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Reason I write my posts: I take this personally

Reason I write my posts: I take this personally

In the past twelve hours, 20,000 visitors came to my Website. The vast majority of these people are from the Middle East. To my new readers: The reason I write obsessively about terrorism is that I survived the Regent’s Park bombing in London on July 20, 1982. It ruined my life. Because of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, I have permanent post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sudden loud noises fill me with homicidal rage. The PTSD made me choose to be a hermit.

I hate all terrorists, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or motivations. It took me over twenty-five years to stop hating the Irish. I finally realized that I could not hold an entire ethnicity and religion responsible for the actions of a few murderers. Thirty-four years after the Regent’s Park bombing, my favorite singer is Rósín Murphy, who is Irish.

Reason I hate the press

The world press opposes ALL military action taken against terrorists. This is the reason why the press lies constantly about soldiers. Journalists are taught that terrorists always have legitimate grievances, and soldiers join the military because they want to kill people. Therefore in any conflict, the press will paint armed forces in the least favorable light while minimizing the atrocities that terrorists commit.

Here’s a deeply dishonest tweet.

What’s wrong with that photo?

It’s full of tents. Loveday Morris is the Washington Post Baghdad bureau chief. The reason that she didn’t see the tents in the photo is that they don’t fit into her narrative. She has arbitrarily decided that refugees from Fallujah have no shelter. Therefore she ignores all evidence that they do.

Four little martyrs

In 2015 I tried to make a documentary about Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr, the four Palestinian boys who we’re told that the Israeli Defense Forces killed on the beach in Gaza, July 16, 2014. Although I don’t expect many Muslims to agree with me, it’s absolutely clear that Hamas murdered the Bakr boys in order to blame the IDF. I called the documentary Operation Four Little Martyrs.

As part of my research, I bought all of the video that Palestinian cameraman took on the beach. The unedited, closeup footage of the bodies proves without a doubt that the boys were dead before they were placed in the sand. Also, IDF weapons did not kill them. I wanted to make the movie to expose the murderers. However, the “filmmaker” I hired took my money and spent it on vacations and eating out.

All you need to know is this.

Below is the steel shipping container where the boys were said to be playing.

Watch the video again.

There’s no impact of a munition. What you hear is the detonation of a Hamas improvised explosive device (IED) meant to simulate IDF fire.

Then there’s this.

An employee of the Commodore Hotel said that reporters arrived on the beach in two minutes.

The ABC News crew ran right through the area where the bodies of Mohammed (green shirt), Ahed (red shirt), and Zakaria (gray shirt) were found.

Two minutes after the explosions, there were no bodies on the beach. Reporters discovered Ismail Bakr outside the steel shipping container in the fenced-off Hamas Naval Commando compound. After paramedics and “civilians” removed Ismail Bakr, Hamas cleared the beach of all journalists. Then the terrorists put the bodies of the three other boys in the sand.

Reason for lying

Every reporter on the beach was a passive participant in the crime. There was no chance for the truth to ever be revealed. Before the Israeli con artist stole my money and forced me to give up trying to get justice for Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr, I contacted one of the western reporters who was on the beach July 16, 2014. This man told four different versions of what he saw. I asked if he would be in my movie; here is his reply.

I can’t be an eyewitness for you, because what I experienced is my own personal narrative. There were fifty people on the beach that day, and each one has his or her own narrative. What I experienced is relevant only to me, not the world.

He’s saying that there’s no such thing as objective truth. That’s how reporters rationalize their lies.

For anybody who’s interested, this is the Hamas commander of Operation Four Little Martyrs.


He supervised all phases of the deception, from beginning to end. If you look, you’ll find him in every video clip.

American photographer Heidi Levine didn’t move fast enough when one Hamas terrorist told her to get away from the ambulance carrying Ahed and Zakaria Bakr.



See the fear on her face? She knew exactly what was happening.

Reason to ignore the lies

The right people will win all the wars in the Middle East. Their goal is to free everyone. We hear about Shia militia committing atrocities in Fallujah. Do you even know how many combatants there are?

a) 9000 Iraqi soldiers, federal police, and Counter Terrorism Services
b) 4000 Sunni tribal fighters
c) 4000 Shia militiamen

According to the Iraqi government, at least 500 “Sunni fighters” infiltrated Fallujah before the battle. Those were Arab League commandos, and I’m positive that the number is actually in the thousands. In less than two weeks, this is what the Iraqis accomplished.

The Federal Police forces managed to kill 402 ISIS fighters, including 41 snipers since the start of the liberation battles of Fallujah. Five booby-trapped bulldozers and 23 vehicles carrying mono machine guns had been destroyed. The security forces were able to destroy 61 vehicles and seven laboratories for manufacturing IEDs and booby-trapped vehicles, as well as detonating 604 explosive devices and dismantling ten booby-trapped buildings.

Watch as Arab League commandos disable an Islamic State suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED).

Commandos in the white car used an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) gun to destroy the SVBIED’s electronics. That’s why the terrorist vehicle rolled to a stop.

The footage of the EMP gun being fired was edited out. Several video frames are missing from between the two below.

Then a Flying Black Box of Death took care of the SVBIED.

Those commandos could’ve been blown to atoms at any moment. Do you think men who volunteer for such dangerous missions would let civilians be massacred?

Reason to have faith

This is what’s really happening in Fallujah.

Shia are running into storms of bullets to save Sunni strangers. Four unarmed men risk their lives while a fifth calmly returns fire (red arrow).

Remember the “double taps” from the operation in Paraguay?

The same men who outwitted the entire Brazilian and Paraguayan armed forces are protecting civilians in Fallujah.

Reporters and “human rights” groups have an agenda of prolonging the agony because they profit from it.

If all terrorism and war stopped today, I’d happily go back to collecting old postcards.

Don’t believe the liars. Believe that a new Middle East has arrived. Fairly soon, your lives will improve exponentially.

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