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Israel drops atomic bombs on Gaza!

Israel drops atomic bombs on Gaza!

Somebody asked me to look at a photo said to show Israeli air strikes on Gaza. The image is fake. Only atomic bombs could produce such explosions.

Here’s the photo.


This is a composite. You can always tell Palestinian fake-explosion photos because the fireballs and smoke towers appear precisely on the horizon. What they’re doing is using the horizon as a mask. I’ll show you how.

Here’s Los Angeles at night.


An explosion at night.

New Year's Bang

You merge them, and you get a city under attack.


They use very sophisticated software so that they can paint in glare and light reflections. It took me about four minutes to do the crappy image above.

Another way we know that the photo of the “Israeli air strikes” is phony is that the explosions are gigantic. The red arrows show two-story structures.


The largest conventional aerial munition that the Israelis have is the MK-84 bomb.


It weighs 2000 pounds (945 kilos), but it holds only 945 pounds (428 kilos) of Tritonal high explosive, a mixture of TNT and aluminum powder. Although the Israeli Air Force is equipped with the 5000-pound (2267-kilo) GBU-28 “bunker buster,” that munition carries only 630 pounds (286 kilos) of high explosive.

When the Mk-84 bomb is fitted with the joint-direct attack munition (JDAM) guidance kit, it becomes the GBU-31.


This is the size of the explosion and smoke tower that an MK-84 or GBU-31 creates.

The red arrows show one-story structures.


When you make the Palestinian and Afghan structures the same scale, you can see the difference in the size of the explosions.


The Mk-84 or GBU-31 is on the right, while the three Palestinian fantasy bombs are on the left. The closest you’d come to achieving fireballs and smoke towers of that size without resorting to atomic weapons is with liquid-fuel rockets.

The world has turned upside down. Israel is accused of using “banned weapons” and indiscriminate force, when the reality is that the IDF rules of engagement endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers. The same people slandering Israel are working to hand atomic weapons to terrorists who will actually use them.

If Iran is allowed to acquire atomic bombs, there’s no doubt that we’ll see photos like the fake Palestinian air-strike image above, except they’ll be genuine, and they’ll show Tel Aviv, not Gaza.

This is why I believe that either the framework deal agreed upon by the 5+1 nations and Iran will be killed by the US Congress, or Israel and the Sunni Gulf nations will destroy the Iranian nuclear program by force.

Forget what the “experts” tell you: Nobody knows Israel’s full military capabilities. My guess is that Israel and the Sunni Arabs will carry out an attack in such a way that the Iranians and the 5+1 group will be unable to publicly acknowledge what happened. I wrote before about my great-uncle Colonel Curtis Yarnell Kimball, US Army (retired), seen here on the left after being awarded an unknown medal by Field Marshal Bernhard Montgomery.


I can’t prove that Curtis spent World War II in Germany, passing as a German, but that’s what I suspect. However, I possess his field notes from October 15 to November 5, 1951, when he traveled all over Iran as a colonel attached to the United States Military Mission with the Imperial Iranian Gendarmerie.

Officially, Curtis was only an adviser.


His field notes show that he had a much more…hands-on role. That’s a fact.

Google “United States Military Mission with the Imperial Iranian Gendarmerie.” You’ll get eighteen results. Curtis Kimball’s part in it is lost to history.

Except for his field notes, which I have. My brother Tim and I are probably the only two people on the planet who know of Curtis Kimball’s full military capabilities. The experts are all clueless.

I’m positive that the fiasco engineered by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will be rectified, one way or another. If it falls to Israel and the Sunni Arabs to take action, it’s likely that we’ll never know how exactly what they did.

However, we’re obliged to be grateful that they took up arms for us.

Death whining down from Heaven,
Death roaring from the ground,
Death stinking in the nostril,
Death shrill in every sound,
Doubting we charged and conquered—
Hopeless we struck and stood.
Now when the fight is ended
We know that it was good.

—Lieutenant William Noel Hodgson
9th Battalion Devonshire Regiment
British Expeditionary Force
Killed in action July 1, 2023
Aged twenty-three


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