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Moral preening is terminal cultural decadence

Moral preening is terminal cultural decadence

First off: I don’t hate all Irish people. When I meet an Irish person, I don’t have any feelings one way or another. Irishness has no moral content for me.

But for twenty-five years, I hated the Irish. It’s because the Provisional Irish Republican Army—not an army; a band of alcoholic terrorists—nearly killed my brother Paul and me in Regent’s Park, London, on July 20, 1982. I was twenty.


Thirty-four years later, I can still hear the nail bomb exploding under the bandstand.


It sounded like a million glass-fronted curio cabinets being smashed with sledgehammers. Or a million car accidents. Paul and I felt the blast wave in our midsections; it was like a thunderclap. For no reason, we’d turned left instead of right.

The band of the Royal Green Jackets was playing. As a military-history buff and musician, I would’ve insisted on going to listen if we’d turned right. Who knows what would’ve happened to us? I was left with permanent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sudden, loud noises instantly fill me with homicidal rage. It lasts for only a few seconds.

Those murdered by the IRA were unarmed bandsmen.

The IRA never had the balls to directly engage armed, trained opponents. They ambushed and tortured to death civilians, politicians, policemen, and soldiers. When the British Special Air Service (SAS) and Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) used IRA tactics to ambush and kill an entire eight-man terrorist squad at Loughgall, Northern Ireland, May 8, 1987, the Irish blubbered, “No fair!”

To this day they still whine about it. This song isn’t a parody. Imagine the archaic mindset of people moved to drunken tears by this schmaltzy sewage.

The 36-man SAS unit was armed with assault rifles and heavy machine guns that turned the terrorists into man-sized chunks of Swiss cheese.

However, the SAS also killed an innocent passerby who happened to be wearing blue coveralls, like the terrorists. His name was Anthony Hughes.

Therefore, despite my hatred of the IRA, I can say without qualification that the ambush was wrong. The SAS and RUC were careless. Hughes and his brother were driving past; they were fired on even though they were 130 yards (119 meters) from the police station that was under attack.

Moral dovetailing

Nobody hates Jews like the Irish. Social media is full of Irish drunks raving about Israel and rabbis and bankers and circumcision. Grotesquely, senior Israeli Defense Force officers are now sounding a lot like Irish Jew-haters.

Earlier this year, the military chief, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, came under fire from parliamentary hard-liners — Netanyahu’s base — for calling on soldiers to use only “necessary force” against attackers and to not kill “every girl with a pair of scissors.”

Is the IDF killing every girl who has a pair of scissors? No.

Eisenkot knows this. But it’s more important for him to strike a moral pose than to address the real issue, which is Palestinian depravity. Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Yair Golan is cut from the same cloth as his boss.

Golan’s humanist bona fides were bolstered Sunday when a decade-old recording surfaced in which he is heard telling future army recruits they must avoid harming innocent civilians, even at the cost of a risk to other soldiers’ lives.

It’s right there, out in the open: “Golan’s humanist bona fides were bolstered.” This is about the appearance of being moral, not actually being moral. Do you know why I say that?

Because the enemy uses these oh-so-moral rules of engagement (ROE) in order to kill civilians and Israeli soldiers. The end result is more immorality, and an Israeli military leadership that sits in safety, spewing the same propaganda as Irish Jew-haters.

What’s genuinely moral?

In Iraq, the US military made sure to publicly discuss ROE. One was that only armed terrorists could be engaged. The terrorists therefore attacked and killed Americans, dropped their rifles, and were allowed to walk away. Is that moral? Or is it decadent lunacy?

Do you know what the Arab League rules of engagement are?

No. You don’t and I don’t, BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT PUBLICLY DISCUSSED. The US has the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), and the IDF has the Military Advocate General’s Corps (MAG). Both collections of lawyers have the final say on individual strikes. “Clearance” has to be given. This is blathered about all day and all night.

“Look and see! Look and see! Aren’t we moral?

Despite the American and Israeli transparency, what do we have?

A wildly popular documentary starring a chubby liar named Jeff Englehart.

And as they’d say, “In five [inaudible], we’re going drop some Whiskey Pete.” “Roger. Commence bombing.” I mean, it just comes across the radio, and like, when you hear “Whiskey Pete,” that’s the military slang.

No. In the military, they call white phosphorus “Willie Pete,” not “Whiskey Pete.” And nobody ever says, “Commence bombing.”

More Englehart.

The gases from the warhead of the white phosphorus will disperse in a cloud.

No. White phosphorus is a solid, not a gas. It ignites on exposure to air.

The tetraphosphorus decoxide left behind is a fluffy white powder used as a dehydrating agent.

Englehart is completely unfamiliar with military equipment.

However, upon reaching the front lines, a safety standard was in effect stating that the urban combat was extremely intense. The lightest armored vehicles allowed in sector were Bradley tanks.

The M2 Bradley is an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), not a tank.

A combat infantryman would never call a Bradley a tank. Nor would he say this.

Circling continuously overhead throughout the battle was an array of attack helicopters. The most devastating were the Cobras and Apaches with their chain-gun missile launchers.

Here’s a chain gun.

Here’s a missile launcher.

Two completely different weapon systems. But it didn’t matter that Englehart is a fraud, or that the corpses shown in the Italian film were blackened by decomposition, not chemical weapons. People believe what they’re predisposed to believe.

And after all the moral preening by its officers, how does the world view the IDF?


JAG Corps, MAG Corps, and transparency make no difference, because the accusers aren’t arguing in good faith. And almost everyone else is a low-information idiot.

Moral middle finger

The Arab League doesn’t discuss the process it uses when carrying out strikes. This is the Arab approach to fighting: “You’re going to accuse us of war crimes anyway, so we’re not going to bother responding to you.”

Perfect. Perfect.

My guess is that Arab League strategic special operators have virtually no rules of engagement. That’s because the leadership trusts their men to do the right thing. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the Arab League is committing war crimes. Munitions don’t lie, but “human rights” organizations do.

From 1982 until 2007, I hated the Irish. I also hated all terrorists. What made me admire special operators was their ability to kill terrorists. The more ruthless the operation, the better, such as when the Royal Dutch Marines used .50-caliber armor-piercing bullets to kill Moluccan terrorists on the train they’d hijacked at De Punt, May 23, 1977.

After almost three weeks of negotiations, the government allowed the rescue to go forward. First the marines located the terrorists through the steel walls of the train by using thermal imaging. At 5:00 a.m. on June 11, 1977, they fired over 15,000 rounds into the train as a detachment of about a dozen marines equipped with Uzi submachine guns, explosives, and ladders advanced out of the woods.

The heavy machine guns ceased firing, and six F-104 Starfighters flew right over the roof of the train with their afterburners on.

These end-of-the-world explosions disoriented the surviving terrorists, allowing the marines to blow open the doors, storm the train, and neutralize the last Moluccans in a short, close-range firefight. Six of the nine terrorists and one hostage were killed.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. It helped me let go of most of my rage. I now support special forces not because they kill terrorists but because they save the lives of the defenseless.

There were two bombings in London on July 20, 1982. Hyde Park was also bombed. Because of a clerical error, IRA terrorist John Downey had all charges against him dropped on February 25, 2014.

He got away with mass murder. As you can see, he’s indifferent to the carnage and destruction he wrought. That’s what helped me let go of my anger. This isn’t a human. Hating it is a waste of time.

Irish Jew-haters use morality as the rationale for their malevolence. Many senior IDF officials and Jewish people use morality as the rationale for their self-aggrandizement. Neither side cares about people like me.

The ones who care are the anonymous men who don’t strike poses.

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