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Holocaust inversion

Holocaust inversion

Today several Jewish people asked me the definition of the term “Holocaust inversion.” It’s the Jew-haters’ organized campaign to cast Israel as the new Nazi Germany and the Palestinians as the Jews. The goal is to delegitimize Israel to the point that the world will do nothing to prevent the extermination of the Jews.

This is the best piece I’ve read about Holocaust inversion.

What has been called ‘Holocaust Inversion’ involves an inversion of reality (the Israelis are cast as the ‘new’ Nazis and the Palestinians as the ‘new’ Jews), and an inversion of morality (the Holocaust is presented as a moral lesson for, or even a moral indictment of ‘the Jews’). More: those who object to these inversions are told – as they were by [British Liberal Democrat MP] David Ward – that they are acting in bad faith, only being concerned to deflect criticism of Israel. In short, the Holocaust, an event accurately described by Dan Diner as a ‘rupture in civilisation,’ organised by a regime that, as the political philosopher Leo Strauss observed, ‘had no other clear principle except murderous hatred of the Jews,’ is now being used, instrumentally, as a means to express animosity towards the homeland of the Jews. ‘The victims have become perpetrators’ is being heard more and more. That is Holocaust Inversion.

Every day someone tells me that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians. This is Holocaust inversion. Not a single person making that claim actually believes it. What they’re doing is adding to the folklore, making the case for the extermination of the Jews.

Here’s a political cartoon that equates Israel with Nazi Germany.


The cartoonist is Carlos Latuff.


It’s an axiom that those who equate Israel to Nazi Germany are in fact themselves Nazi sympathizers. Those who claim that the Israelis are as bad as the Nazis actually wish that the Nazis had been successful. This isn’t a glib little slogan I’ve adopted; until June of 2014 I thought opposition to Israel was based on sympathy for Palestinians. After a year of hearing from opponents of Israel, I’ve concluded four things.

1. Every single non-Palestinian who self-describes as pro-Palestinian is actually indifferent to the fate of the Palestinians.

2. Every single person who claims to be horrified by Israeli “brutality” wants as many Palestinian children as possible to be killed.

3. Every single person who opposes Israel does so out of Jew-hate.

4. Every single person who claims to oppose Zionism actually just hates Jews.

Over the past year I was sent about fifty photos of dead, horribly mutilated children. Most of them were Syrian, but they were passed off as Palestinian. The same fifty or so photos were recirculated endlessly. A normal, healthy, empathetic human being can’t collect these images and send them out over and over and over. Only true fanatics can ditch their humanity in order to get the job done. What job is that?

The eradication of the Jews.

This image is everywhere.


I feel foolish having to say this, but what in the world does the existence of Israel have to do with Boko Haram’s attacks on Nigerian Christians? The answer is nothing, of course. An Israeli told me to pray for the little boy holding the sign.


You can pray for him. I’ve written him off. You know what will bring world peace?

Death. An enormous amount of killing.

We haven’t heard much from Boko Haram in a while. You know why? Because the Cameroonians sent these guys after them.


Those are men of the Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide (BIR). They’re trained by American special operators and the Israelis. Boko Haram finally caused enough suffering that the dogs of war were unleashed on them. Soon every member of Boko Haram will be dead. Like all jihadist terrorists, they excelled at murdering the defenseless, but against trained soldiers, they didn’t stand a chance.

Here’s another sign, held by the father of the jihadist-in-training who wants to exterminate the Jews for world peace.


First question: You and which army are going to eradicate Israel, my grim-faced, impotent pal?

Second, in which dimension is the world remaining silent about Israeli military action? I’ve never witnessed more global hysteria in my life than I saw during Operation Protective Edge. “Journalists” lied their rear ends off. So did “human rights” organizations.

Third, did Israel commit mass rape? Did she murder prisoners? Did she use chemical weapons? Did she take hostages and kill them? Did she conduct experiments on captives? Did she force captives to serve in the IDF?

Those are all war crimes under Rule 156 of International Humanitarian Law. So in reality, Mr. Frowny-face, Israel didn’t “commit every war crime in the book.” You’re a liar. Why are you lying?

Because you want all Jews dead. You and your lovely son would gladly murder every Jew in the world if you could.

Here’s my prediction for the next year.

There won’t be a protracted regional war, but Israel may put on a demonstration of her unmatched military power that will leave the world reeling. My guess is that the IDF might destroy at least two Iranian underground facilities and also carry out an almost incomprehensibly violent sneak attack on Hezbollah. People are self-deluding idiots, so they think that Hezbollah won the 2006 Lebanon War. What actually happened was that a completely unprepared, disorganized, untrained IDF got its act together and inflicted massive damage on the most highly disciplined, motivated, and well-equipped terrorist organization in the world.


The Hitler fanboys themselves admitted that they had their heads handed to them.

Hezbollah would not have abducted two Israel Defense Forces soldiers on July 12 had it known that the action would lead to war in Lebanon, the movement’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah said in an interview on Lebanon’s NTV Sunday.

“We did not think that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me if I had known on July 11 … that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not,” he said.

Guess what Nasrallah is saying now?

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has admitted his terrorist group is incapable of defeating Israel on its own, in the latest illustration of how the Shia Islamist group is being overstretched by growing commitments throughout the Middle East.

In an interview with Syrian state TV last Monday, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Nasrallah explains that despite boasts by himself and other Hezbollah leaders about the group’s capabilities, it is incapable of mounting a war against Israel independently.

“Are we supposed to lie to our people and ourselves, saying that we are capable of launching a war against Israel, wiping it off the map, and liberating Palestine? Hezbollah is incapable of doing this all by itself,” Nasrallah told his interviewer, after being asked why Hezbollah is not using its “sophisticated weapons” to “open a new front” against the Jewish state.

“We have never made such claims. We are realistic,” he continued.

“We are facing a real force,” he added, in an unusual nod to the formidable adversary Hezbollah faces in the IDF.

Nasrallah is starting to sweat because his Nazi-saluting goons are losing against the rabble of the Islamic State. And what “sophisticated weapons”? Hezbollah has about 100,000 missiles. That number would overwhelm the Iron Dome, so Israel would have no choice but to carry out a preemptive attack to destroy the missiles before they could be launched. It would be an air, sea, and land assault that would lay waste to southern Lebanon.

Does anyone really want that to happen? I don’t.

Just stop, Jew-haters. You lost. Keep on hating if you want, but don’t act on it. The IDF is revealing capabilities that I never knew it had and never thought it would admit to having. Don’t you know what that means?

The capabilities that it’s keeping in the shadows—for now—are beyond our imagination.


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