Thomas Wictor


Chapter One: Early Assault Troops

Chapter Two: The First Official Assault Units

Chapter Three: The Further Development of Assault Tactics

Chapter Four: Assault Battalion Rohr, Mountain Troops, and J├Ąger

Chapter Five: Verdun and the Somme

Chapter Six: The Eastern and Balkan Fronts

Chapter Seven: Official Army Assault Battalions; Elastic Defense

Chapter Eight: Mortars, Grenade Launchers, Assault Artillery, and Machine Guns

Chapter Nine: Short Training Courses in Assault Tactics

Chapter Ten: Instructions for Shock Troops

Chapter Eleven: Large-scale Attacks by Assault Troops

Chapter Twelve: Infantrymen Transformed into Assault Troops

Chapter Thirteen: The Spring Offensives

Chapter Fourteen: Tanks and Antitank Warfare

Chapter Fifteen: Expeditionary Forces and the Final Assaults



Appendix 1: Instructions for the Employment of Flame Projectors

Appendix 2: Badges of Assault Units