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You can ask me questions if you want

You can ask me questions if you want

Last night I posted about a formative experience, witnessing a murder when I was three. There were several reasons why I posted about this. If you have questions that don’t require me to reveal factual details, send them to me, and I’ll answer them in a future post.

The two main reasons I posted were to banish and to warn. Last night I had the first decent night’s sleep in years, so the banishment part seems to have worked. As for the warning, that’s up to you.

We’re in an era in which all that’s decent and rational is under assault. Those of you who retain the natural, undeformed urge to defend against evil and live in a state of clarity are constantly told that you’re wrong. I decided, therefore, to provide support to you in as dramatic a way as possible. You who retain the drive to improve are the bulwark against corruption, decay, and failure. I wanted to knock the legs out from under the main argument used against you, that people commit crimes and terrorism because they’re victims, and somehow you’re to blame.

What I wrote last night is a tiny fraction of my experiences. The things I saw and almost certainly did made it impossible for me to live a normal life. Years ago I said to my brother Tim, “He’s about a seven on the Dahmer Family Scale.” We cracked each other up.

Now I realize that my life’s experiences would’ve traumatized Jeffrey Dahmer. Have you ever seen an interview with him? He’s incredibly dull.


So’s his father. Neither of them ever tried to find the answer to why Dahmer committed his crimes. I know exactly why Dahmer was a serial killer. When you posit certain factors, certain results are inevitable—depending on the temperament of the person involved.

I want my experiences to mean something. What I want them to do is to forever change the notion that the victimized should be given free rein to victimize. Those of you who haven’t experienced horrific trauma are reticent to “pass judgment” on savages who blame their behavior on their backgrounds. I’ll do it for you, then.

We just saw the repulsive and utterly fraudulent spectacle of people burning and looting businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, after a grand jury didn’t indict a police officer for shooting to death Michael Brown, a giant teenager high on marijuana and who had just committed a strong-arm robbery.


Officer Darren Wilson came across Brown and his pal walking in the middle of the street. Identifying Brown as the suspect in the robbery, Wilson said to them, “Why don’t you guys walk on the sidewalk?”

“F*** what you have to say,” Brown replied.

When Wilson turned around and drove back to Brown, he tried to get out of his SUV. Brown punched him twice in the face and twice slammed the door on him. Afraid that a third punch would knock him out, Wilson drew his gun and told Brown to get back or he’d shoot. Brown grabbed the gun.

“You’re too much of a p***y to shoot me,” Brown said as they fought for the pistol.

Wilson fired twice, and Brown took off. When Wilson chased him, Brown turned and charged the cop, whereupon Wilson shot him dead.

None of the people rioting and looting care about Michael Brown. They just wanted an excuse to destroy. Brown himself had this compulsion, due to the fact that his parents were total flops. Now Brown is dead at the ripe old age of eighteen.

Do these people look angry to you?





I have no sympathy whatsoever for native-born black Americans whining about how they have no opportunities. You know why? Because some black immigrants to the US have a higher median individual income than WHITES.

Here’s what whites earn.


And here’s what black Caribbean immigrants to the US earn.


How’s that possible, if blacks have limited opportunities in the US?

Some people argue that black immigrants haven’t been subjected to the racism of American culture, so that’s why they do better than native-born blacks.


Black immigrants haven’t internalized the self-racism of mainstream black American culture, so that’s why they excel.

It’s time for everybody who wants to have a nice, happy, successful, fulfilling life to achieve that goal and stop worrying about those who refuse to aspire. Society may well bifurcate into two types of people: the caring, empathic, artistic, intelligent, and sensitive who raise their children well; and the barbarians who demolish and pollute everything they touch.

You have no responsibility to immerse yourself in misery by knowing about irredeemable losers. I speak from experience: The people committing crimes and terrorism and starting wars don’t want to improve. They’re the minority. The best thing you can do for them is to smash them. Teach them that beheading, looting, and arson will only make their situation worse. Never show them pity.

People like me use our trauma to take advantage of you. At the very best, we make you feel guilty for having the lives we didn’t, and at worst we use our suffering to rationalize the damage we do to you, the ones who escaped what we endured.

Don’t let us get away with it. You owe us nothing. Unless you were the perpetrator, it’s not your responsibility. If we attack you, retaliate without a second thought. And if we aren’t violent or resentful of you, don’t feel guilty. Be grateful. Honor your blessings. Your only duty is to be the best person you can.

So, here’s your chance to question someone who could’ve easily become a serial killer. I’m the one that the world says should be allowed to destroy you.

Ask me why I think that’s wrong.

I wrote off these two feral cats as vicious idiots, but I fed them anyway. Now they’re just about wonderful.





I haven’t been able to catch them and take them to the vet to see if they’re healthy. If they have feline leukemia, I’ll have them euthanized, even though I’ll miss them terribly.

In September they hissed at me. Now they come into my house and lie on the floor, purring so loudly that I can hear them from more than arm’s length. I didn’t do anything for them; they chose to stop behaving badly.

We all have that choice, regardless of our background. Everyone knows good from evil. Everyone. The evildoers just don’t care.

That frees you from caring about their welfare.

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