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Insanity and Jew-hate go together like peas and carrots

Insanity and Jew-hate go together like peas and carrots

I’ve learned a lot over the past eight months. When this period of my life is over, and I return to my monkish existence, I’ll reflect on the fact that Jew-hate is easily the most virulent form of insanity I’ve ever encountered.

Dumb insanity

Today on Twitter a Syrian was jabbering about “greasy Yids.” What was interesting about him was that every single thing he said was factually incorrect.


But then he forgot that he made that moronic accusation.


Israel helped create the Islamic State so that Bilad Ash-Sham (Greater Syria) would become a reality, since it’s in the Jewish state’s best interests to have a new country full of rabid Jew-haters right next door. Israel doesn’t have enough enemies, so she midwifed the most depraved quasi-nation imaginable.

But the Islamic State doesn’t want to take over the world.


He didn’t know the definitions of any term that he used.


In reality fascism is an absolute dictatorship that bans political opposition; controls all aspects of society, education, culture, and the economy; and promotes aggressive, militaristic, interventionist nationalism usually based on race, ethnicity and/or religion.

Zionism is simply the theory that the Jews have the right to their ancestral homeland. There are leftist and rightist Zionists, religious and secular Zionists, nationalist and internationalist Zionists. Syria is a fascist state. Israel is not. Anyone with a functioning brain can see that.

Boring insanity

Another nugget of wisdom from this Syrian exemplar.


No. Hitler’s paternal grandmother Maria Schicklgruber was Catholic.

In 1931 Hitler ordered the Schutzstaffel (SS) to investigate the alleged rumors regarding his ancestry; they found no evidence of any Jewish ancestors. Hitler then ordered a genealogist by the name of Rudolf Koppensteiner to publish a large illustrated genealogical tree showing his ancestry. This was published in the book “Die Ahnentafel des Fuehrers” (The pedigree of the Leader) in 1937, which concluded that Hitler’s family were all Austrian Germans with no Jewish ancestry and that Hitler had an unblemished “Aryan” pedigree.

So the Syrian got everything garbled, as though he listened to a conversation while screaming as loudly as he could.

Insane insanity

Then he wrote this.


Pure stupidity. The history of Shia Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews. Only Wahabbist fanatics make that claim. And the majority of Iranians are ethnic Persians.


Persians are Indo-European; they are neither Semitic, Sephardi, nor Ashkenazi—the “German Jews” that Jew-haters rave about.

Proud insanity

For most of the conversation, this Syrian ignoramus maintained a superior, amused air. He said this in his world-weary, hipster style.


So I responded with one post.


And another.


And one more.


For whatever reason, he went nuts. Being proved wrong about everything else didn’t bother him. But showing him that he had a toddler’s knowledge of the Indian-Israeli military relationship made him furious.


“Islamophobe.” One of the dumbest, most self-pitying coinages ever. Do people complain about “Christophobes” or “Buddhiphobes”? For a culture of mighty warriors, far too many Muslims whine about how mean everyone is to them.

Evil insanity

I twisted the knife a bit.


He was still raging impotently.


We’re already at war with Muslims, dummy. I’m desperate for the war to end.

But I mocked him some more.


“Pederast” is an archaic term for “homosexual.”

Every Jew-hater I engage always accuses me of being a pedophile and a homosexual. It’s almost as though they have pedophilia and homosexuality on their minds constantly.

I’m just kidding. OF COURSE they have pedophilia and homosexuality on their minds constantly. It’s axiomatic. Jew-haters want to molest children, and they’re terrified of being thought of as homosexual. Jew-hate is a symptom of major mental collapse. There’s no such thing as a happy, successful, well-balanced Jew-hater.

If you hate Jews, you’re a nightmarish thing that spends its waking hours wallowing in depravity and negativity. You’re also incredibly uninformed. I’ve yet to have an exchange with a Jew-hater who knew that he or she was talking about. It’s a kind of universal illiteracy.

Infantile insanity

Like cancer, Jew-hate is a malignancy that destroys the entire organism. Untreated Jew-hate metastasizes into full-blown dementia. Soon you start thinking that holograms hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

A DIAMOND MERCHANT FILMED IT. We know what that means, don’t we?

Well, for one thing the buildings were sheathed in aluminum alloy, not steel. And the floors were not reinforced concrete.


The Boeing 767 that hit the South Tower weighed 228,538 lb (103,663 kg) and was traveling at 590 miles per hour (950 kilometers per hour). It could and did slice through the aluminum facade and lightweight composite floors “like a hot knife though butter.”

The brown building (red arrow) is in front of the World Trade Center, relative to the diamond merchant’s position.


How do I know? Because here it is (red arrow).


The blue and green lines are the trajectories of the aircraft, which came in from the right. It took me three minutes to find that photo.

Insanity ruins your day

People have accused me of being a conspiracy theorist because of my posts on Operation Four Little Martyrs and the murder of Lieutenant Moath Youssef al-Kasasbeh. However, nobody’s given me any evidence that I’m wrong. If you think someone is full of it, you do what I did above and prove it. You don’t just say, “You’re wrong, doodyhead!” and run away.

Today’s exchanges with the Syrian dope were surreal. He believes every single hackneyed conspiracy theory out there, including that the Zionist Illuminati control the world. At the basis of all his infantile paranoia was Jews. I’m beginning to think that if you dig deep enough, you’ll find that all conspiracy theories blame Jews.

Maybe that’s why I defend Israel and Jewish people. I’m disgusted by the foam-spewing madness of crowds. Regardless of the issue, Jews get the blame. But look who’s blaming them: People who have no factual knowledge about anything.

It gives me great pleasure to set myself apart from them.


Someone told the Syrian genius that I’d written about him. Here’s his response.


Since he’s wrong about absolutely everything, I’m not surprised that he doesn’t know his own gender.

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