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If you want to be my friend…

If you want to be my friend…

The time has come to lay down the law.

If you want to be my friend, don’t share your Jew-hate with me. I have one friend who’s rabidly antisemitic. That’s enough. It’s a cultural thing with him, and I don’t know how much of it is just blather and how much is real. If he could press a button and kill all the Jews in the world, he wouldn’t do it. I’m sure of that.

But I finally had to demand that he stop telling me how much he hates Jews. That goes for everyone else too. I don’t care if you hate Jews. You’re free to hate anyone you want. However, I’m under no obligation to listen to you spout off about it. If you do, I’ll cut you out of my life.

Back when I used to waste my time arguing online with crazy strangers, they’d accuse me of being a “Jew lover.” Dutch Schultz was a Jew. I don’t love him. He got exactly what he deserved. And his last words are amazing. Septicemia turned him into a beat poet.

Here are some of the private messages I got from someone in Compton after I defended Israel:

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Others were convinced that I was a Christian Biblical literalist who supports Israel as a way to bring about Armageddon. The reality is that not supporting Israel would be a faster, easier way of bringing about Armageddon. Look up the Samson Option.

I was also accused of being a paid agent of the Israeli Mossad. It was simply not possible for a nonreligious, non-Jewish American to support Israel.

My support of Israel is based on two things: It benefits us greatly in that we get unbelievable military, medical, and scientific technology in return for our aid, and it benefits us to have such expert intelligence agents and warriors on our side. When the Israelis said, “Never again,” they weren’t kidding around. If they feel threatened enough, they’ll go to the Russians and Chinese and say, “In exchange for your protection, we’ll help you build a First World army.”

The Chinese armed with Israeli weaponry would require that Japan rearm its military with state-of-the-art offensive capabilities, which they could do almost overnight. And that, my friends, would make the chances of a regional war in the Pacific skyrocket. No doubt about it. The Chinese and North Koreans believe their own propaganda, which is what makes them so dangerous.

Look up the Blue House Raid. It was a North Korean attempt to overthrow the South Korean government in 1968. North Korean commandos trained for two years, and then after they infiltrated into the South, two woodcutters discovered them. The North Koreans tried to indoctrinate them, and when the woodcutters said, “By golly! You’re right! We’re now communists!” the commandos let them go. The woodcutters immediately notified the authorities, and the raid failed.

Think of how innocent and childish those North Korean commandos—their country’s elite forces—were to believe that their ideology was so excellent that they could instantly convert the two woodcutters. People who see Jews behind every tree and under every rock are as innocent, childish, and dangerous as North Koreans. The best estimates are that South Korea would defeat the North in about three weeks.

Another driving factor for my support of Israel and my violent opposition to antisemitism comes from the fact that Israel and Jews don’t deserve the hate they face. As my hero Orde Wingate said, “Everyone’s against them, so I’m for them.” I root for people who are hated for no rational reason. It’s in my nature.

I don’t care if the Jews control everything. They obviously don’t, because look at the mess we’re in globally. But if they did control everything, the world would be a lot funnier. I suspect the world would be a lot kinder too. Israeli relief organizations are usually the first to arrive in far-flung lands after natural disasters.

The reason I’m posting this is because I just had a very sad experience with a person I really liked. He’s kind, friendly, and deeply intelligent. In our recent conversations, he began bringing up religion. A Muslim, he was shocked that I’m so informed about Islam. I didn’t tell him that my impetus for studying Islam was 9/11; I just said I’ve always been very interested in religion.

“Are you Sunni or Shia?” I asked.

“There’s no such thing as Shia Islam,” he said. “That’s a conspiracy created by the Jews. Muslims are good people, and the good are always attacked by the evil. You have to ask yourself: Who profits from conflict within Islam? The only people are the Jews. So they created this false religion called Shia Islam to attack us Muslims.”

That means he’s an orthodox Sunni, almost certainly a Salafist, and likely a Wahabbist. Very bad news. I can’t be his friend anymore because he’s insane. Since he’s wealthy I have no doubt that he’s made contributions to “charities” that benefit terrorist organizations.

To show you how demented the Jew-hate can be, the Shia and Allawite (a sect of Shia Islam) forces in Syria—government troops and Hezbollah—accuse the Sunni jihadis of being puppets of the Jews, while the Sunni jihadis—the al Nusra Front and al Qaeda—accuse the Shia and Allawites of being not real Muslims but creations of a Jewish conspiracy.

Syria is being destroyed in part because both sides hate the Jews, people who have nothing to do with this worldwide Hatfield-McCoy feud. We can’t stop the Syrians from crapping in their own nest any more than we can stop the suicide bombers and car bombers in Pakistan and Iraq. But what I can do is tell you that I won’t listen to your Jew-hate anymore. Take it somewhere else.

In France they’ve adopted a cutesy way of re-introducing the Nazi salute. It’s called the quenelle, and it was popularized by a lunatic named Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, a self-proclaimed “anti-racist activist” who’s an open Jew hater. Recently, French soldiers assigned to protect a synagogue were photographed doing the quenelle.

What’s funny about Frenchmen looking to Nazism for inspiration is that the Nazis pretty much rubbed France’s face in its own poo, humiliating it beyond all redemption. It took British, Canadian, Polish, and American troops to liberate France from the Nazis. Here are a couple of astonishing facts about the French army prior to the Nazi invasion of May 10, 1940:

The French general staff was full of ancient prima donnas who hated modern infernal machines such as telephones. When the invasion began, the French communicated with motorcyclists and carrier pigeons.

French tanks had no radios. The commander of a tank echelon had to pop out of the hatch and use semaphore flags. Guess what happens to tank commanders who stick their heads out of the turret during a firefight? France surrendered in a little less than six weeks.

Now, the Jewish Battalion of 400 volunteers, who served under the British and defended Bir-el Harmat during the Western Desert Campaign between June 2 and June 11, 1942, were armed with only rifles and machine guns. German and Italian armored columns confronted them, demanding their surrender. The Jews refused, so the Axis forces attacked with heavy artillery, tanks, and dive bombers. The Jews threw Molotov cocktails at the tanks, killing the crews. Over nine days, dive bombers and artillery pounded the position, and two more tank assaults were launched.

The artillery destroyed the Jews’ well, depriving them of water, but they still refused to surrender. On June 11 the Jews were ordered to retreat, which they did under cover of darkness. Their delaying action had allowed the British Eighth Army to escape. Of the 400 Jews in the battalion, 300 were killed or wounded.

A final note to Dieudonné: Here’s a photo of the German “Degenerate Art Exhibition” held in Munich from July 19 to November 30, 1937. Look at the third word in the first line and the first word in the second line of text on the wall.

Yes, it means the same thing in German as it does in English. Your pals hated you as much as they hated the Jews. You’re what’s known as a “useful idiot.” If you teamed up with the Nazis and managed to bring about your fantasy of a judenrein France, the next group of people to be packed into cattle cars and sent to extermination camps would be those with a lots of melanin in their skin.

Luckily, the Nazis were pulverized. Today, French soldiers with blue pancakes on their heads can give their little Nazi salute all they want. The French army would last about three hours against the Israeli Defense Forces. Everybody knows it. The French ran out of bombs during the overthrow of Ghadaffi, and the French military lacked the capability of painting targets with lasers. It’s an open secret that British, Qatari, and Jordanian special forces helped the French use the precision bombs that we supplied them.

Israel is a full generation ahead of NATO’s military capabilities. French anti-Semites can gnash their teeth in glorious impotence. Hate away, mes braves amis. Just don’t involve me, okay? I despise all bigotry, not just bigotry against certain groups. Dieudonné, your race doesn’t protect you from me calling you an asshole. The term “racism” has lost all its currency from overuse. Brand me a racist. I don’t care.

You and the Nazis are on one side, and I’m on the other, standing with Orde Wingate.

When I used to fight with anti-Semites online, I chose as my avatar a young woman with a lascivious expression, and I created a genderless user name. One night someone sent me the following private message:

Liking your anti-troll posts, see your avatar and think, “Yea I’d like to fuck you,” then think you’re a man so go back to thinking, “Liking your anti-troll posts.” But it would be great if you were female……

So I stand with Orde Wingate and that guy. I welcome him, since he doesn’t hate Jews. But Orde will have to stand between us.

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