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How media dishonesty benefits us

How media dishonesty benefits us

For a variety of reasons, the international press is now dedicated to supporting terrorists. There’s no getting through to these people; I’ve had personal contact with them. They’re truly insane. Unreachable. But media dishonesty can actually benefit the fight against the enemies of civilization.

Today on Twitter, I had an exchange with the usual rabid, low-information Jew-hater.

It’s that old wish-casting: “Any day now, someone’s gonna destroy Israel!”

Well, it’s just not going to happen. I’m sure Byrnzie didn’t bother to read Netanyahu’s speech to the UN on October 1, 2015, but here’s the relevant part.

Israel will not allow Iran to break in, to sneak in or to walk in to the nuclear weapons club. I know that preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons remains the official policy of the international community. But no one should question Israel’s determination to defend itself against those who seek our destruction…

So here’s my message to the rulers of Iran: Your plan to destroy Israel will fail. Israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel is working closely with our Arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from Iran and also the security challenges from ISIS and from others.

We are also working with other states in the Middle East as well as countries in Africa, in Asia and beyond.

Many in our region know that both Iran and ISIS are our common enemies. And when your enemies fight each other, don’t strengthen either one—weaken both. Common dangers are clearly bringing Israel and its Arab neighbors closer.

Now, when Netanyahu says that Israel is working closely with Arab peace partners, unnamed states in the Middle East, African and Asian countries, and unspecified nations to address common security challenges from Iran, the Islamic State, and others, what do you think he means? Are they having meetings and adopting resolutions?

No. They’re engaging in at least one war and preparing for another.

Beginning in 2009, Israel began selling advanced military technology to Arab and other Muslim nations that don’t even recognize her. That means that by late 2008, Israel had made peace with Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates. Israel and Saudi Arabia came to terms in 2006, during the Second Lebanon War. The sources have disappeared from online, but I read that the Saudis provided Israel with intelligence on Hezbollah.

Guess what the Saudis don’t do? They don’t financially support the Islamic State (IS).

One of the more terrifying aspects of IS’s newly found wealth is that it is no longer based on the traditional donor model, in which rich sympathizers in the Middle-East and the West pour generous funds into training and capacity-building of fresh jihadists. IS’s goal has always been to form a caliphate, and although no country would recognize it as such, it is running the territory it conquers as a state, albeit through illegal means; IS is pumping, refining and selling oil, just like any other petro state.

What’s more, now that it controls fertile provinces in western Iraq, such as Anbar and Nineveh, the group also now sits on 40 percent of Iraq’s wheat crop, and can force farmers to deal only with them, sometimes for no pay. Baghdad is now worrying about a medium-term food crisis, since 20 percent of its stores are in IS-held territory and thousands of farmers have fled.

The Middle East has completely changed. But it’s good that the press refuses to accept it. I’ll admit that it’s frustrating when I read something like this.

By AHMED AL-HAJ, Associated Press

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels have driven pro-government troops out of the southern Bayda province on Friday, after two months of heavy clashes that killed 550 fighters from the two sides, security and medical officials said.

The Houthis recaptured a key military base in the town of Mukayris and pushed pro-government troops back to Abyan province further south, the officials added. Of the 300 pro-government fighters killed, 30 were mistakenly targeted by airstrikes from the Saudi-led coalition backing the government, they said.

First of all, ask any Yemeni: Bayda is considered Central Yemen, not Southern.

And Ahmed al-Haj is lying about where he got his information. Do you know who his “Yemeni security officials” are? The writers of a Houthi Website.

The Houthi group announced on Friday that it had regained control of an important camp, which was under the control of a Popular Committee loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, in the province of Bayda in central Yemen.

The Website called “Ansar Allah” of the Houthi group said that the Arab Coalition launched violent air raids on Mukayris in Bayda after losing control of the camp.

Popular Committees are militias. Most are totally untrained. I was unable to find any corroboration that the Houthis had “pushed pro-government troops out of Bayda Province.” However, here’s what the Coalition was doing two days before the Houthis “retook” the base in Mukayris.

On October 14, the coalition bombed al Houthi military equipment in al Bayda governorate, central Yemen, as well as pro-al Houthi military sites and vehicles in Sa’ada governorate near the Saudi-Yemeni border.

So far virtually every claim made by the Houthis and their allies has been a lie. I haven’t caught the Coalition lying, except in terms of concealing who’s actually fighting in Yemen and who’s helping. That kind of lying is called “operations security” (OPSEC). When the Coalition says that Pakistanis are not fighting in Yemen, it’s to keep lunatics from running around with cleavers.

This is what the Coalition is reporting about the Houthis.

Houthi rebels and their allies fled their positions in Sanaa yesterday in fear of an imminent coalition assault.

Forces from the Saudi Arabia-led coalition are preparing for a large-scale ground attack to liberate Yemen’s capital, military sources told the Yemen Times website.

Columns of Houthis and forces loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh deserted their positions in Sanaa and handed them over to internal security to avoid the air strikes that are expected to precede the coalition assault.

The Houthis make fake videos that show them destroying empty vehicles that they took from Saudi border posts. Journalists view the Houthis as virile aboriginal rebels who make their own rules. Most reporters would love to be able to cut off heads, torture, and rape. They also hate the wealthy except for those who pay lip service to leftist ideals. Therefore when you read about the Saudi Border Guard, they’re presented as dumb cannon fodder.

Houthis believe this crap, so they tend to be surprised—fatally—by the Saudi Border Guard.

Saudi border guards have the capability of pushing 100km across the border into neighbouring Yemen but they do not have order to do so, a senior border guard officer was reported on Tuesday as saying.

Major General Safar Al Gamdi, commander of the Saudi border guards in the Southern Asir province near the border with Yemen, said his units had captured hundreds of Houthi rebels after they surrendered during fighting over the past few days.

“Our forces have the capability to push 100km into Yemen but we are not doing this because our task is to secure the border,” he told the Saudi daily Almadina.

He said the Iranian-based Houthi militias launch “desperate” raid across the Saudi border with the aim of “making a media propaganda and boosting their morale.”

In his original interview, Major General Al Gamdi said that the Border Guard had captured the Houthis by luring them into Saudi Arabia. It’s called “elastic defense”: When the enemy attacks, you pull back your center, and then you ambush him from his flanks.

It takes great skill to do this.

Saudi Border Guardsmen also inflicted heavy casualties on the Houthis and destroyed a lot of their equipment and rocket launchers. In the first two weeks of the war, the Border Guard killed over 500 Houthis attacking Saudi Arabia. This is why the Houthis keep their casualties secret. Imagine how many have been killed in seven months.

So don’t be upset by the lies. Good military leaders take the media’s misinformation and use it to their advantage. Let the social-media degenerates gloat. It won’t stop the coming wars, which Israel and her allies will win.

I’ll leave you with the words of a Kuwaiti columnist, Abdullah al-Hadlaq. Though his piece “The terrorism of knives and the right of Israel to self-defence” was taken down by al Watan, I was able to get most of it.

President Mahmoud Abbas must stop incitement to hatred and must condemn attacks against Israelis.

The terrorism of Palestinian knives will not defeat Israel.

Israel has the right of self-defense and the right to the kill Palestinian terrorists whatever their age—children and young people, male and female. Palestinians commit crimes when they terrorize Israeli soldiers with their knives and attempt to seize their weapons.

The international community is silent in the face of crimes committed by Palestinians against Israelis, the ongoing series of challenge the Israelis must endure, and the growing Palestinian terrorism of knives.

The international community rejects Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and its people and its citizens. The state of Israel will continue to exist and will not be intimidated by the Palestinian terrorism of knives, while Palestinian refugee camps will inevitably disappear because the notion of Palestinian victimhood is void.

Israel’s rights are clear and obvious, despite the weakness of the international community in advocating for Israel defending itself and its people and its soldiers.

Ultimately Israel will be victorious, despite the lack of supporters, because she is in the right. She will defeat falsehood in spite of its large number of cheerleaders.

The Middle East has already changed. What you’re seeing in Jerusalem, Syria, and Iraq are the death throes of an old, sick, dysfunctional culture. After it’s gone, the sun will break through.

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