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Political agendas are far more important than murder victims

Political agendas are far more important than murder victims

Today terrorists shot up the Inland Regional Center (IRC) in San Bernadino, California. At least fourteen people were killed and another seventeen wounded. Although the IRC serves people with developmental disabilities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the target was a Christmas party in a room rented by employees of the San Bernadino County Public Health Department. Anyone with a functioning brain knew immediately that this was terrorism. Even so, it immediately became an opportunity for political grandstanding as professional hacks and their repulsive followers attacked dissenters, not the terrorists.

US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) criticized those who made statements of condolence.

Strangely, he had no words of condemnation for the murderers.

Murphy also forgot his own tweet of a few months earlier.

Good job, Connecticut! A man’s fondness for lipstick isn’t a red flag at all.

Today the political hive went after those who offered prayers and thoughts. Normal human sentiment is to be rejected in favor of action!

Well, this is all fake. No action will be taken. The shakers of fists are just emitting hot gas from their lipsticked pieholes. Democrats defeated a cornerstone gun law in the Senate on April 17, 2013. The president isn’t shy about signing executive orders. Why hasn’t he moved on this by himself?

The reason that Democrats don’t put their money where their mouths are is that those who oppose gun ownership don’t vote.

Congress doesn’t have to represent the views of the majority of Americans, at least as expressed in opinion surveys. It represents the views of Americans who go at the polls on Election Day and the simple majorities in the voting districts in which they cast their ballots…

Thanks to city-rural demographic trends in which pro-regulation liberals tend to live - and vote - in dense urban centres and state-level efforts by Republican-controlled legislatures to draw advantageous voting districts, many state congressional delegations trend more conservative than the general US voting population.

Blame yourselves for the “carnage,” all you lazy, fatuous, histrionic social-justice “warriors.” And blame your leaders.

Gun sales on November 27, 2015, broke all previous records. You know who’s selling guns to America? President Barack Obama.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012, President Obama’s vow to cut down on ownership of assault weapons (the industry calls them “black rifles”) led to an explosion in sales. The irony was obvious: the president wanted to reduce ownership of firearms, and instead it created a boom.

“It’s like somebody saying, ‘We’re going to ban waffle irons,’ and you don’t even want a waffle iron, but you go out and buy three of them,” says Brian Ruttenbur, an analyst with CRT Capital. “The best thing for gun sales has been the Obama administration. It’s reverse logic.”

When it comes to politicians, you need to ignore both sides in this debate. The political left lacks the will to enact strict gun laws, because that will guarantee that the party will be voted out of power. And when the political right tells you that guns will be confiscated, that isn’t true either.

What new laws do we need?

Today’s attack could not have been prevented by any laws. Explosive devices are already illegal. Murder is illegal. Terrorism is illegal. And I knew immediately that it was terrorism because it involved multiple shooters.

The terrorists wore ski masks, uniforms, and body armor—what the police are calling “tactical assault gear.”

They had rifles, pistols, and explosive devices. After the attack they fled in a black SUV to Redlands, California. The ski masks and the attempt to get away means that they wanted to live, but it wasn’t to be. When the police stopped them, they opened fire. Twenty-one officers returned fire.

The vehicle was riddled with hundreds of bullets. A man and a woman were killed; the man was Syed Farook, 28, an environmental health specialist of the San Bernardino County Public Health Department. He attended the Christmas party with his colleagues, left, and came back shooting.

Tafsheen Malik, 27, is the dead woman. She was Farook’s wife, whom he recently met and married in Saudi Arabia. They had an infant child.

Here is Malik on the ground, lying on her belly, her black bra visible.

She wet her pants while absorbing many rounds. In her last few seconds of life, she learned how her victims felt.

Since Farook and Malik were young, I’m sure they never saw the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. But they got to experience it.

There’s absolutely no way that the San Bernadino mass shooting was “workplace violence.” It wasn’t a spontaneous event. This was another jihadist terrorist attack.


You MUST keep this in mind: The police were tipped off as to the identity of the terrorists, and I’ll bet you any amount of money that the tipster was Muslim. I read somewhere that almost every foiled jihadist terrorist plot in the US was exposed by Muslims. Also, think of stories like this.

Farooque Ahmed is a Pakistani American from Ashburn, Virginia who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly plotting to bomb Washington Metro stations at Arlington cemetery, Pentagon City, Crystal City and Court House.

Ahmed was arrested early on October 27, 2010. He was accused of scouting the Metrorail station in Arlington County, Virginia and recording video of the station on four different occasions. In July, he handed over the footage to an individual who he believed to be an operative of Al-Qaeda. According to the indictment, he told undercover agents that an attack would cause most casualties between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and suggested placing the bombs in rolling suitcases.

You understand that anyone posing as al-Qaeda has to be Muslim, right? Ahmed would’ve tested the undercover agents endlessly about the Koran, the Hadiths, etc. They would’ve prayed together. In fact the undercover agents would almost certainly have to be Muslim immigrants.

Your safety and my safety are in the hands of Muslim immigrants. The undercover agents have top-secret security clearances, and they’re entirely trustworthy. Everyday immigrants not working for the government turn in terrorists all the time.

The average Muslim immigrant doesn’t want anything except to be left alone to live in peace, to prosper, and to pursue the American dream. They don’t care about “Islamophobia” because they’re not children. Recently Senator John McCain said that “anti-Muslim rhetoric” drives Muslims into the arms of the Islamic State.

McCain has an incredibly low opinion of Muslims.

“It’s so unjust for you to call me a terrorist that I’ll become a terrorist!”

During World War II the US interred Japanese-Americans. However, men of military age were allowed to serve in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which went on to become the most decorated unit in the history of the American armed forces.

Because of the threat to their families, Muslim men have a very difficult time serving openly in the armed forces of nations that fight jihadist terrorism. That’s why so many of them go undercover. And the Muslim community in the US is a Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line for us.

Without Muslim immigrants to the US, we would’ve been successfully attacked multiple times by now.

When Muslims commit terrorism, I don’t use it to smear an entire group of people. That’s why I’m getting pretty sick of politicians and their zombie acolytes using every atrocity as a means to discredit those who disagree with them.

Treat me the way you treat Muslims. How about that?


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