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Rough men who do violence on our behalf

Rough men who do violence on our behalf

Frequency illusion—also called the Bader-Meinhof phenomenon—is when something you just learned out about suddenly seems to be everywhere. I’m now seeing indisputable evidence that thousands of Arab special-forces units are waging a very successful war in Syria. Six days ago I had no idea. I believe that these rough men began wide-scale operations in early October.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

—George Orwell

Special operators are rough in the sense that they ruthlessly do what needs to be done, but they’re also required to be extremely smart. Their survival depends on stealth, their ability to take calculated risks, and knowing how to rearrange everything they’ve been taught. Special operators improvise all the time.

The Australian actor Rod Taylor was the perfect amalgam of brains and dangerous brawn. He was like a wolf that went to finishing school.


All special operators share this quality.

I’m going to show you a video that you may find distasteful. There’s no gore, but several Iranians were killed. Keep in mind that these were very evil men, serving one of the most destructive regimes in human history.

This video proves that special operators are fighting in Syria, because the weapon used to kill the Iranians doesn’t exist.

What you see is the BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile (ATGM), an American weapon. However, this man didn’t fire it at the Iranians.


He’s sitting in the sunshine, while the Iranians are wearing rain capes (red arrow).


This is a propaganda video. Someone else fired the missile. A highly skilled professional.

The BGM-71 TOW is an optically tracked, wire-guided missile. After firing, the operator controls the missile by watching a flare in the tail and keeping a pair of cross hairs inside the optical sight aligned on the target. Two copper wires spool out from the rear of the missile as it flies (red arrow below).


These wires transmit commands to the four control surfaces in the tail. It’s called semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS).

Here are the BGM-71 TOW variants.


In 2014 Syrian rebels were seen with BGM-71E missiles, also called the TOW 2A.


This variant has a tandem warhead used to defeat reactive armor. The first warhead triggers the explosives in the reactive armor. On the tank below, each “brick” is filled with explosives that blow up the warhead of an ATGM without damaging the vehicle.


A single-warhead ATGM would be unable to penetrate the hull, so a tandem or double-warhead ATGM was developed. The first warhead takes care of the reactive armor, and the second warhead penetrates the hull, destroying the tank.

We know that the missile fired in the Syrian video is a TOW, because we can see the flare on the tail.



Rough men play rough

The warhead is thermobaric, meaning it was full of a liquid fuel that was vaporized and then ignited, creating a huge explosion.

See the cloud of light-colored vapor right over the balcony (red arrow)?


The cloud had a pinkish corona. Vapor sprayed into the building, as you can tell by the top right window, which went pink.

Then the vapor exploded. Note that the window is now full of flame.


The problem is that there’s no known thermobaric warhead for the BGM-71 missile. Nobody makes one.

But you just saw one being used.

And no, it wasn’t a Russian ATGM. The KORNET ATGM uses a laser beam for guidance. There’s no flare on the tail. You keep the laser beam aimed at the target, and the missile “rides” it.

This is the missile.


Listen to that KORNET video again. At 0:46 you can hear some stupid American saying, “Allow akbarrrr” in cheesy imitation of his Arab pals. If he’s not already dead, he soon will be.

A thermobaric warhead for the BGM-71 TOW is new technology that nobody knew existed. There’s absolutely no chance that any Arab government would give this weapon to a militia or rebel group. It was Arab special operators who fired it.

In the video of the Iranians being hit, the gunner was 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) away. I know that because the BGM-71 flies at 671 miles per hour (1080 kilometers per hour), and it took 15 seconds to hit the target. That’s the absolute maximum effective range of every known variant of the BGM-71. In 2012 Raytheon successfully tested a new propulsion system for the BGM-71; this prototype flew four miles (seven kilometers). It hasn’t yet entered production.

We know that the BGM-71 that hit the Iranians had a thermobaric warhead. I’m guessing that the missile also had a new propulsion system. Regardless of the motor, it was a hell of a shot, far beyond the capabilities of the average militiaman or rebel. Professional soldiers targeted the Iranians. Simply locating Quds Force officers in Syria would have to be done by special operators. Not only that, the Iranians were killed while having a meeting. Someone was listening in on their communications.

Ripley to the rescue

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has given an interview in which he says that President Obama is completely out of his depth.

Hagel, now that time has passed and he’s willing to discuss his tenure in office, cited the episode as an example of a White House that has struggled to formulate a coherent policy on Syria, holding interminable meetings that would often end without a decision, even as conditions on the ground worsened and the death toll grew steadily higher.

The 69-year-old former Nebraska senator and Vietnam War veteran, speaking for the first time about his treatment by the Obama administration, said the Pentagon was subject to debilitating meddling and micromanagement by the White House—echoing criticism made by his predecessors, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta.

Did you ever see the movie Aliens? There’s an agonizing scene in which the inexperienced, arrogant Lieutenant Gorman of the Colonial Marines sends his men and women against the hideous xenomorphs. Ellen Ripley tries to tell him what he’s facing, and he rudely brushes her off. When the mission goes disastrously wrong, Gorman ends up paralyzed, mumbling nonsense as he listens to his Marines being slaughtered.


The Arab League is Ellen Ripley. It knows the enemy. Knowing the enemy allows you to defeat him.

Russia and Iran began a massive offensive in Syria on October 7, 2015. Due to desertion, Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army no longer exists. The Iranians therefore brought in an unknown number of Quds Force, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iranian paramilitary Basij, Hezbollah, Iraqi Shi’ite militias, and an Afghan Shi’ite brigade. They also created a Syrian Basij and were planning a Syrian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

A week into their offensive, they had their heads handed to them. This is the initial Reuters report, which has since been scrubbed from the Internet.





Googling the first few words of the article shows that this was indeed how Reuters first reported it, but as of today, not one link actually goes to that story.


The Jordan Times provides a clue to what the Arab League pulled off.


Blabber-mouthed rebels ran to the media at the beginning of the Russian-Iranian offensive and said, “WE GOT MISSILES! LOTS!” So the professionals slammed them up against the wall.

“Look, you morons,” somebody growled in Arabic with a Saudi or Emirati or Qatari or Jordanian or Egyptian accent. “How can we surprise these bastards if you’re telling the world that you have tons of missiles? Call Reuters back. Now.

So the rebels got on the phone and sobbed, “I lied! We don’t have anything! We’re DOOMED!” which made the reporters think, Good! I want Iran to win because stinky Americans and Israelis are racist!

It’s so obvious to me now that large numbers of Arab special operators engaged and defeated the Iranians WITHOUT FANFARE. The Syrian civil war had been in a stalemate for four years, and then suddenly Iran began experiencing such gigantic setbacks that the mullahs have pulled their troops from Syria. They lost.

No amount of weaponry or advisers could’ve turned the war around in only two months. You need ground troops to do that. Actually, you need incredibly skilled special forces who aren’t the gibbering drama queens we see in the rebel videos.

Throughout the summer, there were enormous live-fire training exercises in the American Southwest. Four independent eyewitnesses confirmed them to me; three are active-duty military. They all said that the troops training in our deserts were not American, and they had unbelievable firepower. My witnesses said they’d never seen anything like it.

I have.




Those are Saudi National Guardsmen. Conventional troops.

Special forces are far more heavily armed. Now they’ve turned their attention to the Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front.

Rough men but discreet and considerate. They won’t embarrass our president, and they’re letting the locals take credit for everything.

That’s class.

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