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Amnesty International’s lying Gaza Platform

Amnesty International’s lying Gaza Platform

Amnesty International has invested untold millions of its donations in an interactive application called the Gaza Platform. The thing is extremely hard to use. More importantly, it’s totally dishonest. Amnesty International is now an official propaganda arm of the Hamas Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades, the Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the Popular Resistance Committees Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades, and so on.

Watch a sheepish, chubby Israeli and a crazed Brit explain this obscenity.

Yeah: Tone it down, Philip.


First, you need to know how to navigate this gigantic hoax. Before that, note that it covers 2698 “events.”


I don’t know what that means. The IDF struck 5226 targets.


Maybe the Gaza Platform combines several targets into one “event,” kind of like a…gala.

You can use either built-in filters (green arrow) or put in search terms (red arrow).


Here’s the filter menu, which is quite idiotic and confusing.


It’s easier to use a search term. I put in “artillery.”


We get 352 total events, which is completely false, as I’ll show you in a minute.

All we need to do to check the veracity of the Gaza Platform is to put in “Shati,” in reference to the July 28, 2023 explosion that killed thirteen. On March 26, 2015, here’s what Amnesty International said about this “event.”

In the deadliest incident believed to have been caused by a Palestinian armed group during the conflict, 13 Palestinian civilians – 11 of them children – were killed when a projectile exploded next to a supermarket in the crowded al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza on 28 July 2014, the first day of Eid al-Fitr.

The children had been playing in the street and buying crisps and soft drinks in the supermarket at the time of the attack.

Although Palestinians have claimed that the Israeli military was responsible for the attack, an independent munitions expert who examined the available evidence on behalf of Amnesty International concluded that the projectile used in the attack was a Palestinian rocket.

The IDF had tracked the rocket and said from the start that Palestinian terrorists caused the deaths. Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati concurred—after he’d fled.


So Amnesty International, the IDF, and Gabriele Barbati all said that the explosion at al-Shati was caused by a Hamas rocket. Now let’s look at the Gaza Platform.

We’ll put “Shati Refugee Camp” in the search box. The result is twenty-two events.


By clicking through them, we find the July 28, 2014, explosion.



Clicking the dot will turn it yellow, and information is given on the right.


Even though Amnesty International had concluded that a Hamas rocket had killed these people, Amnesty’s Gaza Platform blames their deaths on the IDF and says that the mode of firing is unknown. The lies aren’t finished, however.


“IDF investigation: Unknown”? Amnesty International knows full well that the IDF tracked the rocket from its launching platform to its point of impact. The IDF had widely disseminated that information.

If you click the little set of lines marked by the red arrow, you’ll get a description of the event.


At approximately 16:45 on Monday, 28 July 2014, a projectile landed near a number of Palestinian children were playing and celebrating the Eid al-Futur in the northern part of al-Shati refugee camp, west of Gaza City. As a result, 10 children and a passing old man were killed… A PCHR field worker arrived at the scene 20 minutes following this incidents, while ambulances were completing the evacuation of the wounded persons and the bodies of victims. She reported that the projectile landed on the street near a grocery shop as a number of children were playing in the area. She further reported that the high number of casualties and the extensive destruction in the area are not different from the outcomes of Israeli attacks over the past days. PCHR will continue to investigate this incident in the upcoming days.


Ten of the victims were children and one was an old man who were killed when a missile exploded at around 4:45 pm on Monday 28 July 2023 in the Fathi Al Shuqiri Street in the Shamali area north of the Beach (Shati) refugee camp, northwest of Gaza City. The missile exploded near a park where children were playing on wings on the Eid day. Another 22 people; mostly children, were also injured from this explosion; two critically.

SOURCE: Al Mezan

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (AMCHR) are notorious liars. Here’s what the PCHR said about a family in Shijaiya.


Well, Abdul Rahman Akran Eskafi was actually twenty-two, not twelve, and he was a terrorist of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.


Ali Mohammed Eskafi was also a terrorist of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.


Not mentioned by PCHR but killed in the attack were seventeen-year-old twins Sa’ad and Anas Eskafi.



Both were terrorists of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

One of the two Mos’ab Eskafis was commemorated in a video as a “martyred commander.”

Moussaeb al-Skafi.2

Mojahed Eskafi was also a terrorist of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.


As for the AMCHR, it lists Anas Yousef Qandeel, seventeen, as a civilian child.


He was a terrorist of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigades.

AMCHR lists Waseem Rida Salhiyeh (red arrow), fifteen, and Mohammed Bassam Al Sorri (violet arrow), seventeen, as civilian children.


Both were terrorists of the Fatah Abu Rish Brigades.

Bilal Ahmed al-Hashash (green arrow), sixteen, is listed as a civilian child.


He was a terrorist of the Hamas Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The PCHR and AMCHR are propaganda arms for Palestinian terrorist organizations. That means that Amnesty International’s Gaza Platform is entirely worthless for those of us who value truth.

Here’s one more example.


At approximately 17:00, during a humanitarian truce declared by Israeli forces, many Palestinian civilians went to al-Shuja’iya market for shopping. In the meantime, Israeli tanks fired a number of shells at the market and its vicinity. Journalists and medical crews headed to the area, but the Israeli tanks fired more shells at the area. As a result of the attack, 30 Palestinian civilians, 20 of them were in the market and its vicinity, including a child, 2 journalists, a paramedic and a firefighter, were killed, while the other 10 ones , including 7 children, are members of the al-Silk family who were on the roof of their house…


The most lethal attack was on the open market on the western edge of the Al Shejai’ya neighborhood, east of Gaza City on Wednesday 30 July 2014; in which at least 29 people were killed and over 170 injured… According to Al Mezan’s investigation into this attack, at approximately 5pm pm on Wednesday 30 July 2014, IOF aircraft bombarded the open market in the Al Shejai’ya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, with three missiles. Many people were in the market or shopping as news had come of a possible truce. A house that lies on the opposite side of the market’s street also took a direct artillery hit. Ambulances and civil defence teams rushed to the area to aid the people, and many journalists also came to the scene. However, IOF aircraft bombarded the same area a second time, firing six more missiles at the crowd. Twenty people were killed immediately in these two attacks. Another nine of the wounded also died at hospital at night. In all, at least 29 people were killed, including eight children, three journalists, one ambulance medic, and two civil defence officer. Over 170 other people injured, including 33 children, 14 women, a journalist and a medic.

SOURCE: Al Mezan

Complete fabrication. The photos and video prove what happened: A warehouse full of terrorist rockets exploded, and one of the liquid-fuel tanks flew out and hit the marketplace, which was closed for the day.


There were no shoppers, and the IDF did not fire on or bomb the marketplace, as proven by the total lack of craters and fragmentation damage.


Almost all injuries were from the knee down. Everyone was knocked off his feet.


This is because the rocket fuel tank exploded in the corner of the lot. The horizontal pressure wave sent rocks and metal debris flying right above the ground. And there’s absolutely no evidence that thirty people were killed. Only four bodies can be seen in the footage. This is one of the mass-casualty “artillery events,” but it’s an inarguable lie on every possible level.

People think that the Gaza Platform will help prosecute Jews, but in reality this titanic farce will completely destroy the concept of war crimes, much in the way that the endless shrieks of “RACISM!” have robbed the term of its meaning. Amnesty International made the elementary mistake of thinking that everyone is as stupid and vindictive as they are. Guess what caused the round holes in the wall behind this Palestinian girl?


You’re absolutely right! A Palestinian rocket full of ball bearings did that. What the Gaza Platform does is exonerate the IDF in case after case after case. Now that all the lies are one place, they can be much more easily debunked.

Thank you, Philip Luther! Take a bow.


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