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Judging others and finding them wanting is how you survive

Judging others and finding them wanting is how you survive

Two great films are The Omega Man and its remake I Am Legend. The second version has an alternate ending that they ultimately rejected. However, the fact that they filmed it shows how corroded our morality has become. For some reason judging is now considered so wrong that you’re supposed to view even homicidal lunacy as simply a lifestyle choice.

I’m going to post the alternate ending of I Am Legend. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the ending of the released film, so I won’t be spoiling anything for you.

In these two movies, the world was infected by a bioweapon that killed nearly all of humanity. The survivors in the 1971 version are demented, murderous, light-sensitive Luddites, while in the 2007 film they’re just roaring, brainless cannibals. Both The Omega Man and I Am Legend have a US Army virologist as the main character. He’s immune to the plague that wiped out humankind, but he’s trying to find a cure in order to save the unreachable, unfathomably violent survivors.

Living all alone and under constant stress, he’s slowly going crazy.

Charleton Heston played Robert Neville in 1971. When the “Family” of murderous lunatics tries to kill him, he responds thusly.

The monsters of the 2007 I Am Legend are not even human. They can’t speak or use tools. Will Smith—as Robert Neville—captures one and tests various medications on her. In this alternate ending, he sees that a cure would be judging the monsters and oppressing them, as their boss indignantly lets Neville know.

These creatures have terrorized Neville without letup, attacking his home every night. After Neville meets two people who are immune like him, the unrelenting predators finally break into his sanctuary through the roof. The only motivation the former humans have is to kill those who are different.

And yet the studio filmed an alternate ending in which Neville realizes that defending himself is wrong. He delivers the test subject back to her bellowing leader and apologizes for trying to find a cure. The murderous monsters then become nice and leave Neville alone.

See? It was just a misunderstanding. We all want the same things. Let’s not quibble over who killed who!

Stupefying GARBAGE. Guess which ending most Americans preferred?

We’re becoming a culture of prey.

Amend that: A lot of YOU are becoming a culture of prey. Not me.

Judging others by ending their lives

The Iraqis are releasing videos that show just what terrible fighters they are. Essentially the Iraqi security forces have ceased to exist. In June of 2014 about 36,000 Iraqi troops fled from 800 Islamic State terrorists, and then in May of 2015, 6000 Iraqis abandoned Ramadi to 150 Islamic State terrorists. One Kurdish Peshmerga commander and his forty Arab troops stood and fought, but it was hopeless. Once the attackers began pouring in reinforcements, the Kurdish commander had to leave.

Iran sent the late Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani to Iraq to organize bloodthirsty Shi’ite militias such as the Hezbollah Brigades.


They behead civilians, flay them alive, rape, steal, and pray loudly.

Most of the armed men you see in Iraq are militia. You can tell by the way they fight.

They’re not organized in any way. Despite having special-operators’ weapons and equipment, they have no tactical skills. They’re militiamen. I’m judging them virtually useless.

Now let’s look at some professional Arab League special operators.

I don’t know who they are. Probably United Arab Emirates Presidential Guard. Officially the Arab League sent its first special operators to Yemen on May 2, 2015. However, the footage below had to have been taken in April at the latest. Once again the Arab League outfoxed everybody.

Just watch until 1:23. VOLUME WARNING! At 1:23 an armored personnel carrier fires a cannon and men start shouting. Before that, you’re seeing Arab League special operators finishing off a Houthi armed convoy that was first hit by antitank guided missiles, and then the survivors were mowed down as they tried to run up the hillside in the background or hide in a ditch. It was a merciless ambush.

The special operators wore night-vision goggles, so they could see their targets clearly.

That’s how real special operators fight. They create a wall of flying metal that leaves all enemies dead. And real operators almost never appear on camera.

Judging by appearances can kill you

The Iraqis have the latest armored vehicles. Do you know what the Arab League special operators used?

A 1951 Dodge M37 cargo truck.



Seriously. It took me hours to identify that thing, but the front fenders, lights, rear wheel wells, and rounded roof of the cab are unmistakable. It’s a 1951 Dodge M37 four-wheel drive cargo truck.



The only modification is exterior air filters in housings (red arrow).


In the screen grab above, there’s a tarp hanging over the cab. I think the special operators hid in the bed of the truck, covered with that tarp. The air filters indicate that this vehicle was modified to withstand lots of dust. Did it drive all the way from Saudi Arabia? Wherever it came from, the operators dismounted and fought at extremely close range. That’s what professionals do.

The truck is not armed, but you can see a journalist standing in the bed (red arrow) as someone fires a weapon on the other side of him.


He’s got a big black bag, and he’s filming with a cell phone. The weapon being fired behind him is something new, like the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System.


It’s a long-range grenade launcher with a laser rangefinder that tells the 25mm munition when to explode over the target.

At 1:20, two men chant, “Revolution, revolution, oh South! Revolution, revolution, oh South!” That means they’re members of the Southern Movement, which wants Southern Yemen to be independent again. Southern Movement troops and militia are allied with the Saudi-led Coalition. Here’s one of their mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs), provided by Saudi Arabia.


Therefore the special operators who hid in the 1951 Dodge M37 and completely destroyed the Houthi convoy were troops of the Arab League. They weren’t Iranians, Europeans, Americans, Africans, Central Asians, or Asians. That one minute and twenty-three seconds of video should convince you once and for all how skilled and lethal Arab League special operators are.

Now let me blow your mind.

The US Deputy Defense Secretary recently gave a speech at the US Army War College.

“We’re not too far away from guided .50-caliber rounds,” Work said.

A good rule of thumb: Everything that armed forces reveal is ten years behind what they’ve already accomplished.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the guided .50-caliber bullet, as fired by an Arab special operator in Yemen.






That was no ricochet. Watch the video again, from 0:39 to 0:41, to make sure you catch it. Look at the screen one-third of the way in from the right, and you’ll see a little comet swerving in midair. In fact you’ll see several swerving little comets.

These bullets are laser guided. Since so many of the bullets dive down into what must be a ditch, my guess is that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) above is illuminating the targets. Such bullets can therefore go around corners too.

The Arab League is judging its enemies worthy of removing from the earth.

I approve.

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