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A monster turns on its creators

A monster turns on its creators

By now you’ve probably heard that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was allegedly taped telling his mistress to not bring black people to the games and to not post photos on Instagram of herself with black men. The woman goes by several aliases, including V. Stiviano. She’s said to be part black and part Mexican herself. All that matters to me about this is that I can’t be happier when a monster turns on its creators.

First, the stunning couple.

You can hear by the way she speaks to him that she’s deeply in love. At the height of my romance with the Cardinal Ghost, she habitually addressed me as though I were a patient in a nursing home. It’s how all women express passion.


Sterling—a billionaire lawyer and real-estate magnate—in turn gave Stiviano a house, two Bentleys, and a Ferrari. I gave the Cardinal Ghost an ocean liner, two helicopters, and a ski resort. Because I loved her. Flowers and handwritten notes are what pigs give women. The truly committed male showers his inamorata with material goods worth millions.

The reason I enjoy watching this sordid, cheap, ridiculous circus act is because the currency of the charge “RACISM!” is being debauched into nonexistence, and that’s a good thing. Doing his part to help us free ourselves from this self-imposed prison is Snoop Lion Dog Dogg Doggy Snoopy Doopy Poopy Something.

Sorry, Mr. Dogg. Donald Sterling is as much a “redneck” as is President Obama. Sterling is a Jewish guy from Chicago. But on the other hand, Snoop Dogg himself is a complete fraud. His real name is Calvin Broadus, and his middle-class family lived in Long Beach. He’s a graduate of Long Beach Polytechnic, one the best secondary schools in the nation. Snoop played badminton!

This is totally hilarious. We have a black fake gangster calling a Jewish billionaire a redneck because the addled philanderer told his partially black hired set of genitals to stop publicizing photos of herself with the black men she was shagging on the side. And then the knee-jerk race hustlers joined in.

Why would Sean Hannity, Rand Paul, or Ted Cruz defend Sterling? He’s a liberal Democrat like Paul Begala. And why would anyone “endorse” Sterling? He’s not running for office. When Begala was shown to be a slimy opportunist and an idiot, he righteously thundered that politics MUST NOT BE INVOKED IN THIS TRAGEDY!

In telling us that politics have no place here, he introduced politics by mentioning Cliven Bundy, the heroically bepaunched rancher who spent twenty years fighting the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights.

After becoming the object of national attention, Bundy decided to publicly ask a question that had been nagging him for a while: Would “the Negro” be better off as a slave, picking cotton? And before you could say, “Holy shit!” all the conservatives who’d supported Bundy stampeded for the lifeboats.

All cultures have racist elements. I’ve lived in and visited twenty countries; my experience is that the most implacably racist cultures are those of progressive, enlightened Western Europe. If you want to see one of the best films ever made, check out The Celebration, called Festen in Danish.

A white Danish woman brings her black American boyfriend to her father’s birthday party, much to the disgust of the other Danes. I’ve heard that this scene was entirely unscripted and spontaneous. Every member of the cast knew the words to the song and sang with great gusto. The American actor’s reaction is genuine.

I don’t know any racist songs. Do you? Yet Western Europeans criticize the US—a nation that elected and re-elected a black president—as racist. It’s called “cognitive dissonance.” Also “projection.” And “denial.”

To the race hustlers: I’ve been the target of racism far more times than I can remember. It happened just yesterday, when an enlightened, progressive Canadian said the following.

i mean he is so tough that he doesnt have the balls to pick up a gun and go after the afghans..i can just picture it..imagine thomas vs an afghan…lol..a frightened little white man vs a giant afghan..yes thomas u americans and russians shit bricks when u hear afghans coming…love too see that..poor thomas..silly white boy…

When I told him that my mother was Mexican, here’s how he responded.

were u picked on because u were a hallf breed

Have you ever called anyone a “half-breed”? I haven’t. I’m amazed that enlightened, progressive Canadians still use the term. The Canadian who called me a half-breed shows his racism in another way by differentiating Afghans from white people. Here’s an Afghan man.

Another Afghan man.

An Afghan girl.

Another Afghan girl.

Now, I’m not progressive, so maybe you Canadians and Europeans can explain to me why these people don’t count as white. Canadians and Europeans have often accused me of supporting “the bombing of brown people in Afghanistan.” Either you think that the US has developed bombs that can detect melanin in the skin, or you regard Afghans as inferior Third Worlders and therefore not eligible to be called white, since you believe that Caucasians are the apex of human development.

I think we all know the answer.

As I’ve written many times, my mother was a dark-skinned Mexican, and my brother Paul inherited Mom’s pigmentation. Here’s Mom in 1958, standing on the left. You can’t get more Mexican looking than that.

¡Ay-yai-yai! Caliente!

Though I was turned down for apartments in Japan because of my race; and though the Japanese have signs on clubs and restaurants saying in English “Non-Japanese Not Allowed”; and though I sat next to Japanese people who called me ugly, hairy, smelly, and dirty; I somehow survived. And it didn’t make me hate all Japanese.

I never take race into account. When I met the Cardinal Ghost, it didn’t register that she isn’t white. I didn’t think, “So there you are, you beautiful non-white woman!”

Over and over and over, I’m told that race is the most important thing about a person. A pox on everyone who agrees.

You go ahead and keep putting on clown shows like this Donald Sterling fiasco. In just a few more years, all those who try to divide us will be laughed out of the room whenever they open their mouths.

That’ll mean we’ve finally become a nation that judges people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

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