Thomas Wictor

In our republic, we get what we deserve

In our republic, we get what we deserve

I lived in San Francisco from August of 1991 to August of 1993. From 1993 until 2003, I went back two or three times a year. I’ll never return. San Francisco is a laboratory for terrible ideas, but the residents view themselves as morally and intellectually superior to all who disagree with them. What some people call “Baghdad by the Bay” has become the Los Angeles of the movie Blade Runner, a dystopian nightmare that will never improve. But that’s the fault of the voters. In our republic, we get the political leaders we deserve.

You may know that San Francisco proudly calls itself a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. Behold the fruits of this policy.

A woman out for a stroll with her father Wednesday along the San Francisco waterfront was killed by a man in an apparent random shooting, police say.

The shooting occurred in the evening at Pier 14 – one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city and a place where people gather to take in the views, joggers exercise and families push strollers at all hours of the day and night.

Police said Thursday they arrested Francisco Sanchez in the shooting an hour after it occurred.

And guess what happened next?

Two TV crews reporting on the killing were later mugged at the scene with a masked gunman pistol-whipping a camera operator. The robber took cameras from KNTV and KTVU before he jumped into a black BMW and fled the scene.

San Francisco has become a satire of the crime-ridden, sanctimonious, leftist hellhole.

The murder victim Katherine Steinle was thirty-two.


And who’s the killer? Well, there’s an answer to that too.

The man accused of firing the deadly shot—45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez—is an undocumented immigrant, a repeat felon who has been deported five times to Mexico, according to immigration officials.

It would have been six, a federal law enforcement source told CNN, except authorities in San Francisco wanted him on a drug-related warrant.

So U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which had Lopez-Sanchez in its custody in March after his release from federal prison, turned him over to San Francisco deputies. ICE said they requested an immigration detainer, asking that the agency be notified before Lopez-Sanchez was released.

But San Francisco is a city that doesn’t honor such requests and the sheriff’s department released him. Freya Horne, chief legal counsel to the San Francisco County Sheriff, told CNN that he was let go because there was no legal cause to detain the suspect.

Isn’t that precious? The extremely morally superior city of San Francisco doesn’t inform the federal government when it releases illegal-alien career criminals. So now Katherine Steinle is dead, all because San Francisco is paternalistic towards Mexicans. Here’s murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez

It always cracks me up when white Americans tell me how hard Mexicans have it here, “living in the shadows,” terrified, and how we need to pay for everything they want because they’re sad little peons who are helpless without us.

What utter bull.

I’m of Mexican descent. Here’s my mother Cecilia.


My cousin Filbert, a federal marshal.


My maternal grandmother Carolina on the left, and her sisters Elvira and Clara.


I don’t need white people lecturing me about Mexicans. As I sit here in my house, the sky is exploding with illegal Mexican skyrockets, fired by my Mexican neighbors, many of whom don’t speak English. Last night they fired over two hundred massive rockets until 2:30 a.m. My cats are basket cases. They’re still in hiding, and tonight the neighbors are doing it all over again.

There’s no such thing as a Mexican illegal alien living in the shadows or in fear. They’re the most self-entitled, arrogant, narcissistic people in the United States. That’s because the voters have decided to elect and re-elect politicians who’ve exempted Mexicans from the law.

People shrieked and fainted in outrage at Donald Trump’s words about Mexican illegal aliens.

The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.

Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people.

Being of Mexican descent and living in a 70-percent Mexican city, I can tell you that Trump doesn’t mean a thing to people who walked across the desert to get here, paid coyotes thousands of dollars to get here, and game the system like nobody else in the history of the US. Illegal aliens from Mexico are nobody’s victims. They have superhuman endurance, they’re fearless, they’re unimaginably resourceful, and they do whatever they want, regardless of the rules or the laws.

Imagine going illegally to a country where you don’t speak the language. Once you’re there, you find a job, rent a house or apartment, buy a car, and go to the doctor. Could you navigate all of that in a foreign country, and do it all illegally to boot? I couldn’t.

The reason I oppose amnesty or a “path to citizenship” is twofold: It’s horrendously unjust to all the voluntary Americans who followed the rules, and it’ll create a lawless stratum of American society. Mexico is a land where the rule of law doesn’t exist. It’s the culture, and nobody can argue differently. Mexican illegal aliens come here and don’t assimilate. If we grant them citizenship, what’s their incentive to suddenly begin obeying the laws?

You should be in my house right now. It sounds like this.

Donald Trump isn’t the problem. Political parties with the agendas of creating either a class of dependent zombies or a class of lettuce-picking slaves are the problem. The politicians YOU elect are ruining our quality of life. In 1953 my mother went to study in Mexico. One day she took a car trip with some friends. Out in the countryside, they came across a head-on collision; two cars had hit, and four of the five occupants of both were dead. The survivor was a hysterical young man standing in the wreckage, fighting off silent peasants who were trying to loot the corpses of his parents.

My mother’s two male friends helped the young man recover all the valuables, but then they had to leave because an entire village was coming. They had scythes, machetes, hoes, and pitchforks. The hysterical young man was driven home, and my mother spent hours sitting with him as the family armed themselves and went back to the scene of the accident to guard the bodies until the federal police arrived late the next day. It was a night of endless attacks by soulless predators swinging blades from the darkness.

I was born in Venezuela, another lawless nation. You don’t think we could lose it all? Go to San Francisco, like my brother Tim did recently. He said that in the Financial District, you’d see gorgeous skyscrapers, and right around the corner was a sea of screaming, vomiting, defecating, urinating, fighting, homeless mental patients. At night Tim heard a strange whooshing noise, and he finally figured out that it was power washers used to clean the streets of the day’s effluvia.

The last time I was in San Francisco, a friend told me that the Tenderloin had so much garbage in the streets because of the Mexicans. They were an agrarian people, used to eating fruit and tossing the rinds into the furrows of their plowed fields to fertilize the crops.

What she was saying is that Mexicans are too stupid to tell the difference between the city and the countryside, the difference between plastic wrappers and orange peels, and the difference between concrete and dirt.

Do you believe that about Mexicans? That they’re all medieval morons who must have every law, rule, and restriction waived for them?

Álvaro Obregón would disagree with that assessment.


Obregón was a politician and general in the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). He was the first military man in the world to recognize the value of weaponry such as machine guns and artillery. Obregón also invented modern “elastic defense”: You let your center fall back while keeping your flanks in place. The enemy pursues the center, and then suddenly he’s surrounded.

While the European military commanders of World War I were still using nineteenth-century frontal charges and holding their positions at all costs, Obregón created massive fields of barbed wire and used elastic defense, searchlights, machine guns, and hand grenades to stop Pancho Villa’s nocturnal raids. It took the French, British, and Germans almost two years to catch up with the Mexicans.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that.