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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Some of us see the elephant in the room. It takes many forms.

I found a great article titled “Feminism: Unpopular because of bad marketing?” by Meghan Murphy. In it she says:

And it isn’t only men who might react negatively to the argument that perhaps there is something troubling about the fact that, while Robin Thicke was permitted to keep his pants on during this year’s VMA’s, Miley Cyrus was not offered the same privilege, and that that “something” is inequality.

Let’s see a show of hands: Who wants to see to see Robin Thicke without his pants on? Also, I wonder if the conversation prior to the VMAs went like this:

VMA: Robin, you can keep your pants on, but Miley, you have to take yours off.

Robin: Hey, now! That’s not fair! If Miley has to take off her pants, then I should too.

Miley: You shittin’ me? I gotta take off mah payunts? In public? Ain’t no way! I got a image ta perteck. You ain’t gunna make me look like no slut.

VMA: Miley, you’re just not equal to Robin. He gets to keep his pants on because he’s better than you.

Miley: Damn you! Damn you all to hell! I’ll do it, but y’all gotta face the Lord someday, and he’ll know what y’all made me do. God have mercy on your souls.

Robin: Amen.


Miley: Can I stick out my tongue and put it my ear, twerk on Robin’s crotch, rub mah cooter, and lick a teddy bear’s butt?

VMA: Don’t see why not.

Robin: Cool!

Miley: Whacha think, Momma?

Tish: Just do it tastefully, Angel. Momma and Daddy love you, so you make us real proud, hear?

As long as we keep covering our eyes and plugging our ears, the premature aging and twerking-tongue flapping will be a part of our popular culture. I heard some horrific things when I worked in the L.A. entertainment industry. They were all true.

Mama, don’t let your little girls grow up to be pop stars. Not unless you’re willing to put a price on a soul.

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