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Anatomy of a media fraud in Gaza

Anatomy of a media fraud in Gaza

At 12:30 a.m., August 25, 2014, the Israeli Defense Forces bombed the “Italian Compound,” a residential building in the Nasser neighborhood of Gaza City. All sorts of lies are being reported about it. I’ll show you the anatomy of a media fraud.

Also, here’s a message to Israelis: Nothing will change until YOU change. You’re having second thoughts about Operation Protective Edge because you believe the childish falsehoods you’re being spoon fed.

After I proved that Reuters, Agence France Presse, Getty Images, and United Press International are using FAKED photos, I sent the evidence to every Israeli blog and media outlet I could.

There wasn’t a single response. Nobody cares.

You should be angry as hell, and you should fight tooth and nail to clear your name. If you feel guilty about defending yourselves, and if you refuse to lift a finger even when people are caught in the act of fabricating photos that defame you, well, I’m sorry to say that you’re doomed.

The worldwide conspiracy against Israel is real. A former IDF liaison between the military and “human rights” organizations told me that spokescreatures for these groups said to his face that they knew Israel committed no war crimes by using smoke shells, but they had to make the charges anyway. I won’t name the IDF officer.

Their donors demanded it. That means you no longer have to care what “human rights” organizations say. It’s all fiction. Do you want to continue supporting the fiction?

Why? What good does it do to play the fool, over and over and over, forever? It’s not honorable. Letting the corrupt and evil steamroll you is immoral. Time for you to change.

Anatomy of a media fraud in Gaza

This is a video of the Israeli strike on the Italian Compound.

This video has been doctored. At 0:14, the audio of the two initial strikes is repeated, and at 1:34 the voiceover continues uninterrupted while the video is edited. Therefore this is not a “real-time” eyewitness film of the attack. It’s been sweetened in the studio.

Here’s the target of the strike, the Italian Compound, said to be a residential highrise. The distinctive “shoulders” make it easy to recognize.


As always, the reporting is abysmal.


Was the tower reduced to rubble or not? The photo shows that’s still standing. And according to Twitter, the building was completely evacuated before the strike.


Any time you see a video of a building being struck, it means a warning was given. Why else would people be filming?

This next “report” claims that the building collapsed, but the photo on the right refutes that.


Another Twitter user says the building pancaked and is gone.


Whatever the fate of the building, it’s clear that it wasn’t a “massacre,” and in fact the building itself wasn’t even bombed. The first strike was beside the Italian Compound.

From the first video, we can see that the fireball is massive.

height of explosion

The Italian Compound is fifteen stories tall. We can use a formula to calculate its height: 181 feet (55 meters). Therefore that fireball is almost 200 feet (61 meters) high.

Although the Israeli Air Force has the GBU-28 5000-lb (2,268 kg) “bunker buster,” that bomb carries only 630 lb (286 kg) of explosives. The heaviest bomb that the Israelis have in quantity is the Mk-84 2000-lb (907 kg) bomb, which is filled with 945 lb (428 kg) of high-explosive Tritonal. How tall is the fireball from such a bomb?

It varies, but we can figure it out. Watch as three 2000-lb GBU-31s—the guided version of the Mk-84—hit a Taliban position.

Since the GBU-31 is 12.75 feet (3.89 meters) long, we can calculate the maximum height of the fireball. Not the mushroom cloud; just the fireball.


It works out to 108 feet (33 meters), a little over half the height of the initial Italian Compound fireball.

Here’s another GBU-31 2000-lb explosion.

The maximum height of the fireball is six Mk-84 2000-lb bombs.


That means the fireball is 77 feet (23 meters) tall.

A third video of a 2000-lb bomb being dropped.

The maximum height of the fireball is 9.5 floors.


If we’re generous and say a one-story Afghan building is ten feet (three meters) tall, the maximum height of the fireball is 95 feet (29 meters).

The fireball at the Italian compound was just about twice as tall as the fireball produced by the heaviest Israeli bomb. Why?

Because the Israelis were aiming at a weapons depot, and what you’re seeing are secondary—not primary—explosions. That’s the real story. The initial fireball at Italian Compound could not have been caused by Israeli munitions. The weapons depot under the Italian Compound was massive. Here’s the initial secondary explosion, seen in the first video above.


It illuminated the building next door. The weapons depot was left in flames from the strike. As you can see, the Italian Compound itself is NOT burning.


The ground in front of it is on fire. Then came a gigantic secondary explosion. Note how much bigger it is than the Italian Compound.


That fireball is almost 250 feet (76 meters) tall. The Israelis have no munitions that can produce such a fireball. This is the result of Hamas weapons exploding.

Several secondaries happened at once, showing the general extent of the weapons depot.


It was a huge storage space full of explosives, and they all went off.


Reader Jason points out that after the first explosion, you can see what appear to be rockets flying high into the sky and coming down. He’s right. The “sparks” are burning far too long to be debris or fragments of high explosive, and they’re too large. I was fooled by the darkness.

Here’s a composite I did by layering the “sparks” over a shot of the Italian Compound. This shows you the scale.


Each “spark” is the size of a window. Those are rocket engines, probably solid propellant.

Now a composite of the building and the “sparks” seen at around 1:41.


They’re not sparks at all; they’re rocket engines. One flies to the left under its own power.

The final proof is that at 0:09, there’s an explosion followed by the sound of a projectile whooshing out of the explosion.

That’s a rocket taking flight. This also explains why debris hit a hospital 600 meters away.

As an example of how uninformed so many people are, here’s a pitiful, absurd tweet by someone who may as well be living in the fourteenth century.


The “shaking missiles.” It’s a pre-industrial term. People have no excuse for being so backward. That’s just a GBU-31 JDAM. However, as I’ve said many times, I believe that when the Israelis target weapons depots, they use the inert, cement-filled version of this bomb, the BDU-56.

Obviously the Israelis sometimes drop the GBU-31, but to use an explosive bomb on an underground weapons cache, they’d have to calculate when to set the fuse. Simply smashing the depot open with an inert BDU-56 would cause the explosives inside to go off on their own.

Update Two

A report by the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) that’s apropos.


Here’s what it says about the explosive MK-84/GBU-31.


So the explosive bomb can penetrate three and half feet (one meter) of concrete, but that can damage the fuse. This indicates to me that inert cement bombs are more likely used to hit weapons caches. There’s no fuse to be damaged, and the penetration has to be much higher, since the casing is filed with a rock-hard, solid mass.

I spent the afternoon reading Hamas propaganda put out by a man named Max Blumenthal.


He’s clearly got multiple psychological issues for which he’s trying to compensate.

But are the rest of you Israelis going to follow in his footsteps and believe the lie that you’re somehow in the wrong here?

You’ve built a magnificent society in Israel. Don’t lose it by giving in to self-hatred. The Palestinians have worked tirelessly to arrive where they are. When people do and say certain things, you no longer have to worry about their welfare.

Don’t let your minds be poisoned by the Max Blumenthals of the world. There’s no upside to making catastrophic dysfunction the rule.

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