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Mike Albee is THIS stupid

Mike Albee is THIS stupid

Today I’ve spent hours un-fucking my Website. Thanks to the fraud Mike Albee, I’m having to rewrite every single SEO title of every post, over 270 in all. I’ve also had to rewrite the meta descriptions that Mike rewrote without telling me. I’ll post one later so you can laugh at him.

Before I prove that Mike Albee is THIS stupid, let me tell all bloggers that to increase your search-engine results, you MUST get a Google+ account. I did just a few days ago, and already it’s making a huge difference. Google gives preference to blogs or Websites linked to a Google+ account. It’s their company, so they can do what they want. After a year and three months, I’m FINALLY starting to see things fall into place.

Thanks to Antal Adriaanse and Jason Davis for getting this horrific disaster a couple of inches off the ground. I have a long way to go, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s probably a freight train, or maybe I’m dead. Either way, my long nightmare will soon be over.

Now: Mike Albee.

He is one stupid bastard. He wrote for something called The Good Men Project. Is that hilarious? A ruthless psychopath calling himself a “good man”? He also appeared to have transformed himself into a Sherpa.

The real Mike Albee is a blond porker with limescale on his teeth from Lura Dold using his mouth as a toilet.

So who’s the Sherpa? He’s a guy named Bo, photographed by Ashley Campbell.

This is Bo. Normally when I go out to take pictures for my portrait of the day, I go by myself, but since we got 6 inches of snow last night, and my dad didn’t want be going out by myself, so he drove me. We were driving down the road when we saw this guy and his kids and I thought he was the perfect candidate. We turned around, pulled in his driveway and asked to take a photo. He seems like your typical Southern guy. He lives in a modest house, he’s really close with his neighbors, he was outside in the snow with his two little girls who were wearing little plastic bags over their shoes, his trash can said “nobama,” and when we got stuck trying to back out of his driveway he gladly helped get us out. He was a really nice guy, I’m glad I got to meet him.

Being completely fraudulent on all levels, Mike put Bo’s photo on his article about being an “old new dad.” Here’s a paragraph Mike wrote.

When I first learned I was to become a father, I began recording my thoughts on a blog. Each day I would record my thoughts, trepidations, and musings usually between dosages of morning caffeine. Once the girls were born, I zipped all of the blog posts together on a thumb drive and stowed it away in a fire-proof safe for them to read when they are older. I think my choice to do this is driven by my age; I wanted the girls to have a sense of what I was thinking about during the time they joined us.

Well, you were thinking about different ways to scam people, Mike. When your girls are old enough, make sure to tell them how you and your lovely bride Lura Dold used the suicides of my parents to get $40,000 out of me. Tell your children that I came within a month of having to be committed to a psychiatric facility because of you. That should make your girls proud of their dad.

An astute reader noticed something.

Yes, Beth. Mike is a serial plagiarizer. He’s never had an original thought in his life.

Besides dreaming of looking like a Sherpa, Mike also runs or ran “a[sic] international company,” and he owned a work-from-home dad of two toddlers. He says so himself.

So he had a slave. The international company was called The Baby Guys, and Mike used it to register tons of domain names. Note that he claims to have been a “top executive for a large school system.” The only executive positions in education are chancellor, president, or provost of a college or university. Mike therefore must have a doctorate in academic leadership. According to The Examiner, The Good Men Project, Twitter, Facebook, and Mike’s Websites, he lives simultaneously in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Healdsburg.

Mike had a “publishing” blog, but he stopped posting after he landed me. I was the biggest fish he’d caught until recently. These days there’s a woman—an aspiring author—who funds Mike and Lura; I warned her that she was being conned, and in response she had Mike change her Website so that she can no longer be contacted. She’s very wealthy and has a doglike loyalty to Mike. From my interaction with her, I’m betting she’ll stick with him for years.

One of Mike’s victims told me that there are “clients” who keep Mike on permanent retainer. At $3000 a month. Dreams die hard for some people.

Here’s a passage from Mike’s blog.

The evolution of print to ebooks began several years ago with the latter now equivalent to 6% of consumer physical book sales by value in the UK market alone. The figures are truly impressive and although they paint a grim picture for the physical book, authors would be wise to take notes of the fast changes that are re-shaping the publishing landscape. Depending on the genre and the target audience, some writers are recommended to publish their title only in a digital format as it wouldn’t make much sense to invest in a paperback as well.

This appears to be written by someone with about a seventh-grade education. The stilted quality and errors in grammar and spelling indicate a person who never got out of high school.

Mike is not only stupid, he’s also vacuous. This is the meta description of one of my posts that Mike rewrote without my knowledge.

My post is titled “What they’re feeling in Westgate Mall,” referring to the al-Shabaab terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, September 21 to 24, 2013. Mike was unaware of this atrocity even as it happened. He thought the Westgate Mall was in Norwalk, California.

On my Website every post until January 7, 2014, is full of Mike Albee’s ignorance and incompetence. I put off correcting the posts until I taught myself the basics of SEO and the Ghosts Trilogy was finished. Now I have to spend days removing the stench of mediocrity from my site. Though it’s drudgery, it’s also tangible improvement.

Mike Albee has been a fraud and criminal his entire adult life. In comparison, I’m not the person I was just two weeks ago. I know and understand much more, and my optimism has increased exponentially. Recently I got a very nice note from a bassist I interviewed a few times.

and then I clicked on your ‘about’ page…

Good gods man, I thought you had already been through some shit, but the recent events….I am so sorry to hear about your parents’ deaths, and the
psychopathic criminals that entered your life.

Nothing much to say beyond that, it kind of leaves me speechless. I am going to hope for the truth in the last sentence on that page: “…he recovered, and continues his upward trajectory.”

Yes. I have recovered. With the help of doctors, friends, Tim, and maybe outside forces that provide strength when needed, I’ve defeated Mike Albee and Lura Dold.

My next book is a novel that will blow everybody’s socks off. I continue my upward trajectory while Mike Albee wallows in sewage.

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