Thomas Wictor

Flamethrower Troops of World War I: the Central and Allied Powers

Table of Contents


Part I: The Central Powers

Chapter One: Germany

Chapter Two: Austria-Hungary

Chapter Three: Bulgaria

Chapter Four: Ottoman Empire

Part II: The Allied Powers

Chapter Five: France

Chapter Six: Italy

Chapter Seven: Great Britain

Chapter Eight: Russia

Chapter Nine: United States

Chapter Ten: Czech Legion

Chapter Eleven: Canada


Appendix 1: Flamethrower Data

Appendix 2: Types of Flamethrower Oil

Appendix 3: Colors of Incendiary Weapons

Appendix 4: Defense against Flamethrowers

Appendix 5: Extract from the Report of the Commission for the Inspection of the Methods of Application of Flamethrowers by the Germans in Combat on November 9, 1916, in the Region of the Skrobova Stream.