Thomas Wictor

Sexual assault: An open letter to Donald Trump’s accusers

To Katie Johnson, Jill Harth, Mariah Billado, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Mindy McGillivray, Natasha Stoynoff, Casandra Searkles, Tasha Dixon, Kristin Anderson, Summer Zervos, and Cathy Heller, all of whom accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault:

It’s clear that you’re lying. And how do I know that?

Because none of you express anger. A billionaire viciously used you as his plaything, yet you’re not even worked up about it. Your stories read like bad women’s fiction. Also, you uniformly present yourselves as powerless victims, destroyed—in the case of Rachel Crooks, for example—by a single brief kiss on the mouth.

Mediocre writers scripted your language.

“It’s not okay.”

You tell ’em, sister! Sexual assault is not cool!

Who talks like that? This is focus-group propaganda for imbeciles. It’s very obvious that your claims are orchestrated, because nobody is expressing genuine emotions. These accusations are simply a political cudgel to be used on Donald Trump.

Men experience sexual assault

The results are catastrophic. There’s no place in American society for men who are sexually assaulted. In the case of actual rape, the experience itself destroys a man, but the aftermath is worse. There is no psychiatric treatment, no religion, no friend, no spouse, no medication, no liquor, and no narcotic that makes a difference. The only cure is death.

This doesn’t mean that all male rape victims are suicidal. Some can actually cobble together a kind of existence. But when they see this, it sticks in the craw.


Summer Zervos, so overcome with girlish weakness that her attorney Gloria Allred must cuddle her. However, Allred looks as though she’s thinking Chicken salad. That sounds good. And some garlic bread. Yum.

Keep in mind that after Donald Trump allegedly assaulted Zervos TWICE, using significant physical violence, Zervos continued to pursue him, asking for a job and help.

This story is false. Both Allred and Zervos can’t carry off their performances. It’s cheap soap opera.

People remember sexual assault

Jessica Leeds claims that a flight attendant plucked her from economy class and sat her next to Donald Trump in first class SO THAT TRUMP COULD SEXUALLY ASSAULT HER. Is this remotely plausible? Leeds doesn’t remember the year of the incident, the airport from which she took off, or the airline.

Kristin Anderson says that Trump suddenly appeared on a sofa beside her in a New York club—without his security—and silently rammed his hand up her skirt, grabbing her vagina. Anderson can’t remember the year of the incident, the location, or the people she was with. A world-famous billionaire attacked her in public, but nobody can corroborate it.

Obviously this fabrication is based on the Billy Bush tape. However, in the Bush tape, Trump spoke about GROUPIES. People have shrilly demanded to know how I can “defend” Trump grabbing women’s genitals.

Not sexual assault

Here’s a woman allowing Arnold Schwarzenegger to perform impromptu gynecology on her.


Does she seem upset? A victim? Or is she enjoying the experience of having a famous, powerful man put his fingers inside her?

Who am I to tell a grown woman what she can and cannot do? I worked in Hollywood for ten years. Many women cheerfully use their genitals to attract the attention of wealthy, famous, powerful men. It’s not a matter of me approving or disapproving. I’m not involved. It’s none of my business.

Real sexual assault

Some men who experienced sexual assault have to take antianxiety medication, antidepressants, antipsychotics, sleep aids, and medication to control homicidal rage. Gastritis has rotted their stomachs. When people say, “We’re having a baby!” the only thing these men think is God help that poor little soul.

Real victims of sexual assault can tell the fake ones. If someone is arch and jovial, they’re lying. Being unable to remember the year or place shows that the incident didn’t make much of an impression. Claiming to not realize until later that they were assaulted is a dead giveaway that this was not a traumatic experience.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), on the other hand, can be a lifetime affliction for some men who endured sexual assault. It makes them do things like nearly murder an adult male for deliberately scaring a baby. I mean literally murder. In a fog of PTSD, it’s possible for someone to stand up, attack, and begin to kill until others intervene.


PTSD can manifest itself in the form of dissociation, especially during attempts to have sex. Some men simply become celibate, because every intimate act is impossible. Instead of closeness, these men feel fear, nausea, bottomless anger, the urge to run, and the nightmarish detachment of dissociation.

Because of the psychological damage done to men who endured sexual assault, they often choose the most abusive partners on earth. At some point, the assault is always used as a weapon.

“You’re not a real man. You liked it.”

Ultimately some men realize that they can’t function among other humans, so they retreat into complete solitude.

It’s not sexual assault

Some men who endured sexual assault are really tired of hearing women whine about how hard they have it. The coordinated attack on Donald Trump refers to him as a “serial sexual predator.”

As I said, every story about Donald Trump has gaping holes and contradictions. In addition, each account is topped with a greasy frosting of truly inept fiction. Opponents of Donald Trump claim that I don’t care about victims of sexual assault.

None of you women are victims of sexual assault. My issue with the current news cycle is that REAL victims of sexual assault are being desecrated. They’re being trampled into the earth. This makes me dangerously angry. In reality, those who don’t care about victims of sexual assault are politicians, celebrity lawyers, fake complainants, journalists, and voters.

A mass self-sexual assault

When this is over, there will still be men who endured sexual assault. They will still have death as their only passage to freedom.

But this culture will have become even more indifferent to genuine victims of sexual assault. The concept has almost totally lost its meaning. When a look or words are considered sexual assault, you know that there’s no effort being made to stop it.

Every one of you women playacting as a Donald Trump accuser better hope to God that you don’t find out what it’s like to experience actual sexual assault. The severity can kill you. If it happens to you early enough, you can live your entire life as a corpse.

In conclusion, I don’t believe you, ladies. Your demeanor is phony. And those smug, spoiled faces show that none of you know suffering.

Be grateful for that. Gratitude for moments free of suffering is how some men get through each hour or minute of the day.