn’t work. Disarmament and negotiations don’t work either. War is the answer, but it must be war against military objects, not people.

I’m very vengeful. It would give me great pleasure to see an entire desert full of corpses.

But I’m just a blogger. People far more intelligent than me figured out how to stop the madness. They’re going to end major conflict within our lifetimes. There will be no more Battles of Kosovo that serve as a rallying cry for those with agendas of domination and destruction.

It may be the most significant advancement in human evolution. And we owe it to the Arab League and Israel.

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