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Pro-Palestinians and their inhuman, utterly destructive degeneracy

Pro-Palestinians and their inhuman, utterly destructive degeneracy

Activists who are themselves Palestinian include a large number of truly heroic reformers. However, pro-Palestinians from outside the culture collect photos of dead children. It’s a sexual fetish. There’s no doubt about it.

Every one of the degenerates below sent me thousands of photos of dead, mutilated children.
















If you ever find yourself arguing with a pro-Palestinian, within minutes they’ll call you a child molester. This is projection.

Pro-Palestinians seek other degenerates

Pro-Palestinians and pedophiles are identical. They collect and share photos, reach out to each other through this mutual interest, go to forums where they talk about their perversion among like-minded degenerates who won’t “judge” them, and rationalize their fetish.

The pedophile says that he or she loves the child, and the child is simply expressing an inborn sexual drive.

Pro-Palestinians say that they love children too.

Yes, but only if the child is dead and mutilated. No well-balanced, healthy person could collect and enthusiastically, uninhibitedly disseminate photos of dead children.

I posted to someone else that the pro-Palestinian movement is indifferent to Palestinians unless they allegedly died at the hands of Jews. Tonight the degenerate below told me that she’s a “human rights activist” who deeply cares about Palestinians and simply opposes “Zionist terrorism.”


I asked her for an example of “Zionist terrorism.”

“Gaza summer 2014,” she wrote.

“See, I KNEW you wouldn’t be able to come up with an example,” I replied. “Let’s test you on real terrorism. Do you condemn this, the Palestinian use of mentally disabled children as suicide bombers?”

I was referring to Hussam Abdo, who the Palestinians fitted with an explosive vest and sent to the checkpoint at Nablus on March 24, 2004.



At great risk to themselves, the IDF saved his life.

Pro-Palestinians have no argument

In response to me asking if she condemned using Hussam Abdo as a suicide bomber, the woman began spamming me with photos of dead, mutilated children. The speed at which she posted them means that they’re in a special folder, ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

I blocked her, as I block all pro-Palestinians who share their fetish for dead, mutilated children. She not only lacked the character to condemn MAKING MENTALLY DISABLED CHILDREN INTO SUICIDE BOMBERS, she used my question as a rationale for indulging in her sexual predilection.

In addition to being a degenerate, she’s a coward.

They can’t hide their degeneracy

Posting photos of dead, mutilated children is a desecration. Pro-Palestinians love both the violent deaths of Palestinian children and the shock value that photos of the corpses produce. Pedophiles and pro-Palestinians revel in corrupting others. Why? Because pedophiles and pro-Palestinians are depraved, evil narcissists who use other human beings as props.

The degenerate Annie Robbins called me a “sick puppy.” That’s funny, considering that I didn’t write an utterly fraudulent piece about Nabi Saleh, and I didn’t accidentally admit that the Palestinians orchestrated the incident.


The reason that Annie Robbins wrote her agitprop was so that more Palestinian children would die. She’ll get to collect photos. Furthermore, her despicable publication will continue making money.

I’m a very unforgiving person. My sincerest wish for pro-Palestinians is that the Islamic State kidnap them and give them the sorts of deaths that their precious photos show. However, I want them to be alive for as long as possible. I can tell you truthfully that if I were the president, and I learned that the Islamic State had taken the degenerates above, I wouldn’t do anything to help them.

The pro-Palestinian movement wants more dead children. They can’t fool me.

David Viscott MD was one of my heroes, even though he was a very flawed man.


He said something that’s absolutely true: The sicker people get, the more generic they become.

Not like you and me

Pro-Palestinians are all identical. They want only to harm Israelis and Palestinians. Those are their reasons for living. Nothing else interests them.

I do want a better world. However, we mete out justice. Evildoers must face punishment. Pro-Palestinians make the situation exponentially worse. There would be no Tamimis if there were no pro-Palestinians. Though I’d settle for the Israelis and their Arab allies simply taking out the garbage, it’s really not enough.

Therefore millions of degenerates should pay for what they’ve done. True justice demands it.


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