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All white men are boring, mediocre actors

All white men are boring, mediocre actors

For whatever reason, a man named Bill Homewood has become obsessed with my posts about Israel. When Operation Protective Edge ended, I thought Bill went back to whatever he was doing before he began spamming me with Palestinian propaganda. But he’s returned, and now he’s sizzling with rage. Bill taught me that all white men are boring, mediocre actors. See, Bill is a boring, mediocre actor; by calling him that, I call all white men boring, mediocre actors. According to Bill.

Here’s Bill.


To my shock I learned that he’s a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. I’m gobsmacked because not only is he a lousy actor, he’s spending hours on Twitter trying to force nonentities like me into agreeing with him.

This is how crappy he is as an actor.

As Marlene Dietrich would say, “Quatsch!” Schlock. Garbajh.

This is what Bill tweeted earlier today.


Here’s what I actually said, in regard to an image.

This screen grab is a perfect tableau of life for everybody there.


An Israeli soldier on the phone to his superiors, trying to wade through the neck-deep swamp of regulations and restrictions; a young Palestinian man honestly attempting to solve the problem but getting distracted by the fact that he’s been filmed; the impaired embryo terrorist, sobbing and lying, outraged that his actions have consequences; and the obese, putty-colored baby-making machines, repeating slogans over and over, forever.

According to Bill Homewood, if I call four Palestinian women “obese, putty-colored baby-making machines,” that means I think ALL ARAB MOTHERS are obese, putty-colored baby-making machines.

Well, Bill Homewood is a boring, mediocre actor. Thus all white men are boring, mediocre actors.

Neil Armstrong was a boring, mediocre actor.


Albert Einstein was a boring, mediocre actor.


My father Edward Wictor was a boring, mediocre actor.


Bill Homewood has no factual knowledge about Operation Protective Edge, so he tries to shame people into silence by playing one of the most tired, ancient, overused, meaningless cards in the deck.


The anti-Israel crowd is mass produced. They’re factory-made humanoids who all behave and express themselves identically. The deliberate misspelling of my name is some kind of Alinskyite attempt to unsettle me. Like everything they do, it’s canned and moronic.

If you ask Bill questions, as I did, he doesn’t answer. His “debating” style is to repeat ad nauseum, “You’re desperate. You’re losing. You’re on your back foot(?). You can’t defend Israel’s actions.”

He kept saying the last sentence in response to me…defending Israel’s actions. Maybe Bill is considered a massively important honcho in the world where men wear makeup and pretend, but his opinions about Operation Protective Edge are utterly without value.

He simply regurgitates Palestinian lies, such as the one that over five hundred children were killed. The list that the Palestinians provided is worthless. It contains terrorists.

Seventeen-year-old Anas Yousef Qandeel was a member of the Islamic Jihad al-Quds Brigade.


Fifteen-year-old Waseem Rida Salhiyeh (red arrow) was a member of the Abu Rish Brigade.


Bill said I needed to investigate every single name on the list before I could say it’s worthless.

No. If Bill wants to waste his time looking into each name, he’s free to do so. He uncritically accepts what the Palestinians say. I’ve actually researched Palestinian claims, which is why I now dismiss them all out of hand.

One way I know that over five hundred children were not killed in the war is that there are nowhere near that number depicted in photos. Images from Iraq, Syria, previous conflicts, and deaths by accident were used. I looked at all the photos, because I had to see for myself if they were genuine or not. A huge percentage of the dead children had explosive head wounds.


They were shot. The reason no bullets were recovered and given to the press is that the children were shot by Palestinian terrorists. Prove me wrong, Palestinian pathologists. Exhume the children, do autopsies, and publish the results.

I asked Bill how many Hamas rockets fell short and landed on the heads of Gazans. He simply ignored the question. The answer is 875. Each one did this.


Hamas also set off an almost incomprehensible number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


These were massive explosives that leveled entire city blocks. I told Bill that Hamas caused most of the civilian casualties. His reply?


Bill Homewood epitomizes the anti-Israel mindset, if you could call what he has a “mind.” Instantly, without even a nanosecond of thought, he rejects the notion that 875 shrapnel-filled rockets and over 1000 massive IEDs likely killed the majority of those who died in the densely packed residential areas of Gaza. Bill is a typical surface skater who thinks this sort of cartoon is brilliantly hard-hitting and fearless.


It’s for imbeciles. It has no bearing on reality. How did western civilization become so stupid? Bill Homewood is a stupid, stupid man. Though a wealthy, successful British citizen, he’s indistinguishable from this troglodyte.


Tribal hatred usually can’t be unlearned. The primitives who act on their backward passions have to be either intimidated into peacefulness, or they have to be killed. What people like Bill Homewood hate the most about Israel is that she has the best armed forces in the world. This really chaps Bill’s pale buttocks. Why don’t the Jews just die?

They not only don’t die, they mop the earth with their enemies. Effortlessly. In three years—based on the weapons the Israelis are developing—war with Israel will no longer be possible. War with Israel will be obsolete.

Bill Homewood will simply have to gnash his teeth in impotent rage and go on with his meteorically successful career as an actor.

Tonight I’ll watch one of my favorite films, Orson Welles’s flawless masterpiece Touch of Evil.

That was one unbroken shot, from the opening to the explosion of the car. Absolute mastery of the art form.

Here’s one of Bill Homewood’s poems, which he sent to me. Seriously.

It was July when Israel to her shame
Went killing tiny kids in God’s own name.

Maybe they’ll make it into a movie.


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