Thomas Wictor

German Assault Troops of World War I is an in-depth study of the organization, tactics, weapons, equipment, orders of battle, and uniforms of official and unofficial assault units, from early raiding parties to formal assault battalions.

Primary sources, such as orders for specific shock-troop missions, are presented in their entirety, translated into English, while rare photos depict badges and insignia not previously known. New information on the origin of shock tactics is provided, gleaned from German archives. Specific operations on all fronts are included, along with extracts from German army manuals for shock-troop arms such as flamethrowers, mortars, machine guns, grenade launchers, assault artillery, and tanks.

As several outstanding titles on German assault troops have already been published, this book was written more as an encyclopedia of methods and material than a history. Major battles are not covered in great detail, a certain level of historical and military knowledge being presumed in the reader. In addition, no attempt is made to resolve the argument over which man or men devised shock-troop tactics. The purpose of this work is instead to present factual information in one convenient volume.

At 339 pages, German Assault Troops of World War I contains hundreds of photos, diagrams, and illustrations. It is fully footnoted and includes an extensive bibliography, glossary of German military terminology, and an index.