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Washington Post becomes propaganda arm of the Islamic State

Washington Post becomes propaganda arm of the Islamic State

I learned during the 2014 Gaza war that western journalists support jihadist terrorists. The main reason is bigotry. Western journalists don’t see jihadist terrorists as adults with the same brains as non-Muslim Europeans and Americans. To the average western journalist, Muslims are cute little aboriginals who can’t really do any harm. This is why the Washington Post feels comfortable repeating Islamic State propaganda.

The real villains here are industrialized societies. Jihadist terrorists are “noble savages.”


I’ve never understood this suicidal form of paternalism.

Washington Post Lie Number One

The title of the article.


There’s literally no corroborating evidence for this claim. Zero. Nothing. No photos or videos of bomb damage. This claim is false.

Washington Post Lie Number Two

Max Bereak is a young schmuck who also writes for Al Jazeera.


He’s the son of journalists Barry Bearak and Celia W. Dugger. As a result of their “concern for the human condition,” they raised Max to believe all anti-American lies. However, his sources are social media. He’s a vacuous dupe.


You don’t need to see the photos. They show Syrians removing bodies from a mass grave. All the dead are decomposing. I tracked one of the images.


They’re from 2013. Max Bereak thinks that Syrians bury dead children by piling them in a narrow trench one on top of the other. Also, the fact that the death toll ranges from 56 to 212 would give pause to any rational person.

Washington Post Lie Number Three

This is why people with no knowledge of weapons, munitions, tactics, or strategies should never write about war.


If you’re on the ground, you can’t identify a jet on a bombing run. They fly too high. The exception is attack aircraft, which fly low.

Here’s what Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve did on July 19, 2016, in Syria.


Bombers and fighters. Therefore the people on the ground could not have identified them. End of story.

In a moment I’ll show you that Max Bereak admits that the people on the ground could not have identified the aircraft that allegedly bombed them.

Washington Post Lie Number Four

Max (What is it about “journalists” named Max, who have famous parents?) Bereak shows his contempt for Syrians.


There’s no proof that this fake bombing has had any impact on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF or QSD). Everyone in Syria knows that the SDF doesn’t have aircraft. Nobody would blame the SDF for a botched aerial bombardment.

Since Max Bereak gets all his information from social media, he’s unaware that Arab League professional strategic special operators are carrying out both combat missions and diplomacy in Syria. Max Bereak thinks that all hell is going to break loose at any moment, due to tribalism and backwardness. He refuses to credit Arabs and Kurds with the ability to solve their own problems without westerners and Russians magnanimously stepping in to give orders.

Washington Post Lie Number Five

This shows Max Bereak’s unforgivable ignorance.


The fighters liberating Manbij are Arabs. They belong to the Manbij Military Council and the Syrian Arab Coalition. Most of them are from Manbij. In many cases they’re liberating their own families.

As hard as it is for some westerners to accept, Arabs are not inferior. They have completely different cultures, but the people who are winning the war are the most skilled commanders and special operators in human history.

Unlike Max Bereak, I’ve studied warfare. For over forty years. Nobody has ever fought a war this brilliantly. The Arab League has infinitely outclassed every western armed force. That’s just reality.

Washington Post accidentally tells the truth

Here Max Bereak negates his entire article.



The story is 100 percent unverified, and the people could not have identified the aircraft.

This accusation originated with the Amaq News Agency, the propaganda arm of the Islamic State.

It’s a fabrication.

Washington Post Lie Number Six

Moron. Moron.


Every precision-guided munition (PGM) dropped on structures in Syria uses GPS coordinates programmed into the bomb. The pilot’s view means nothing.

Arab League commandos on the ground provide the GPS coordinates. They get closer to the target than I’ve ever seen.




According to the Pentagon, Arab ground forces called in the air strike to prevent an Islamic State counterattack. Nobody on the battlefield reported that civilians may have been accidentally killed.

It’s not 1971. We don’t carpet bomb. The Russians try, but they fly only two bombers at a time. The payloads are not great enough to kill 212 people in one mission.

Washington Post Lie Number Seven

Western journalists know that the US and Israeli armed forces extensively investigate all accusations of negligence or criminal behavior. Since these investigations take time, the press gets to add the claim that something is being covered up.


Have you noticed that everybody stopped accusing the Saudis of committing war crimes in Yemen? There were two reasons.

a) The Saudis called the accusers liars.
b) The Saudis threatened to withhold funding from groups making the accusations.

I study munitions. There was no evidence whatsoever that the Saudi-led Coalition committed war crimes in Yemen. The reality is that the Saudis used futuristic micro-munitions to eliminate terrorists in the middle of crowds. In the video below, one hit the target right behind his head.

No war crimes or “indiscriminate firing.”

Washington Post Lie Number Eight

Take a wild guess why Max Bereak doesn’t name the “London-based group of journalists” making the claim.


Because it’s Airwars, clowns who have no methodology. They use social media and “two or more generally credible sources” to make an allegation “fair.”

This is what they have on the cover of their report.


Liars. That was an Islamic State car-bomb factory, which the Coalition destroyed with aerial munitions on June 3, 2015. Looks are deceiving; other photos show that the damage was localized, not widespread.




Buildings next to the factory survived undamaged. Only one commercial lot suffered heavy destruction.

It’s not possible that the mission would’ve been approved if large numbers of civilians would be killed. Therefore I’m calling the the claim of 70 dead civilians a bold-faced lie.

The blown-up wedding procession has been a staple since 2002. Since Max Bereak has no journalistic standards, he referenced two such incidents that were never proven. One of his sources is the corrupt mental patient Hamid Karzai.

In conclusion, the Washington Post story shows that western journalism is dead. Max Bereak is the poster boy for insular, bigoted, ignorant, destructive narcissists who get lost in fantasies of their own importance.

I hate to break it to you, Max Bereak, but the people who matter? They’re busy saving the world, so they don’t even know you’re alive.

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