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A little reality for the folks

A little reality for the folks

Supporting Israel and the Saudi-led Coalition fighting in Yemen makes me the target of hysterical morons. They have no factual knowledge. I have to admit that now it entertains me. I enjoy being able to see things that the average putz misses. To my great surprise, someone has put together a short film that shows unvarnished reality. It really exposes the average Jew-hater and Houthi-groupie for the dunces they are.


Well, except for the First Lebanon War of 1982. The Battle of Jezzine on June 8, 1982, saw the Israelis demolish the Syrians, who lost twenty tanks and two armored personnel carriers. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) had tanks in Lebanon too.


The Israelis knocked them out with no trouble all, since the Palestinians hadn’t bothered to train their tank crews.

And the reason the Syrians retreated from the Valley of Tears on October 9, 1973, is that they’d lost 1150 of 1260 tanks. Max Blumenthal is such an idiot that he can’t comprehend why an army would retreat after losing 91 percent of the tanks it deployed.

The criticism of Israel and the Saudi-led Coalition can be safely ignored because it isn’t made in good faith. On the one hand we’re told that the IDF and the Coalition have ruthless war machines that flatten everything in their path. Simultaneously, the same people making that accusation also say things like this.

And this.

Well, the Saudis aren’t in Aden. That’s the United Arab Emirates area of operations (AOR).

Norman Finkelstein’s psychological issues are reaching the terminal stage. To dispel the notion of IDF “cowardice,” just research the Battle of Shijaiya (July 20, 2023). The “nerve center” of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, it was Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima, protected by 100,000 civilian human shields.


The Israelis gave four days’ notice before assaulting the fortress, which allowed the terrorists to plant improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and land mines and set up firing posts for mortars, heavy machine guns, light cannons, recoilless rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and antitank guided missiles (ATGMs). After four days, the IDF entered Shijaiya a little after midnight on July 20. In order to spare civilians, the Israelis used only armored personnel carriers (APCs).


At 1:00 a.m., the terrorists carried out the largest ambush in the history of urban warfare. The Palestinian fire was so heavy that Israeli commanders lost sight and contact with their men for two hours. Finally the troops were ordered into their APCs, and 600 high-explosive 150mm artillery shells were fired down on top of the vehicles to scatter the fragments and kill surrounding terrorists. The Namer APC was built to withstand direct hits by high-explosive munitions.

Also, jets dropped 100 MK-84 2000-lb (945-kg) bombs. Since there’s almost no evidence of fragmentation damage even at the epicenter of the battle, it’s clear that the artillery fire was pinpoint accurate, and most of the aerial munitions were non-explosive.


All in all, about two city blocks were flattened. The footage that the press put on a loop simply shows the same small area over and over.

You can see about six craters from explosive aerial munitions. The remaining bombs were inert. What the jets did was fly in at rooftop level and drop cement-filled BDU-56s in such a way that they flew right into the faces of the men firing from the windows. Terrorists were smeared like jam all over the insides of the structures.

The Palestinians reported that 102 civilians were killed. My own research shows that at least sixty-three were military-aged males. Of the remaining 39, several are listed as children according to the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, but the Ministry of Heath has them down as adults. Multiple “civilians” were in fact terrorists.

Anas Akram Skafi, 17.


Sa’ad Akram Skafi, 17.


Ali Mohammad Hasan Skafy, 29.


The IDF faced off against terrorists armed with state-of-the-art weaponry. It took the Israelis only seven hours to reduce the fortress of Shijaiyah. My guess is that maybe 20 civilians were killed, but according to Palestinians, they were likely the victims of terrorists.


I’ll confess something: I never bother to read up on anti-Israel fanatics. Tonight I learned that Norman Finkelstein is an American, not an Israeli. He never served in the armed forces. For him to call the IDF cowardly takes quite a lot chutzpah, especially since he’s a man who can’t even mimic normality.

Everything about him screams “WEIRDO!”

Now onto Yemen.

The usual suspects—Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Committee of the Red Cross—are quacking about “war crimes.” They’ve presented no evidence whatsoever that the Coalition is committing war crimes. Every accusation is either hearsay or based on fraudulence. Human Rights Watch published a faked photo that purports to be the SUU-65/B Tactical Munitions Dispenser (TMD) of a CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition.


What the photo actually shows is a prop that was superimposed onto the background. It’s a fake within a fake. Here’s the real SUU-65/B.



The prop in Yemen has no suspension lugs, which means it could not have been carried or dropped by an aircraft. Using the “equalization” function of photo-enhancing software shows that the Human Rights Watch SUU-65/B is superimposed.


You can clearly see the white outline around it. Human Rights Watch also says that cluster munitions are internationally banned. That’s a lie. Only poison gas and biological weapons are internationally banned. In 2008 a group of rinky-dink nations voluntarily gave up using cluster munitions. That’s not an international ban.

So we have childish lies about bombing wedding parties, using cluster munitions, targeting civilians—every claim is unsubstantiated. This tells me that like people who squeal about “Israeli genocide,” the various NGOs I listed above don’t actually care about Yemeni or any other civilians. This is all a meaningless ritual, like someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder having to turn his plate three times on the table before he can eat.

I said I’d like to show you reality. Here’s a Russian film about the destruction in Syria. This is what genuine war crimes look like.

In the sixty-seven years of Israel’s existence, she’s fought ten wars and endured two intifadas. The total number of Arab combatants and civilians from all nations killed in conflict with Israel is about 91,000.

From 2011 to 2015, the total number of combatants and civilians killed in Syria is over 320,000. That doesn’t count the tens of thousands that Bashar al-Assad and his father murdered.

And yet…

Israelis need to follow the lead of their new Arab allies: Ignore the critics. They all have agendas, and they’re deeply immoral people.

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