Thomas Wictor

Unsolicited advice for Israelis and Jews

Unsolicited advice for Israelis and Jews

Never in the history of humankind has one group of people misunderstood itself so thoroughly. It’s not the fault of Israelis and Jews; I’ll show you how nobody can withstand being pounded on the head with a sledgehammer day after day after day. Then I’m going to offer some unsolicited advice. You’ll think it’s unfair. Well, it is unfair. But life itself is unfair. Once you accept that, you’ll be able to appreciate your gifts more than you do now.

First, let me show you how I myself internalized a toxic message that made me ashamed of myself.

I was in a hobby store, buying wargaming figures. They’re made of metal. Back when I could see, I converted them to use in a giant diorama that I realize now will never be made. Each figure is about one inch (2.5 centimeters) tall. These are German trench raiders.


Though I never had the chance to paint mine, you can see that a huge diorama filled with such figures would be very impressive.


To be clear, I’m not a wargamer. My plan was to make a static diorama. Wargamers do exactly what the name says: They recreate battles, moving the figures around on little bases.

So one day at the hobby shop, I was buying some German World War I trench raiders. Another guy purchased the same figures. He was a wargamer, not a dioramist. We got into a long conversation about the equipment of German World War I trench raiders. Since he was much younger than I am, I was able to tell him things that he didn’t know. He was excited at the prospect of converting his German trench raiders to use the weapons I described, and he also wanted to know if I could tell him anything about Russian grenadier platoons.


These units were so secretive that it was illegal to photograph them. I told the wargamer all about them, so he bought some regular Russian infantrymen that he would convert to a grenadier platoon. His wargaming buddies would be blown away. He shook my hand and left the store a very happy young man.

Here’s what he looked like.

Admit it: You’re surprised. So was I. And I was disgusted at myself. I’d been infected by the propaganda without even knowing it. Those with an agenda of separating us into “us” versus “them” had won. Because of the poisonous, arbitrary “rules of society,” a young man can’t even indulge his interest without people like me thinking it’s odd or just interesting! I put that guy in a kind of prison without even aware that I’d done it.

So Israelis and Jews, don’t beat yourselves up. Nobody’s immune to a message that’s screamed into your face all day, every day. Still, here’s my unsolicited advice for how you move forward.

1. Expose every Palestinian lie.

Do so without hesitation, and call it a lie. Don’t waste your time telling the world that you’re nice people, not monsters. The world already knows that. What’s happening to you is part of a long-term plan to destroy you. Nobody is listening when you point out the good things you do. They don’t care. Also, nobody is listening when you point out Palestinian terrorism. The world approves of Palestinian terrorism.

Instead, when the Palestinians lie, call it a lie, and do so at the tops of your lungs. When people talk about all the Palestinian children killed, ask them why in the 9-17 age cohort, twice as many boys as girls died. It took me weeks to analyze all the casualty lists, so I can’t point you to a particular post or site or page that has these things written out. Maybe I’ll create a PDF with all the lists and their multiple problems.

Go looking for Palestinian lies, memorize the details, and be prepared to use them. The Palestinians are liars. Nothing they say can be taken at face value. Tell people that. Tell the truth in a matter-of-fact way. Be unapologetic.

2. Stop criticizing Israel publicly.

Your enemies use every one of your criticisms against you. Here’s what I hate to see.

[Brian] Mast is a veteran, a U.S. Army Ranger sergeant from Florida, a double amputee after stepping on an improvised explosive device while doing explosives disposal in Afghanistan in 2010.


Back in civilian life, Mast decided to snag one honor that had eluded him — a college diploma — so he took his wife and kids to Harvard University, where he’s studying economics.

There he discovered a new battle.

As with so many campuses in the United States, undergraduates at Harvard, in their undergraduate hunger to abolish the injustices of the world, throw themselves with particular vigor into ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through sheer public outcry, casting the complex, half-century-old tragedy into a set piece Victorian melodrama with a mustache-twiddling villain, the Israelis, and a Little Nell victim, the Palestinians.

“Being up in Boston, no question there is a lot of anti-Israel sentiment, and protests going on around Harvard,” said Mast, who stumbled upon a protest last year while walking with his family on Boston Commons.

“I don’t know why certain battles find their way into my life, but this is how fighting for Israel found its way into my life. This kind of torment goes on in Israel’s neighborhood daily. Syria. Jordan. Iran. Egypt, doing this, day after day. It’s a sign to me I need to stand up and show my support. This battle has come to me. I don’t want to turn my back.”

Over the Christmas holidays, Mast went to Israel as a volunteer.

Then the writer says this.


You don’t have to praise Israel, but stop issuing disclaimers. If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything. Israel is the only nation on earth for which we’re expected to give qualified support.

Screw that.

It’s not necessary for you to add your voice to the demonic, global chorus of criticism. Keep your ambivalence to yourself. This is a war for your survival. Don’t kid yourselves: They hate you as much today as they did eighty years ago. You need to adopt a wartime mentality.



3. Learn about Israel’s military capabilities.

By doing so, you’ll sleep more peacefully at night. Nobody on earth can defeat the IDF. It doesn’t matter that the Islamic State is next door in Syria. Your armed forces will give them a pasting that’ll make them wish that their mothers had never met their fathers. Also, by learning about IDF weapons and munitions, you’ll be able to tell their signatures. When someone then says that the IDF killed this or that person, you’ll be able to look at the photo and say, “No. That was caused by a terrorist IED. See the round holes? No IDF munition makes round holes like that.”


You won’t be fooled into believing that your troops committed atrocities or were careless or used “disproportionate, indiscriminate force.”

Currently the world is insane. The old ways of defending yourselves don’t work. They’re ineffective because your enemies are arguing in bad faith. This is a coordinated attack meant to culminate in your extermination.

But you’ve got a lot of friends. And do you really care if degenerates like this don’t like you?