Thomas Wictor

Gods of script writing: How Democrats control the country’s thought processes

The demolishing of Roy Moore as a Senate candidate shows that Democratic gods of script writing are able to determine how virtually everyone in the country thinks about politics.

Rudyard Kipling wrote “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” in 1919, after the most destructive war in human history—the Great War. The War to End All Wars.

Wishful thinking, of course. Kipling’s poem is about wishful thinking.

In the 19th century, British schools gave their students notebooks that had proverbs or maxims printed at the top of the pages. These sayings extolled virtues such as honesty or fair dealing. The students copied them repeatedly, filling the page.

Kipling’s poem warns that when we replace ancient wisdom with lies, we pay for it.

On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
(Which started by loving our neighbor and ended by loving his wife)
Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

The poem ends thusly:

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

You can read the poem here.

Gods of script writing

Democrats wrote the scripts for everybody in the Alabama senate election, and everybody read from them. It continues. Today, everybody is saying that Moore lost because he was a terrible candidate.


Moore lost because HALF OF ALABAMA’S PATRIOTIC REPUBLICANS stayed home. The Democrats got 92 percent of their 2016 turnout.

The Democratic gods of script writing pulled off two unprecedented victories: the most effective political character assassination in our country’s history, and the convincing of HALF the opponent’s voters to stay home.

In the primary runoff, Roy Moore beat Luther Strange by 9 points. Strange had the endorsement of both the Republican establishment AND its bête noir Donald Trump. People have already forgotten that. They’re reading from their new scripts.

Strange had money and support from on high, but Roy Moore beat him. Moore was poised to win easily. Therefore the Democratic gods of script writing first conditioned everyone to think that Roy Moore is completely beyond the pale in every possible way. And everyone obediently internalized this characterization.

THEN the Democratic gods of script writing made outlandish, transparently false accusations against virtually the only man in the country who should have been immune to such slander.

But EVERYONE bought into the lies. They were in the script, after all.

Delivered us bound to our foe

The Democratic gods of script writing showed that they can manipulate their opponents at will. What they did to Roy Moore was to rewrite history: “Everybody knew these things.”

That nobody had ever heard before.

And now history is being rewritten again: “Roy Moore was a terrible candidate.”

Who was cruising to an easy win until the world pretended to believe transparent lies.

It took me about two days to learn that Roy Moore had never been accused of doing anything improper in regard to women. But the gods of script writing made Republicans worry that they would become the “party of pedophilia.”

This is how stupid and easily led people are: If the accusations against Roy Moore were true, he would be a hebephile or an ephebophile, not a pedophile. A pedophile is attracted to prepubescent children. Hebephiles go for those who are 11 to 14, while ephebophiles are fixated on those who are 15 to 19.

These are orientations. In other words, these men can’t change.

But the Democratic gods of script writing know that people are surface skaters. They hate to think, so they make their decisions based on a newspaper headline or a tweet.

Smooth-tongued wizards

The Alabama senate election shows the vulnerability of the Trump agenda. Voters are utterly unreliable. Roy Moore’s supporters abandoned him, nobody defended him, and amoral bastards like Ben Shapiro found gleeful common cause with his own alleged enemies.

All based on pathetic, slipshod, wholly transparent lies.

The Democratic gods of script writing know various truths about humankind:

Virtually all people are too gutless to throw away the script.

Peer pressure rules all.

In cases of personal dislike, people will gratefully accept transparent lies as cover for their actions.

Virtually all people oppose improvement.

People easily lie even to themselves.

Roy Moore was victimized by his attackers and his faithless “supporters.” The Democratic gods of script writing knew that in the end, people are happy to read from scripts. It’s a relief to not be AN INDIVIDUAL responsible for one’s own choices.

Lacking in breadth of mind

And now I’m hearing about voter fraud, Soros, dirty tricks, and so on.

None of that matters.

HALF of Republicans stayed home. That means these fine religious folks DON’T care about abortion, open borders, taxes, personal freedom, and MAGA. They only pay LIP SERVICE to these ideals, while caring only about themselves. When it came to a true test of character, they flunked miserably.

My guess is that President Trump didn’t know the details of Roy Moore’s life. ANYBODY WHO RESEARCHES MOORE will come away impressed. The fact is, Moore would have won if his “supporters” had stopped for ten seconds and asked themselves, “Who is making these accusations?”

I don’t comprehend this mindset: You claim to oppose the other side as dishonest, but you look to THEM to tell you how to think. You acknowledge that they have a vested interest in misleading you, and then you let them mislead you.

You rewarded them for their political hit job. And now you’re blaming the only person who is totally blameless.

Want to know why Roy Moore lost? Look in the mirror. You are an accomplice to the destruction of an innocent man.

The Dog returns to his Vomit

USA Today’s editorial board shows us on December 12, 2017, how the Democratic gods of script writing control the weak minded.

Anybody with a brain knows two things: USA Today hates Trump and is therefore not arguing in good faith. And two, Trump uses social media as strategic distraction. USA Today is obsessed with WORDS. These are not serious people.

But neither are Trump “supporters.” They read words, and they think, “Oh jeepers, maybe these leftist liars are right after all! I don’t know up from down no more!”

And don’t forget the “alt-right” clickbait artists who tell you that Trump is a toddler being misled by his globalist Jewish Muslim staff. Those guys are one of the reasons Trump’s “supporters” wander around blindly, their heads in their colons.

Well, I no longer have the ability to immerse myself in the doings of hapless, dense, childlike, frightened, passive LOSERS who will not lift a finger to educate themselves and who are devoted to lives of mediocre melodrama.

Both sides make me sick.

The lights can go out

This page is my final comment on the Alabama senate race. None of the post-election arguments hold water. If I was able to research Roy Moore and see him in his true light in only TWO DAYS, it means that everybody else crapped out. They flopped.

When the Democratic gods of script writing handed you your script, you read from it. You are conditioned to obey. They frame the argument and control your thoughts on it.

This is the reality: Roy Moore was going to EASILY win the general election. He lost because the Democratic gods of script writing determined that he would lose. The script didn’t work on Donald Trump in 2016.

But it almost did. Without Jared Kushner, Trump would’ve lost.

You know what’s infuriating? The near-total lack of faith that Trump “supporters” show.

For me, the Alabama senate race was the last straw. HALF of Republicans stayed home. If the conditions are right, these and other self-righteous imbeciles—the ones giving Trump a low approval rating—will sit out the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Our Founding Fathers did not foresee the sullen, brainless inadequacy of the average American voter.

But many other thinkers have faced reality.

So I’m turning my full attention to the Middle East, where people are showing themselves to be made of FAR sterner stuff than we are. The Saudis refuse to read from anybody’s script.

If Americans decide that they need to play even more stupid protest-games with their votes, then I’ll move to Saudi Arabia.

I can’t live in a country in which the people surrender to the Democratic gods of script writing.

Be well, Judge. This was not your fault. They all failed you.