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Hoplology prevents me from being fooled into panicking

Hoplology prevents me from being fooled into panicking

Everyone should study hoplology, the science of combat. A good hoplologist can tell you about the video below. It’s said to show a Russian precision air strike on a tank of the Levant Conquest Front in Aleppo. The reporter is from al Jazeera.

What actually happened is that the tank fired its main gun. That’s all. You can see the dust rising from the vehicle and the ground.




No dark-gray smoke from high explosives, no fragmentation damage, no twinkling sparks. Just a tank gun firing.

Besides, there’s no such thing as a “Russian precision air strike.”

Hoplology calms

Western journalists are losing their minds to hysteria over the prospect of jihadists taking over Aleppo.

It isn’t happening.

Other people are liberating Aleppo in a way that won’t recreate the catastrophe of Iraq. The “mastermind” of the Iraq invasion is a man named Robert Kagan.

He calls himself a “liberal interventionist.” That means he refused to listen to Arabs and Israelis who told him that an American invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein would lead to nothing but disaster. Unlike Kagan, I can easily admit that I was totally wrong to support the way we went about regime change in Iraq. Choose any aspect of Operation Iraqi Freedom: We executed it badly.

At the time, Israel and the Arab League lacked the military capabilities that they have today. Still, my guess is that Middle Easterners could’ve helped us avoid making the situation FUBAR, as they call it in the military.

Today, the Arab League is freeing Syria and Iraq its own way. Since I’m a hoplologist, I can easily see it.

Hoplology unmasks

Everyone’s talking about the Levant Conquest Front, the former al-Nusra Front. This was al-Qaeda’s representative in Iraq. The Levant Conquest Front separated from al-Qaeda, an action it said was to prevent the US and Russia from attacking it.

However, the Levant Conquest Front itself said that al-Qaeda approved the name change. Mohammed al-Golani went out of his way to look like Osama bin Laden.

Furthermore, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve is doing only one thing.

We weren’t targeting the al-Nusra Front anyway.

This whole bizarre kabuki is part of the Arab League plan. The Levant Conquest Front videos tell the real story.

Below is supposed to be an armored suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) that the Levant Conquest Front used at the Syrian Arab Air Force Academy in Aleppo. I removed the nasheed or a capella singing because I can’t stand it.

The video is 100 percent fake. Here is the Russian BMP infantry fighting vehicle that the Levant Conquest Front allegedly used as an armored SVBIED.

In reality, jihadists remove the valuable cannon from such SVBIEDs.

Taking off the turret also lowers the profile of the vehicle, making it harder to hit.

Hoplology shows CGI

The explosion at the Syrian Arab Air Force Academy is computer-generated imagery (CGI). Below is a real SVBIED.


Compare that to what the Levant Conquest Front released. Note the many colors and the way that the smokes materializes from thin air instead of rising.

As the camera zooms in, the smoke cloud stops moving.


The Arab League is carrying out multiple high-stakes deceptions in Syria. I can write about this because everyone there already knows what’s taking place. My goal is not to expose secrets but to reassure people that all is under control.

Robert Kagan is not making any of the decisions.

Hoplology identifies horrible soldiers

Westerners tell us that the Levant Conquest Front is the most capable of the jihadist rebel groups in Syria.


These men are clowns. The cameraman almost died when his comrade fired a rocket-propelled grenade.

The Hole Behind Which You Never Stand.


Backblast from an RPG can tear off your head. And the grenade missed. It did no damage.

This guy fired right past his friend’s face.

The man on the left could’ve stuck out his tongue and licked the bullet as it went by. These fighters have tunnel vision. Their situational awareness is nonexistent.

They’re all armed with Soviet era ammunition. It’s from 1992 at the absolute latest.


Therefore nobody is giving them the most modern and best weapons.

The men at the beginning of the video below are professionals who advance under fire. After the pros took the Syrian Arab Air Force Academy, the clowns went in to shoot aimlessly for the cameras.

One-handed shooting while running. He barely missed the man to his right.

Firing the rifle sideways while hopping like a bunny.

Killing the earth with a stream of bullets.

Can’t stop smiling. In the middle of violent close combat?

Next, a whole bunch of one-handed shooting.

Here’s why you never shoot an assault rifle with one hand while running.

Those men had absolutely no control over their weapons. In an urban environment, ricochets can easily kill you.

Hoplology recognizes marksmanship

Nobody hit the men they shot at. Every running soldier made it to safety.

However, the Levant Conquest Front did neutralize some cement pillars.

One professional soldier accompanied the clowns. He didn’t like being filmed.



And he couldn’t bring himself to shoot a running, unarmed man in the back.

So, even though I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on in Syria, I can promise you this: The Levant Conquest Front is nothing. Every video they’ve put out shows a near-total lack of military competence.

The Arab League, on the other hand, has men who can make BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missiles swerve in midair.

The missile wasn’t designed to do that. Because the Israelis and the Arab League gave the missile a new warhead that creates far less collateral damage, Arab strategic special operators had to invent new methods of controlling the weapon.

All my posts on Syria cover maybe 2 percent of what the Arab League is doing. Hoplology is what tipped me off that politicians, the press, pundits, and academia are all dead wrong about the Middle East. Robert Kagan should go into hiding. He should never show his face in public again. Westerners made everything worse by our refusal to credit Arabs with knowing more than we do.

And guess what? Militarily, Arabs are now decades more advanced than we are. The west will never catch up.

That’s fine with me. This isn’t a competition. All I care about are results. The smartest and most skilled people who ever lived are solving the problems.

Good for them. Even if nobody else recognizes their incredible accomplishments, at least I do.

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