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Politicians and journalists are the root of all evil

Politicians and journalists are the root of all evil

I’ve written extensively about my disgust for journalists, but politicians are even worse. Watch this clip of Senator Lindsey Graham questioning US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

This was theater for morons. Graham knows full well that the Turkish government and the Kurdish YPG work together time and again.

Turkish President Erdoğan, who once said Kobanê was certain to fall, has been compelled to go to the YPG defending the city for help in order to save the tomb of Süleyman Şah – according to a new piece in Özgür Gündem. With the permission of the YPG, Turkish soldiers moved across the border to rescue their soldiers stationed at the tomb. Following the rescue they blew up the facility. The YPG also took an active part in the operation, while it was the Kobanê Canton Administration which decided on the new location for the tomb in the village of Aşmê.

Here’s a photo of YPG fighters watching as Turkish soldiers build the new tomb.

During the siege of Kobane, the Turks allowed 1500 Turkish Kurds to enter Syria as reinforcements for the YPG. Turkey also carried out air strikes on behalf of the YPG, allowed in 150 Iraqi Peshmerga armed with artillery, and let 50 Arab League strategic special operators use Turkish territory to transit into Kobane.

Politicians care only about politics

Truth and honor mean nothing to Lindsey Graham. He understands the delicate balancing act that Turkish and Kurdish leaders are performing. But Graham wants to score points with his constituents, who don’t like President Obama. So Graham does his best to make Secretary Carter look bad.

The reality is that the Arab League, the Kurds, Turkey, and Israel are doing all the heavy lifting. They’ve worked out long-terms solutions without our help. We provide munitions, weapons, and some level of air power, but we’re nowhere near as engaged as people think. It’s not possible for me to know what the Arab League really wants the US to do. The reason for this deliberate vagueness is that there are too many homicidal lunatics in the region.

On all sides.

Senior Kurdish leaders and activists on Thursday condemned the parading of 40 to 50 rebel bodies in the Kurdish city of Efrin (Afrin) Thursday afternoon who were killed in a failed attack on positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tal Rifaat town in the Aleppo province.

Kurdish leader and the co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Aldar Xelil said: “The show of bodies of the enemies in such a way in front of the civilians in the streets, as what happened in Efrin today, is disgusting and contrary to our values of humanity.”

“We are not those who terrorize their enemies in such a shameful way. These ways are closer to the traditions of Daash [ISIS], the al-Baath-regime, or a military dictatorship. We feel very ashamed of it,” Xelil said.

Kurds on social media—the ones sitting in safety, far from the fighting—thought that the parade of corpses was great.

It was suicidally counterproductive. All it did was enrage Sunni Muslim Arabs.

Politicians don’t know what’s real

Because politicians and their followers are so simpleminded, its easy to fool them with propaganda. The video below is entirely phony.


First we see homemade rockets flying off course.



The horizontal flame (red arrow) shows that the rocket began tumbling. It probably broke up in midair.

This is a strafing run by an aircraft firing high-explosive armor-piercing (HEAP) rounds.


Rebels don’t have aircraft. The red arrow shows one round exploding.

They have exactly one “technical” gun truck.


And one T-72 main battle tank (MBT).


Both vehicles are sparkling clean. They’ve never been used in combat.

This guy’s shooting the ground in front of him. He’s an actor.


This guy’s shooting the ground with the 12.7 mm NSVT antiaircraft machine gun that they took off their one tank.


He’s wearing a tanker’s helmet, and he has absolutely no control over the gun. I wouldn’t stand anywhere nearby for a million dollars.

The “corpse”? Another actor.


They filmed the same set earlier. Look at the tank and the two open boxes.


Do you know where this was staged?

Turkey. That bag is from the Gölko Consumer Cooperative, a member of the Göltaş Cement Group of companies.

So don’t tell me that the Turks are supporting jihadist terrorists. They’re working with the Arab League, Israel, AND THE KURDS to stabilize the region. These fake rebels are necessary stand-ins for the professional strategic special operators winning the war. The Middle East isn’t ready for the new reality, so a pantomime must be performed.

If I can figure this out from YouTube videos, politicians have no excuse. And all you bloodthirsty cheerleaders on social media can go to hell.

Politicians make me sick

But so do most people. Especially Russians. I had no idea that they’re so implacably destructive. They need to be stopped. The video below is also fake, but people were killed. You won’t see it happen.

There was no attack on Sheikh Masqoud on April 26, 2016. And the reporter is lying about everything else too. At 0:28, you hear a cannon fired. The projectile lands at 0:42, fourteen seconds later. Here it is.


It’s a very large munition that was fired from outside the city. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) uses massive improvised rockets.

Clearly the SAA could easily build its own “Hell Cannons” and claim that rebels fired them. A fourteen-second flight is proof that the projectile came from outside Aleppo. And there’s only one reason why the Russian reporter would lie about where the munitions hit.

This is Ibn Rashid Cardiac Hospital.

Ibn Rashid Cardiac Hospital.1

This is where the Anna film crew was.

Ibn Rashid Cardiac Hospital.2

This is where Sheik Masqoud is in relation to the Anna film crew.

Ibn Rashid Cardiac Hospital.3

Therefore this is where the rounds from the SAA Hell Cannon landed (red arrow).

Ibn Rashid Cardiac Hospital.4

Assad bombarded his own people and blamed it on the rebels. Politicians, journalists, “human rights” activists, NGOs, pundits, members of think tanks, social media users—they all prolong human suffering. There’s really only one group that puts an end to injustice.


Every nation has its flaws. But you need to add Turkey to the list of countries transforming the Middle East for the better. Enough with the accusations.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, so shut up.