Thomas Wictor

Flamethrower Troops of World War I: the Central and Allied Powers

Flamethrower Troops of World War I: The Central and Allied Powers presents history, weapons, equipment, tactics, uniforms, and insignia in unprecedented detail. It is the only book in any language devoted entirely to the topic. Organized as a series of timelines, the material is drawn from primary sources such as flamethrower manuals, unit diaries, military correspondence, and personal memoirs, much of the information previously unpublished.

For the first time in English, the flame-warfare efforts of Russia and Bulgaria are described. Select flamethrower attacks are documented, as well as complete technical data of the devices, including laden weight, range, duration, pressure, capacity, oil mixtures, and color schemes.

All known models of flamethrower used by the combatants are covered; additional weapons such as incendiary grenades, fire tubes, oil projectors, and side arms are also featured.

At 171 pages, Flamethrower Troops of World War I is lavishly illustrated with rare photos and drawings. Includes extensive footnotes, a bibliography, and an index.