Thomas Wictor

Difference between Palestinians and Syrians is as plain as night and day

A video from Aleppo, Syria, graphically illustrates the difference between the Palestinian and Syrian cultures.

In the video, bystanders removed a dead and terribly injured child from a building. The Syrian Arab Air Force or Russian Air Force bombed the structure with a high-explosive general-purpose aerial munition.

This attack took place yesterday, September 29, 2016. I won’t post the video. Unless there’s no other way to illustrate a point, I never show corpses. Besides, the faces of the men who saw the child are far more powerful and effective than any image of a dead body.

Difference between Syria and other wars

Russia. That’s the difference. The Russians routinely commit war crimes and dare the world to stop them. Russia attacks urban areas with RBK-500 cluster munitions. These weapons contain ZAB-2.5S incendiary bomblets.

That’s three war crimes in one.

a. deliberately attacking civilians
b. using weapons of an indiscriminate nature in an urban environment
c. targeting civilians with incendiary weapons

Defeating Russia in Syria requires a plan that will secretly demolish Vladimir Putin, forcing him to go home and keep his mouth shut forever.

The Arab League devised such a plan and is implementing it. Nearly ALL of the information coming out of Syria is false. Civilians are dying, but Syrians are receiving far more protection than seems apparent. The key is inflicting damage on Putin that he will never acknowledge. Remember when the Russians began using the Hamadan Air Base in Iran on August 16, 2016?

Do you know WHY the Russians asked to use the base?

That lasted a week. Then the Tu-22M3 bombers went back to Russia. To attack Syria, they have to fly incredibly long missions, carrying out midair refueling along the way.

The Iranians and Russians gave two completely irreconcilable reasons why the Tu-22M3 bombers returned to Russia. I’ll tell you what actually happened. Something like this.


That’s an attack aircraft flying over Fallujah. The video frame rate and the distance between light poles show that it was traveling at Mach 4.5. It’s almost beyond belief that an aircraft would fly so low at that speed. It belongs to an Arab air force. The Arabs have fielded a hypersonic attack aircraft. No western power has accomplished this. Ever.

In combat, the aircraft’s speed and advanced electronic countermeasures would render the Russians defenseless. They have no way of stopping something fifty years ahead of their own capabilities.

Difference between victory and remission

If you’ve noticed, President Obama never uses the word “victory.” He always talks about “bringing a responsible end to the war.” People of his mindset are bizarre theoreticians who should never have any form of power. The ones winning the war in Syria intend that their victory be permanent. They’re going to defeat Russia in a way that will let Putin save face so that he won’t start trouble again later.

This will take time. Be patient and have faith. All will be well.

And now the difference between Palestinians and Syrians. These men had just seen a dead child carried past them.

They are not Palestinians.

Syrians are dying. But only some people are having meetings about it.

Others are taking action to stop the killing, once and for all.

Does this guy look like a Syrian to you?

He immediately turned away from the camera. Note his nearly invisible pencil mustache and the deep scars resulting from pieces of metal puncturing his face, neck, and ear.

Guess where the nearly invisible pencil mustache is very popular?

In the Qatari Saiqa or Special Forces.

Interesting, huh?