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Yes, I live in a binary world

Yes, I live in a binary world

Recently Germany saw riots between Kurds and supporters of the Islamic State. German authorities were horrified by the brutality of people who openly endorse mass murder in the name of religion. I have no patience or sympathy for this indestructible denial. When it comes to terrorism, I live in a binary world. The choice is to either stop them or to let them wreak their havoc. If you choose to stop them, that means you’ll have to kill a lot of them.

So what? Do you know how hard you have to work to get people to do this to you?

Those men deserved to be missiled, machine gunned, and burned. They were homicidal psychopaths destroying everything in their path. Killing them was the only solution.

Does this inspire confidence in German governance?

According to police, the initially peaceful protest turned violent when the Kurds were confronted by a rival group of around 400 Salafists armed with baseball bats, brass knuckles, knives, machetes and metal rods used to hold meat in kebab restaurants.

In the melee that followed, more than a dozen people were injured, including one person who nearly had his leg chopped off by someone wielding a machete, and another person who was stabbed in the stomach with a kebab rod.

Some 1,300 police officers, brandishing batons and accompanied by water cannons, were deployed to halt the clashes, which lasted into the early morning hours of October 8. In the final tally, hundreds of weapons were seized and 22 people were arrested…


Police said they were shocked by what they described as an unprecedented level of violence.

In an interview with the newspaper Passau Neue Presse, the chairman of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, reported that police in Hamburg “experienced life-threatening brute force” by perpetrators who were armed “to the teeth.” Wendt warned that the IS-Kurdish conflict is “threatening to unleash a proxy war on German soil.”

When four hundred lunatics come at you with machetes and knives, you send out ten cops armed with M240s and assault packs.

You’d only have to do it once. The supporters of the Islamic State would never again pull another stunt like that in Hamburg. Isn’t it worth trading the lives of four hundred bloodthirsty criminals for lasting peace?

I think it is.

That’s why I’m not conflicted in the least about the many wars being fought against terrorists. Gazans support Hamas. When Hamas brings calamity down on the heads of Gazans, that’s a good thing. It makes them begin to think about cause and effect.

“Wait: I need a second here. If Hamas shoots rockets and digs attack tunnels into Israel, the Israelis will eventually come over here and demolish our homes.”


In my binary world, the wants, needs, rationales, and explanations of terrorists are irrelevant. Take my issues, for example.

I hate living in California. The government is utterly corrupt, my taxes go to obese public-sector union members, there’s a horrific boondoggle of a “high-speed rail line” that’s designed to enrich the donors who elected the catastrophically dishonest governor, dangerous career criminals are being set loose on us, and the stupid public just voted in a law that robs prosecutors of their leverage over violent felons facing long prison sentences.

Would you applaud me if I started beheading strangers to draw attention to my anger? Or would you demand that the police stop me any way they could?

My own approach is that terrorism can’t be rewarded under any circumstances. Therefore regardless of the grievance, my first step would always be this.

After the beheaders, rampage killers, kidnappers, rocketeers, missileers, bombers, and tunnelers are all dead, then we can talk. I get messages from Europeans, mostly, who tell me I should be ashamed for supporting Israel.

But by golly, I just don’t have it in me to be ashamed! The Israelis are ridding the planet of the most depraved people I’ve ever come across. Before Operation Protective Edge, I supported Israel and didn’t give much thought to Palestinian terrorists. Though I understood why they committed their crimes, I’d spent twenty years hating the Irish because the IRA almost murdered my brother Paul and me on July 20, 1982, in the Regent’s Park bombing. I didn’t want to get back into that mindset.

Now I know too much about Palestinian culture. I don’t hate Palestinians, but they offer me no reason to be concerned about their welfare. They brag that they revere death. Fine. Whatever floats your boat. So why do they complain when the Israelis kill them to make them stop carrying out terrorist attacks?

This is a new Palestinian song.

Here’s how it’s described.

Video… “Ades Ades Halmistotun” a new song by artists Abu Kayed and Anas Jaradat

Arabs now - Palestine

Palestinian artists Abu Kayed and Anas Jaradat released a new song about the recent running-over operations carried out by several Jerusalemites in the city of Jerusalem in response to the occupation crimes against the city’s Al-Aqsa mosque, which led to the deaths of a number of settlers and Israeli soldiers and the deaths of the perpetrators. The title of the song is “Ades Ades Halmistotun.”

Part of the lyrics.

Run over the two-month-old baby
That is how we get them
For Al-Aqsa we will run over settlers
Run over settlers
Make the road become a trap
Allah will help you
The whole Arab nation calls you
Bless you Akari Ibrahim
Run over
Run over

“The whole Arab nation”? You mean the one that’s cannibalizing itself in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Yemen, the Sudan, and Lebanon? They shouted their support as they held up the severed heads of…Arabs?

In the war between those who agonize over even defending themselves and those who celebrate the murder of infants, there’s no question which side is right. And that’s the side I support. Without experiencing the slightest qualm.


An Israeli soldier prays atop a tank close to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights

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